I was so sure that I would've done it correctly by this time. Where did I go wrong?

"You'll be okay honey, we'll make sure of it," a woman said who seemed out of breath.

I looked away and let the dizziness drown me in. I don't think she gets it; I want to die. If my heart could talk, it would surely blame me for all the pain I couldn't avoid.

Where will I go from now?

Everything was that afternoon. All I know is that I'm still alive, with this pain. A familiar

The hallways were quiet but an eerie atmosphere surrounded the whole area. Not much of a surprise since it's a hospital full of delusional kids.

For me, this was my haven place; away from the work, the pressure, the insecurities, and the annoying teachers.

But I know exactly what my family is thinking this very moment…. She's just like her father, making problems for everyone.

Tears suddenly blurred my vision as I walked in my room, my roommate was already asleep. Two plain single beds across each other, pillow and a blanket for each, one desk, a window-locked and secured, and a bathroom; nothing much had changed.

"Verona, Verona," the nurse whispered and I opened my eyes.

She smiled at me and said; "The doctor wants to see you."

"Before breakfast?" I asked her.

"She said it's urgent," the nurse smiled once more.


"Hi Verona," Ms. Burnswood sighed as I sat on one of her chairs, the furthest one. Unfortunately, she's the same doctor who discharged me about three years ago.

She stared at me with prominent blue eyes; blue eyes like those suck the soul out of me, drowning me to the deep blue aquatic sea. I shiver and blinked trying to gain back consciousness.

"I thought you were getting better,"

No one gets better; the pills you made me take just numbed the pain.

I wanted to say it but that would earn me a place to the hot list, a list where troublemakers are placed on.

"I was," I slowly spoke.

"What happened?"

"You tell me, you're supposed to make me feel better," I blurted out. I looked away as I try to hold on to my tears.

We both sigh. But I know in her eyes, I was just another patient she failed to 'cure.'

"Why don't you tell me what your remember before you overdose,"

There came a sudden memory, fresh as a brand new cut on your wrist.


"Verona?" he said confused about the whole situation.

I slowly took a step forward and lightly kissed his lips. Soft and cold.

"Goodbye," I whispered softly…

I took a big breath and let it go. Why am I so stupid?

"Did you remember something?" Mrs. Burnswood asked me.

I couldn't possibly tell her that I just kissed the guy I liked.

"Something wrong? You're turning red."

"I just need to rest," I managed to say.

'Cause I was so sure at that time that I would be able to do it, how am I supposed to face him now? I think I took a step backward.

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