Chapter 1

Lily's Story

Lily was a regular twenty two year old, went to college and lived at home. She had many friends that she loved to laugh with and even at times cry with. She could tell her friends everything…well mostly everything that is. There is something that her friends would never find out about Lily and this is something that only her mother, father and she would ever know. When Lily was ten years old she was kidnapped from her home and it took law enforcement four whole years to find Lily and bring her back to the home that she belonged to.

Lily was sent to many shrinks that she even lost count of them and through the years Lily doesn't remember a single thing about those four years that she spent with Annie Knowles. All she knows was what she was told that they had finally tracked down the house that Annie was keeping Lily at and that they found Lily downstairs in a basement on an old looking mattress. There had been no signs of abuse or any sexual encounter so the police told Lily's family that they thought that Annie was keeping Lily and treating her like her own daughter.

They looked through the house and the woods for two whole weeks and never found any sign of Annie Knowles anywhere. They told the family that they would keep an eye on Lily until they were sure that she was safe, the last patrol car exited the driveway of the Beck Family when Lily turned the ripe old age of eighteen. They told Lily's mom that they didn't think Annie would ever be back to recapture Lily again so they thought it would be safe for them to just leave Lily be.

There were many stories going around the police station. Some said that Annie killed herself right after the capture of Lily but they never found the body and probably never would. Others say that Annie had moved on, that she was living in some secluded woods somewhere, living a normal life in a small little town. Lily didn't know what to believe all she knew was that every time she walked out the door she caught herself looking over her shoulder because she had a feeling that someone was watching her from the woods near by. She didn't know why she still felt this way after all these years. I mean if the police thought she was safe to move on then she was but why did she still feel like she was going to bump into Annie. The thing is she was confused about her feelings. I mean Annie had kidnapped her, kept her a prisoner for four years and she still felt a connection, a bond I guess you can say towards this Annie Knowles that she hardly remembers at all.

It would take one trip and one choice for Lily to find out what really happened in those four years and why she felt a bond towards this woman she hardly ever knew.