darling, who would you trust
to paint your sky?
draw a gentle hand across the heavens
staining a watercolour universe,
drape a delicate net of stars
and weave through the constellations
breathing heart into their bones.
under swirling infinite sky
i know it could only be yours -

my skin holds the memories
my brain is too rational to keep
the haunting of your lips
open mouthed kisses brushing eagerly
over my jaw, my chest, my hips,
summer fervently running from autumn
only to fall gentle into its arms.
on nights like these it seems fate has no right
should hold no power over love
and i should be furious,
should tear those haughty stars
from their proud sky
bring winding eternity
crashing to the dusty earth
just as your body pressing, unrelenting
into my soft frame.

staring unto unyielding blue
it's easy to believe you're right here
fingers tangled in my hair
telling me the history of Orion
and how he'll never know
a love extraordinary like us.