I was born not to stand out but to follow the crowd. I liked my normal life, sure getting teased about being a plain Jane now and then hits a nerve there and then but I tolerate it. I'm nothing like my younger sister, Amelia, who was set to be a leader, an outstanding person. She was magical, and by that I mean literally. She was an element holder, a rare thing to be. Particularly, she was an air holder, meaning she had the power of air. I, on the other hand, only know the power of making origami from time to time. I wasn't born special and quite frankly, I liked it that way. I wasn't into the whole spotlight thing like my sister. It's not my thing.

But something happened. Uncontrollably, it just happened. It was a Friday morning, as normal as it was, something inside my stomach churned. I woke up from the same dream; I was in a field of flowers, surrounded by trees whispering my name repetitively.

The phone rang and I slowly made my way to the kitchen to answer it.

"Hello?" I mumbled.

"Cornelia!" my sister sighed. "Finally! I've been calling the house for hours now!"

"What is it?" I rolled my eyes.

"Look, I've got an important test next week and I forgot my spell book in my room, care to drop it off?"

"I have school today!" the audacity my sister had asking to drop something when clearly I have my own school to attend to.

"Oh, come on, please?"

"Just drop by this weekend to get it,"

"I don't have the time, please?" she begged.

"I'll drop it off this afternoon, how's that?"

"I'll be leaving for a mission this afternoon," she said. I sighed in frustration.

"Please?" she begged once again. "Look, I take care of everything. I take care of the hospital bill, the house, your tuition, your-,"

"Alright, fine, I'll be there in a few," I hung up. Ugh, I hate it when she uses that excuse to make me do something. It's true though, she takes care of everything. For every mission she does, she gets paid. Even when I'm supposed to be the head of the family, she does it all ever since dad died and mom is in a comatose. She said it's only right since she was the one who was gifted. I still have a part-time job in a thrift store near the development, to support myself at least.

I rummaged through my sister's desk and finally found her spell book. It was thick and looked like it was about to fall off if I opened it. I put it on my bag carefully and wore my school uniform; white buttoned down shirt, dark blue blazer, matching green tie and skirt with dark blue stockings. I argued about switching to a public school but my sister said she wanted the best for me so I'm stuck at a school we can barely afford.

As soon as I stepped on the ground of my sister's school, a gust of wind blew my way. I even had to step back because of its heaviness. Was this the doing of Amelia? No, this was a different wind. I ignored it and went on.

"Amelia! Amelia! Wait up!" I heard an unfamiliar voice and I turned around.

"Oh, whoa," he stopped before me. "Sorry, I thought you were someone else,"

"Did you mean Amelia Evans?" I asked the pink haired guy.

"Yea," he scratched the back of his head.

"I'm her sister, Cornelia," I presented myself.

"You look rather…" he trailed off.


He let out a small laugh. "If you want to put it that way,"

"Here," I gave him Amelia's spell book. "Can you give that to her?"

"Sure thing," he said. "Leaving?"

I nodded my head.

"Wait!" he reached for my shoulder. "Don't you want to have a tour?"

"A tour?" I perked. I would love to have a tour of a magical school. Who wouldn't? "Uh…I'm late." I must not sink in to his temptation.

"Come on," he smirked at me. "I know you want to."

"Maybe just for a while, then," I budged.

"I'm King, by the way," he said.

"King?" I scrunched my nose to the sound of his name; such a weird name for a guy.

"Yeah, I'm used to that expression," he chuckled and I found myself embarrassed.

"Here is the garden, this is where most students have their recess or lunch time," he showed me a vast ground filled with flowers and bushes with some benches and round marbled tables. The bell rang. "Ah, don't worry about that."

"It's beautiful here," I wasn't even aware the he had to go to his class until a teacher appeared.

"King, what are you still doing out here," she said. She was in a white kimono with her hair up in a bun.

"Ah, this is Ms. Saya," he introduced me to a full Japanese looking teacher.

"Hello," I automatically bowed my head and her eyes flickered with amusement and I quickly blushed.

"I was just showing the new kid around," King lied and I shot him a glare.

"Actually-," I began to protest.

"I'm Ms. Saya," she held out her hand.

"Cornelia Evans," I shook her hand and felt a small electric shock coming from her hand and I yelped quietly.

"I assume you're Amelia's sister?"

"Yes," I smiled impatiently. "Actually, I'm not-,"

"Come with me, I'll have your schedule printed out for you," Ms. Saya said.

I looked at King who seemed confused himself.

"Well, come on now," she said eagerly.

"Go on," King bit his lower lip.

"What!" I whispered loudly.

"She knows what she's doing," King gave me a push and Ms. Saya held my hand.

"We'll see you in a bit, Mr. King," Ms. Saya was still holding my hand, leading me to the hallway. Students bowed our way but she didn't budge to greet them, she only kept on walking.

"Sit," she told me once we reached her office. I immediately sat down with no questions asked.

"I don't think I belong here," was all I could say. I didn't want King to get in trouble, even though this was his entire fault.

"Of course you do," she smiled at me. "I suggest you start with easy classes and have your teacher recommend you once you begin to show your true talents."

"But I don't-,"

"I'll order your uniform for you and they'll be waiting for you in your dorm for tomorrow to use,"

"I think this is-,"

"Ah, I'll also have everything for you for tomorrow, so just sit in class quietly just to see the procedures and stuff,"

She handed me a printed paper of my schedule.







7-8:30 A wing

LL History Class

LL Math Class

LL English Class

LL Science Class

LL French I

8:35-10:00 B wing

LL Potion Class

LL Potion Class

LL Potion Class

LL Mythology

LL Mythology







10:40-12:00 Csection

LL Battle Class/Self Defense

LL Battle Class/Self Defense

LL Battle Class/Combat

LL Battle Class/Weaponry

LL Battle Class/Assassination


D wing

LL Controlling Powers

LL Controlling Powers

LL Controlling Powers

LL Controlling Powers

LL Controlling Powers


E wing

LL Medicine

LL Medicine

LL Music

LL Astrology

LL Numerology


F wing

LL Spells

LL Spells

LL Spells

LL Spells

LL Spells

I sighed.

"Well, you best be on your way, now," she smiled once more.

King was waiting for me outside. "Well, how'd it go?"

"How'd it go! That's all you can ask me!" I shocked myself, I was never the yeller. I cleared my throat. "Sorry 'bout that."

"Hey, it's okay, it's my fault anyways, I'll clear it up to her that you already belong to another magical school," King said.

"That's not it, thing is, I don't have any powers," I told King and he gave me a puzzled look.

"What do you mean you don't have any powers?"

"I just don't," I shrugged. "Amelia's the only one in our family that has magical powers."

"That can't be," King furrowed his eyebrows. "Come on, I'll take you to Amelia."

I followed King; the school's a lot bigger than I thought. It took us probably about ten minutes to get to another building.

"This building is reserved for Type A students," King proudly presented.

"Type A?"

"Elemental Students, the rarest of all," he exclaimed.

"Oh," I tried to look amazed but I'm still a bit annoyed that I'm still here.

"Cornelia!" Amelia cried. "Finally! You're here,"

"Here's your book, I showed her around," King gave Amelia the book. It's been so long since I've seen my sister. They're not allowed to leave school unless it was a family emergency and I only saw her last year when our mom almost had a heart attack. "Listen, your sister tells me that she doesn't have any magical powers."

"She doesn't," Amelia answered for me.

"But Ms. Saya held her hand and took her to her office and gave her a schedule,"

"She did!" Amelia looked at me and I nodded. "But-,"

"I know," I said. "This is all confusing. Maybe there was a mistake."

"But its Ms. Saya, she doesn't do mistake, Cornelia," my sister held my hand and looked at me directly in the eye. My heart thumped; it beat faster and faster.

"Then," I half-whispered.

"Then, maybe," Amelia half-whispered.

"It can't be," I said. "I would've known, right?"

"Well, maybe you're a late bloomer? That can happen, right?" she turned to King and he shrugged.

"I think the best thing to do is to attend your classes and see," King said.

"I can't just leave my school, there's paper works to be done," I said.

"Just try it for a day," Amelia said. "Besides, haven't you always wanted to know what it would be like to be in this kind of school?"

"Well," I thought about it and she was right. This was an opportunity that'll never happen again. "I guess, I can give it a try."

Amelia squealed. "Text me if anything happens, good or bad,"

"Okay," I smiled at her.

"I'll show you where your classes are," King took the schedule from my hand and off we go.