My pain is reoccurring

My tears are not uncommon

These cuts and scars will never disappear

The hole in my heart will never heal

True, my life still has love

True, my life still has happiness

True, at least once a day I can muster a smile and laugh

and be lightly whole for a few seconds

But, every time I smile, laugh, love, or happy…

is another smile or laugh I'll have to endure in pain later

This life…

Oh, this life…

Never will it come without pain

Never will it come without hurt

Never will it come without unhappiness

Never will it come without a price on love

Tell me, dear Lord in heaven

Why must we feel pain?

Why must we hurt?

Why must we be unhappy?

Why must we be unable to obtain love?

Pity the child born next

Wish him luck on this journey of hardships

Hope he does not give up and take the way out of this life

everyone wishes to take but only quitters do

Maybe he will be stronger than I

I hope he'll see the silver lining in the sky,

And not the red lining on his cuts and scars

If God willing I will guide him on the right path

I will guide him, I will

All I have to do now, is quit