Immortal: Story Names

The story was called Speechless at a point after I decided not go very in depth on Rose (see the section on story line). In Speechless, Rose hand't talked in years after being "killed" multiple times. So Dr. Kearns hires a psychiatrist, Dr. Mariah Bardot. Rose just has nightmares of the past (a condense version of Rose's life from high school to the infection break out). Eventually Mariah gets Rose to open up. Mariah frees Rose, but Rose returns, unable to adapt to real life.

In an alternate version, every time Rose died, she had dreams where she actually went to a "heaven" like state and saw all her loved ones. After awaking, she was sent to Bardot to talk about the events.

I changed the title to Immortal after I wanted Rose to have a personality. I even considered changing it to Monster. But, yet again, I didn't believe Rose was a monster though she was different from humans and couldn't adapt to humanity. I thought of the monster as Dr. Kearns. But Immortal was just fine, still focused on Rose.