Chapter Four.

I was introduced to my new teachers, Elise and Guy. Elise is one boisterous teacher, I can tell you that much. Guy, on the other hand, is quiet and serene. They explained to me that the Elemental Holders get their own school building, as well as their own dorm building. So I've been kicked out of my new dorm and put me with a girl named Amber Haigan. They also changed my subjects, so now I'm in the higher levels of classes. I'm starting my new classes tomorrow, fun.

"Who's Amber Haigan?" I asked King once lunchtime came.

"That's Baby, she's a shape shifter, but she also has multiple personality disorder. So every 'person' has different 'powers',"

"Really?" I was amazed at how powerful that little child was. "So who's the real one then?"

"Amber, she's quite strange. But we all are."

"How is it, knowing you're the most powerful one?" King poked me.

"I don't really feel all powerful," I admitted. "I mean, what do I do now?"

"Oh, stop worrying. What's your sign again?"


"Ah, the Virgin. No wonder you're such a worrier."

I raised my eyebrow.

"We take classes on the Zodiac Signs, tells a lot about each other."

"Looks like I have so much to learn," I sighed.

"Don't worry, that's why I'm here," King smirked. "Also there are rules and regulations you need to follow."

Basically, there are the normal rules, like the ones we have in normal schools. And then there are weird ones.

"Everything we do is a teamwork, which includes tests, grades, missions, and everything else. The lowest score on the test anyone gets is the score you also get. You fail a mission, it reflects on your teamwork and there are consequences, like everyone can't leave for the weekend. You get in trouble, detention for everyone. And blah blah blah."

"Whoa," everything was too overwhelming.

"They're training us to act as one, basically. But in reality, we're all going to end up as the government's dogs anyways."


King bit his lips as if he wasn't supposed to tell me that. "Listen, once we get out of high school, we literally have no more life. We belong to the government. We're being trained as assassins, healers, poison-makers, and anything else they could conjure up,"

"But, that's not right," I began to panic. What about mom. I can't just leave her.

"Whoa, whoa, there, just calm down, Cornelia," he felt it too; the ground quietly grumbling, the trees fluttering. "Deep breaths."

So I inhaled and exhaled loudly.

"Boy, you really gotta work on your chakras."

I nodded, feigning to know what chakras are.

"Cornelia! I'm back!" Amelia sang.

"Amelia!" I hugged my sister, happy to see her. All of a sudden, my panics were slowly disappearing.

"Looks like I have a new roommate," Baby smiled at me. I smiled back not knowing whether to still call her Baby or Amber. Or would calling her Amber offend her, since she did introduce herself as Baby. Ugh, this is really confusing.

"Our mission was easier than expected," one of the Locke brother said.

"I'm David Locke, by the way," the scary one made his way towards me, looking straight at me, as if he's reading my mind.

"Mind reader?" I blurted out and he laughed along with the others. I really gotta stop doing that.

"I'm the Scorpio around here," he smiled at me.

"Says a lot," I said under my breath.

"Oh hey, it's a party here, heard there's a new girl in town," a guy with light grey hair said who was with two more guys. How many names do I have to memorize?

"Isaac!" Amelia hugged the brown-haired guy with the glasses. I was taken back to how cute he looked. "Issac's mine."

I don't even think I could compete with Amelia for a second so I just smiled at her and nodded.

"Alright people!" Elise announced, appearing out of nowhere. "Settle down. Settle down. I've got news for ya."

All of a sudden, everyone went to their seats on the table and I was making my way when all of a sudden it hits me, do I even have a chair.

"Right here, Evans," David said. Definitely a mind reader but nonetheless I sat down next to him.

"So, now that we finally, finally found our last Elemental Holder, we can finally quit fooling round and get to work," she called out.

"New schedule coming, so listen up. Monday through Friday, you are to cling, and when I say cling, I mean it; you are to cling to your new partner. Get to know your opposite, eh? I won't repeat myself again so here it is:

David and Johan!

Christopher and Michael!

Stefania and Buster!

Amelia and Isaac! (You should've seen how Amelia squealed on hearing their names together)

Cornelia and King! (Oh thank heavens)

Baby and Dari!"

"I don't wanna be stuck with that…psycho freak!" Dari exclaimed. He was a little child as well, probably the same height as Baby. I thought this was really offensive but I looked at Baby who was smirking.

"I think that went pretty well," Amelia winked at Isaac.

"Now for the weekends, you are only allowed to go out on Sunday 6-9 pm,"

"I don't think that went pretty well," Amelia sighed but no one else complained. Elise shot Amelia a glare and Amelia bit her lower lip.

"Your weekend partners are your Zodiac partners, got it?"

"What does that mean?" I whispered to David.

"Fire people grouping together and so on," David whispered back. Ah, so that means I'll be with…with…ugh, I don't even know who's who in this class.

"Now, for the missions, we have come up with the best groups, you will be divided into three teams so listen up! First group:

King, Christopher, Johan, and Isaac!

Second group:

Cornelia, Dari, David, and Buster!

Third group:

Amber, Amelia, Stefania, and Michael!"

"Looks like I'll be stuck with a newbie," Dari sighed and I blushed. Ugh, such bad manners. I heard David chuckle and I sighed. This is a lot of information to take in and suddenly, I didn't feel so good.