Gairn stood motionlessly, gawking at beings of the Nethereal that should have been long dead. The demons all looked slightly different than each other, with protruding horns on some; others were purple skinned, red skinned, and red eyed. Some almost looked human, except for their hands being claws, and their facial features being extremely bony, to the point of skeletal.

This isn't happening. This is all just a dream. There aren't any real demons standing in front of me right now… right?

Wrong. The demons began moving. What was worse, they were moving towards Gairn! Every pair of the blood-red orbs was fixed directly on him.

"Stop! In the name of the Kingdom of Syddia, I say STOP!" Gairn's scream halted the first few for a second, and that was all Gairn needed.

Gairn shifted the shadows of the demons to the point where they gathered around their legs, and then solidified them. The confused demons tried valiantly to release themselves, even cutting their own legs off, but now Gairn was on a roll. He quickly formed a shadow into a broadsword and began killing off the demons, one by one as the futilely struggled to free themselves. The evil red light in the middle of their pattern began to wane, and once he slew the last demon, the red light only remained as a bright, glowing spot about the size of a door floating above the ground.

Gairn cautiously approached the light, shadow-broadsword in hand. As he came closer, it seemed to be pushing…something… through the red light. Gairn watched as the glowing object begin to take physical form. Then, a screaming sound so unnatural that it pierced Gairn's soul shot out of the glowing doorway. As Gairn struggled to stay conscious, he thought he heard a sinister voice.

"So, son of Harthenheim, you choose to defy me… yet again. Slay my servants… yet again. ! Yet though you tried to destroy my plan, you only succeeded in setting it back for a time. Let us see how the daughter of Destruction does in your world."

Gairn gradually lost consciousness as the deranged voice laughed again, sounding farther and farther away… His fading vision centered on the setting sun disappearing below the treetops…

As the unconscious Gairn lay there, the glowing being that was pushed through the gate shivered to life. It scrambled away from where the door had been and whimpered profusely. Wh-where…? It thought, peering around wildly at its surroundings. Where… am I?

It stood up. She, as any passerby could tell easily now, was garbed in a long, scarlet and purple dress-like garment that felt like silk, but seemed to be heavily armored for just a dress, and it was split at the knees for running, riding, etc. Her arms and legs were covered in a light gray armor that also felt like silk, but seemed sturdier than that. Her blood-red hair reached her shoulders, and her piercing emerald eyes cut through the gloom of the clearing. She seemed almost 15 years old, yet the way she carried herself spoke volumes of much more maturity than visible.

She caught sight of an unconscious boy lying in the grass near her. Who is this? She slowly walked towards the plain-looking boy, dressed in a dull brown cloak and equally dull clothes the color of midnight. The only thing that seemed interesting about his dress is that he had a small badge sewn onto his shirt, depicting what seemed to be a black scythe outlined on the moon. Deciding to wait until the boy woke up, she settled down near the boy and waited for him to wake up, keeping watch over him as the hours went by. She never caught sight of the dead demon bodies lying around them, as they had faded after they died.