How to Write a Script

This guide is going to be paired with another. 'How to Write a Play.' and before you correct me, yes, there is a difference.

1) Scripts tell people what needs to be said, but I'll come back to that later. A script doesn't have to gramatically correct because people don't speak grammatically correct, and that may be the sort of character to want to portray. People speak with accents, so you might want to write it as it's said (though it may make it difficult for people to understand. You can even write things like(cringe) 'ain't' or 'innit' . In short, the way you write speech hugely affects the way it's read.

2) What you write OUTSIDE the speech counts a lot too. You canuse it to decribe pitch, tone, volume, speed, and mood it's said in.

3) Directions. They don't just work on stage. If this is a radio play, you're going to need to give directions too. You might want to note that two characters are in different rooms, so they'd be calling out to each other, or they could be right next to each other. The distance between the people (even if unseen) still affects the way that people will read your piece.

4) Remeber that you're going to have to show simple things like the season through your voice. Just because you wrote it in the winter doesn't mean people will automatically know about these things. You've got to have your characters say things like "Jeeze it's so cold" or "Wow, this years heatwave is worse than usual". You've got to show what's going on through your script.

Man, my guides are getting shorter and shorter! Next time I'm going to be a writing a PROPER length! I hope this guide helps, if anybody can think of something I haven't mentioned, PM or review what I've missed and I'll update with your name underneath.

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