Not sure whether you guys noticed in that last chapter, but when Punctuality got pissed off, she called Dreth a 'fucking poo face'. That's a legendary last line from Tim Minchin's 'Ready For This?' album. Best last line ever, me and my friend Lily have officially decided. I would like to point out that there is an atheist thing in here, so please don't judge. I, myself, am an atheist, so I hope you don't judge too harshly. Anyway, yeah, this chapter will be for Santiago, because he's started reading these too and I'm grateful. :)

The man had vibrant purple hair with purple eyes to match. His attire was certainly surprising but Punctuality liked it. He was wearing a pair of Steampunk goggles on his head, a waistcoat with cogs and clocks on, pinstripe trousers and boots with clips and fasteners all over them. He was smoking what looked to be a large cigar, which was actually bigger than his ear. He peered over at them, removed the cigar after a little puff and grinned massively. "About fucking time, mate!" He exclaimed joyously. Sweary Mary, isn't he? Dreth burst out laughing aloud and Laura and the man stared at him weirdly.

"Nothing." He chortled, "Punctuality, this is Nil Carlson. He was the agent doing the mission in France." He gestured to each of them, "Nil, this is Punctuality Simmons. She's the Pure." Nil grinned, flicked his cigar to the floor and stepped forwards to shake her hand, stamping on the stub as he did so. His hands were gloved, but they were fingerless and knuckle-less. "Pleasure to meet ya, Punctuality." He greeted enthusiastically. He looked at Dreth when he released her hand. "And you're her Guardian?" Dreth nodded. Nil grinned slyly and started nudging him with his elbow some more, using the same 'Ang's that Kaleb had done at the blood bank. Dreth groaned and shook his head. "You've been spending too much time with Kaleb." He muttered. Nil shrugged sheepishly.

"It's been a busy day. Would you like to rest?" Dreth inquired, directing the question at Punctuality. This is getting stupid. She thought to herself.
"No, I don't need to rest, for God's sake. Stop asking me." She complained and Dreth cocked an eyebrow. "You keep asking me, and you haven't even told me what the fuck I am! Stop! Changing! The! Subject!" Aw, shit. She didn't stand down, she merely stared up at him defiantly, as though daring him to send her to bed. Instead, he chuckled.
"Of course, my lady, I shall reveal all, I promise." Dreth assured her with a smirk.
"Right, this has been really cool and stuff, but… I sorta need a piss." Nil interjected. Both Dreth and Laura rolled their eyes.
"Go on then." Laura sighed. Nil raced out of the room.

"Laura… I would like you to leave." She looked at Dreth indignantly.
"Why should I h-."
"Now." She squeaked and walked away quickly. He turned to look at Punctuality, who was staring at him disapprovingly. "What?" She shook her head and looked away. "No, what?" He got no response. "No, seriously, what is it?"

"Oh, for Christ's sake, Dreth, you need to stop asserting your dominance over her." Dreth looked at her with puzzlement.
"What do you mean? She knows I am superior. She forgets her place." Punctuality glanced at him.
"You don't need to be so harsh." She muttered. He sighed and removed his sunglasses.

"If you… would rather me not punish her so harshly, I will not." He said, looking away from her, making sure his hair obscured most of his face. Dreth felt vulnerable when he didn't have his sunglasses on. Every person who had seen his eyes told him the same thing 'Your eyes are like the windows to your soul. I know precisely what you're thinking and feeling when I can see them.' So, to remedy it, he made sure to keep his sunglasses on everywhere he went. He removed them at the hospital to show how much he was angered by her silly exclamations but also his regret that she had discovered her destiny in such a way. Though it was his fault. He had merely wanted to shut Gwendolyn up. Punctuality stole them from his face in the elevator, the cheeky woman, but he couldn't exactly stop her since there was a human in the proximity.

Punctuality stared up at him in surprise. He's… compromising? Dreth admitting defeat? Dear Lord… "You… would really do that?" She asked, still shocked. He nodded, making sure not to make eye contact. She felt a little giddy inside. "Well… Just so long as you don't punish her and frighten her, I'm fine with it." She assured him. He nodded immediately and put on his sunglasses once more, looking back at her. "Now, are you going to tell me what I am?" Dreth grinned.
"Say please." Oh, God, really?
"Hmm… I'm not too sure…"
"Pretty please?"
"The physical appearance of the please makes no difference." (That Despicable Me quote was for Amber.)
"Pretty please with a cherry on top, and whipped cream, and sprinkles, and a flake, and a cornet, and a gummy bear, and jelly baby, and a boiled sweet, and Smarties and M&Ms?"

"I don't even know what half of those are." Sweatdrop.

'Eyes Crimson Like The Blood They Drink'

"While I explain precisely what you, Laura and Nil are, we'll have a lesson. I'll teach you how to heal others, not just yourself."
"You're making me sound selfish." Dreth sighed.

They were in a simple room, much like Dreth's throne room, but there was one wall covered with targets. The targets were all outlines of people, and on the other side of the room, there were sandbag people with bite marks, bullet holes and claw tears in them.

Dreth pulled back his left sleeve, raised his wrist to his mouth and bit himself, Punctuality recoiling in horror. "Why the fuck did you just bite yourself?!" He grinned at her with blood dripping from his mouth and coating his fangs with ruby red liquid.
"You shall practise your healing upon my wound." He explained.
"Your self-inflicted wound! Why did you do that?!"
"Just heal it." Punctuality pressed her hand to the bite and tried to do as she had done before, when healing herself from being staked. The only conclusion was that when she pulled away, her hand was coated in Dreth's sticky blood. "Damn." She muttered, wiping it on her clothes.

Since Laura had returned, Dreth ordered her to give Punctuality some of her clothes. To get back at her, she only gave her shorts, a vest top and her scruffiest pair of knee-high boots. When she was younger, Punctuality used to play Tomb Raider, and she actually thanked Laura for the clothes with a big grin. She had remarked 'Oh, now I look like Lara Croft! Yes!' Laura was not impressed and flounced out of the room with a pout. After Dreth expressed his liking for the outfit, Laura was inconsolable for hours.

"Keep trying. I shall explain Laura first." Dreth encouraged. Punctuality nodded and they both sat on the benches lining the right wall, the targets being on the left wall and the sandbag victims being on the far wall. After only seconds, she repositioned herself on the floor, as it made it easier for her to assess the damage. As Punctuality concentrated on what needed to be healed, and focussed on what needed to be removed in order to speed up the process, Dreth explained Laura's abilities.

"Laura is a Demon." Just be hearing it, Punctuality knew that 'Demon' had a capital 'D' on it.
"That Doctor, I don't know his name, had called me a demon. I take it that's not the same thing?" Dreth shook his head.
"No, it isn't. He was referring to you as a demon on the whole. He obviously did not know that the correct term was Dark Forces." Punctuality nodded, "A Demon is a being that is, surprisingly, completely living. Demons have not died in one sense and then continued living in another. They are born as Demons, and will die as Demons. You merely need to kill one as you would a human." Punctuality made another attempt at fixing Dreth's wrist but it didn't work, "Demons can command the dead, but only the completely dead, these being zombies, undead warlocks and witches, Chases, Frijids, etc." Punctuality looked up from his wrist.
"Chases? Frijids?"

"Chases are underground dwelling bear-like creatures. They are blind but can smell fear and human blood from three miles away. They do not usually feast upon humans, instead settling for the spiders, moles, worms and other insects that they can find deep underground, but there have been reports of some recently that have gone rogue." Hm, "As for Frijids, they are reptilian creatures, of a sort. Their skin is like a scaly hide that is the only material on this planet that is not affected by its blood, venom or saliva, all of which are a corrosive substance that burns through anything. They emit a high frequency cry that can kill a human within ten seconds of hearing it. They are extremely intelligent and often leave their kills looking like they had suffered from an accident of some sort. They never feed, for a dead being as intelligent as a Frijid needs only its brain power to continue walking."
"And Laura can control those?" Dreth nodded.

"Now, back to Laura. She cannot control vampires, as they are neither dead or alive. Demons have a 'special attack', if you will. They each have a unique ability that no other Demon will have. It's like, uh… snowflakes. No two are the same. It's the same with Demon's abilities."
"Snowflakes make you sound like a sissy. You could have said fingerprints, or irises, or DNA…" Dreth ignored her.
"Her unique ability is to be able to see events in another location, whether it be on the other side of the world, or in the very next room. It's very useful when we're on an especially interesting hunt."

"Demons can read most minds as well." Punctuality looked up from slowly pulling some skin off of his wound.
"Whoah, what?!" She exclaimed. He winced ever so slightly when she tugged something off. She looked down at it. "Uh… This looks like a vein…"
"Forget about that."
"What?! Forget about me removing a vein?!"
"Yes, listen." Punctuality sighed and threw the vein away. It sat on the floor like a little wet stringy thing.

"A Demon can read the mind of most Dark Forces and humans. Laura is powerful, but she cannot hear overly intelligent creatures. However, even the most powerful Demon cannot read a Barricaded Mind. A Barricaded Mind is a mind that has gone through the Eight Trials of Sealing. I shall say now, they are very painful." Punctuality looked at him curiously.
"Have you undergone the Eight Trials of Sealing?" Dreth chuckled darky.
"Oh no, my mind is simply too difficult to enter. The Eight Trials of Sealing are for beings who don't want others invading their mind when they least expect it. I have my own barrier. But I have forced others to do so and then, ahem, accidentally withdraw the Staff of Possession during the most essential section."

"Oh, I wouldn't be surprised." She muttered to herself, going back to the bite.
"Yes, well, I am known for being an unholy tyrant. Anyway, Demons are also demonically fast and possess the ability to speak to Satan, himself." Punctuality whistled lowly.
"And I here I am, sitting in all of my atheist glory…" Dreth laughed.
"My, my, you are a comedian. No, the Almighty does not exist. Satan, however, is very much real. He is the Demon's Allfather, if you will. He created the first Demon and bestowed upon them the ability to contact and speak directly to him in a time of need."
"So… No God? No superior being who apparently loves us all yet refuses homosexuals and atheists?" Dreth chuckled.
"No, there is not a being like that." Punctuality sighed with relief.
"Phew, because I'd be fucked then."

"Now, this may surprise you, but Demons are sworn to protect vampires and Pures alike. Vampires are supposed to guide Pures, hence my reason for being your Guardian, and help them fulfil the Prophecy concerning the apocalypse, which I will get to in a minute." Punctuality lowered her hand dejectedly and prodded a bit of muscle.
"Don't you feel that?" Dreth shook his head.

"No, now, listen. There are two more things that you should know about Demons. One: Demons have an almost irresistible blood running through their veins, which was put there by Satan to tempt other evils towards a Demon. They are, effectively, angels of Hell. They exterminate rogue Dark Forces that attempt to overthrow the overall balance. Two: Demons discover their true power when they are bitten by a vampire or chosen specifically by Satan. If they are a virgin when bitten, and have not committed a crime that is punishable in human terms, they can become a Pure." At the last word, Punctuality's head snapped up abruptly and accidentally singed Dreth's skin instead of healing it. "Laura could be a Pure?!" She shrieked. Dreth flinched, a little more than before, at the slight pain. Punctuality looked at his injury and found that she had burned it open.

"Uh… Whoops…" Dreth rolled his eyes and adjusted his sunglasses.
"Now, shall I inform you about Nil?" Punctuality focussed one last time and healed the burn, making it just seem a little off-coloured. She grinned with pride and as she adjusted the skin tone, she raised one last point. "After you answer this: Has Laura already unlocked her true power?" Dreth froze.
"… Not as of yet." Dreth waved his right hand and the wound opened up once more, only to a larger extent. Punctuality glared and he gestured to it with an inclination of his head.
"Is she a virgin and has she committed any crimes punishable in human terms?" He looked at her.

"You said after I answered that question, that I should explain Nil's abilities." Punctuality scoffed.
"Oh, come on! You have to tell me now!" He ignored her.

"Nil has the ability to move things with his mind." Again, the Pure accidentally tugged something out of the wound. It looked like another vein. Not knowing what to do with it, she tried to put it back in again. "Throw that away as well. I shan't be needing it." After a moment of hesitation, she obeyed. It landed a few feet from the other one.

"He can move things with his mind? So… He's got telekinesis?" Punctuality repeated. Dreth nodded.
"We don't know very much at all about it. None of his family or ancestors showed any signs of telekinesis. He was never involved in a ghastly accident concerning a vat of toxic waste or emerging from a car accident in a power generator. From the day he was born, he was able to move objects with sheer willpower alone." Punctuality cocked her head in thought.
"Sounds like Matilda."
"He's not a 9 year old girl, or however old she is."
"I didn't say that. I said 'sounds like Matilda'. They just have the same power."

"Hm. Now… Onto the awaited subject of Pures." Punctuality straightened a little at this, "Pures are exceptionally powerful beings, or at least are prophesized to be, and are very dangerous when newly transformed. A Pure must be bitten by a vampire in order to embrace their power. You were born a Pure, but it was locked inside your human body and nature. Pures are universally seen as healers. Mortals who do not have knowledge of the Dark Forces will see you and all other Pures as angels. Pures w-."
"Wait, do angels exist?" Dreth smirked.
"Yes, Angels do. The typical angel, however, does not." She frowned.
"What's the difference?"

"An angel is a messenger of God. They have wings and bear a halo above their holy heads. As I said before, God does not exist. On the other hand, Angels do. They do not have wings or halos. They instead teleport and help the sick and homeless. Some Angels refuse to obey their duties and so become Fallen Angels, or, on occasion if Satan sees potential, Demons. Fallen Angels have only half of a face, the rest is skull. Their power to teleport is taken but they gain the ability to mask their presence." Punctuality nodded in understanding. "Now, back to Pures. Pures were once destined to destroy the world, but the prophecies were proved incorrect by centuries of Pures who did not possess the power needed to perform this. They can see some future events and can command the shadows, like the few exceedingly powerful vampires that can do so." Cautiously, the Pure raised a hand that was covered in Dreth's blood.

"You're one of them, aren't you? You had shadows coming out of your sleeves when you got angry at Laura." He nodded with pride of both himself and of her.
"Indeed. Unfortunately, you are susceptible to loud or intense sounds, which is why you were in pain at the meeting with the Brethren." He gently tugged his wrist away from Punctuality's grasp and healed the wound himself. "It seems we will have to continue these lessons at a later date. In the day, newly born Pures are weak. Sleep in my coffin once more. Your own should be arriving tonight, along with the O+ and AB+ blood packs. You are no doubt weaker than you should be because of your deprivation." She nodded slowly. They stood and left for the throne room.

"Have you any more questions?" Dreth questioned as they walked back relatively quickly. Punctuality thought for a few seconds.
"Is there anything else about Pures that you're not telling me?" She looked at him intensely. Dreth made sure to keep a distance away from her so that she could not remove his sunglasses. He could not reveal all as of yet. It was too early. "There is nothing else." He assured her. She nodded with satisfaction and they walked on in silence. She got into the coffin in silence and Dreth sat on his throne in silence too. And when they slept, there was silence.