Valley of the Deep: The Characters

My three main characters have names that I adore. Of all my stories, I love these characters the most.

My absolute favorite movie is Pirates of the Caribbean. So, I based Ryder Young's personality off a younger Jack Sparrow. I find myself falling in love with Ryder every chapter. His spontaneous acts and intelligence in the strange makes him attractive me. Ryder is unavailable as he is busy having an adventure. Bah. I just love it. Ryder's name came to be after I searched for a name meaning "knight". I thought about using this name for a future story (can you guess which one?). However, when I threw together the name Ryder Young, I had to have it for the stowaway.

William is just a generic name. A formal name I enjoy. I gave him such a complicated middle name just to play on how pompous of a guy he is supposed to be. Harvey (a name you should recognize) is just something I revert to. Finley is the name of a college scholarship I received (thank you!). And Lewis was the last name. I ended up naming another character with the same last name. Do I think I'm unoriginal? Perhaps.

Marlo is a beautiful name I found on babynames. It means "lake remains". I'm not sure if the meaning really has much to do with her personality. But I love the name enough to name a future daughter that. Also, when her name is shortened to Mar (something Ryder calls her), it means "ocean" in spanish. Ryder points that out to her in chapter 5.

Ryder and William's relationship is very much like Barbossa and Jack's relationship in later movies. They tend to argue about silly things, but they work together so well. And thankfully, Marlo is between them, keeping them from killing each other.

Marlo and William would be the two I would love to befriend. William has this stern, 'I-need-to-have-control' behavior. Marlo is very laid back, motherly type. She is definitely motherly towards dear Ryder, who needs that in his life.

I included Titus (who was called Charles), but he wasn't really a part of the story, although I knew he would be the other pirate's son. And although Titus seems lovable at first, don't fall in love. I'm warning you now.