Her eyes opened, red irises adjusting slowly to the darkness, though there was really no need; her eyes could see perfectly through the darkness anyway. She blinked slowly and peered around her emotionlessly. The room had no colour, no furniture and no windows. She tried to move and there was a small tugging feeling around her torso and legs. At first, she vaguely thought that she could no longer move her limbs but glancing down, rather awkwardly, she found that she had simply been restrained. The restraints were simple belts and she scoffed inwardly at the weakness of them. She also discovered that she was wearing naught but shorts and a bra. Her cheeks would have burned, had they any blood in them, but instead, she was filled with a rage.

Strength slowly flowed back into her fingertips and she revelled in the feeling. Her pace achingly slow, she clenched her fists and curled her bare toes. A surge of fury and power rushed through her and she gritted her teeth. The restraints were now… well, straining against her gradual tensing muscles. She wanted out.

A door banged open and she stopped immediately. Since she had no idea where she was, she supposed that it may be a good idea to find out who her captor was, what they had done to her and where her location was. Eerie laughter rang through the room, echoing off the walls. She crinkled her nose at the cheesiness. "So, she has finally awoken… Good. I was getting bored." The gravelly voice spoke. She didn't allow it to intimidate her; she literally feel her superiority to this person.

"Now, standard procedure states that I have to get you talking first." He continued, now walking into her line of sight. He wore a scientist's lab coat, mask and all, and his amber eyes glinted at her over the mask. She was disappointed; she wanted the stethoscope too. "Are you a doctor?" She asked, her voice surprisingly sultry and strong. He tilted his head with interest.
"Remarkable. You've said an entire sentence, not only that, but you've asked a question in your weakened state. Simply remarkable." How dare he call me weak.
"I am not weak." She retorted calmly. He chuckled and shook his head, pulling his rubber gloves further up his wrist, relinquishing his grip with a snap. "And where's your stethoscope? And your big flashlight on your head? I'll admit, I'm a little disappointed. I'd been expecting the full doctor-deal." His hand was at her throat immediately.

"Don't… test… me…" He warned menacingly. Her eyebrow twitched upwards, as though daring him to throttle her. He stared at her for a moment more before he removed his hand. "Now, you can obviously speak well enough, you've got a sharp tongue… Your reflexes? What about them? Let's see…" He walked back, behind her head and out of her vision, and she heard some clattering. The doctor appeared again with a pipette filled with a clear liquid. Slowly, he leaned over and he held the pipette directly above her forehead. He squeezed it ever so lightly and a drop fell out. She waited until it was less than a centimetre from her forehead before she moved. Her head blurred away from the drop and it made a small splat sound as it hit the table where her head would have been. She could pretty much feel the smirk on the doctor's face. "Incredible. Super speed has been achieved."

"Are you going to tell me what you've done to me?" She demanded quietly. The doctor chuckled.
"Did you really just ask me that question?" He asked, as though she were a naïve child. She narrowed her eyes at him and hissed, a sound that made him recoil a little, as though she were possessed. "Animal instincts are not supposed to be obtained until the day after the transformation…" She heard him mutter to himself with both horror and admiration. Slowly, she tensed her muscles, straining the belts holding her down and the doctor got more and more frightened.

SNAP! One belt, the one across her waist, snapped from the strain and her body felt a little better. Her arms began to move and she flexed her wrists, snapping the belts on those as well. SNAP! SNAP! She tore the belt off of her chest, SNAP, and the one across her knees, SNAP, before turning to look at the now cowering doctor. "Strength was not supposed to be acquired until a week after the venom had successfully changed the cells…" He whimpered, trying to squeeze himself into the wall. She swung her legs off the table and stalked over threateningly, like a predator stalking its prey. Her steps were a little uneasy at first but she soon found her balance. Her red eyes were glinting with malicious intent and a crafty and frightening smirk slid onto her face. The doctor searched frantically for an escape and his eyes settled on the door. He did not look at the approaching monster as he bolted to the door. Her newly-achieved super speed certainly aided her in shutting the door on the other side of the room before he could even get half way.

The doctor gulped audibly and he began shaking like a leaf. "Poor, defenceless little man…" She taunted as she bolted the door shut and turned slowly to look at him. He whimpered and crawled to the corner furthest away from her. Her steps were precise and their slow intention was to try and get the man to beg for his life, plead for an escape. "Now… Tell me, you hollow pathetic worm, what you have done to me." She demanded, her suddenly loud voice bouncing off the walls, ringing through the man's ears. He howled with fear and despair and clenched his eyes shut.

"Please don't kill me, please don't kill me! I was only doing what I've been ordered to! Please, this isn't my fault! I didn't want to do this! Just, please, please don't kill me! I can get you out of here! Yes, I can! I can help you escape! I can-." His pleas were cut short when her hand suddenly appeared out of nowhere, clutching his throat and holding him up. His feet were no longer touching the ground as she held him above her head. "Be silent, you despicable cur! You are nothing but a useless dog. Tell me what I am or I will tear your spine out of your back, making you literally, a spineless coward." Her voice was frighteningly level and the doctor had no doubt in his mind that she was going to rip his spine out anyway. But he had high hopes for his employer's death, the evil tyrant. This woman was vicious.

"Y-you were subjected to a bite from a… diseased… subject. We analysed your transformation and abrupt changes in your body's status. Your current status as a… human being… is that you have achieved super speed, super strength, super sight-."
"Don't put 'super' in front of every word. I feel like a hero then. I'm not." She corrected him. He gulped and nodded, a remarkable feat since she was still holding him by the neck though his feet were now on the ground. "Enhanced sight, incredible reflexes and a remarkable immune system."
"Don't tell me what you've given me. Tell me who I am. What am I?" She growled, her voice now animalistic and shaking him to his core. The doctor nodded with a small whine and swallowed thickly, his neck feeling strange to her hand when the Adam's Apple bobbed.

"You are Punctuality Simmons. You are a demon. A vampire."