Chapter 2

Planning the Trip

It all started when Lily's friends came into her bedroom, sat on her bed and unfolded the map of the state of Utah. Lily's best friend Belinda pointed to the middle of the map and smiled as she said "This is where we want to go right in the middle of this small town. They also have the best swimming spots and also they have really good motorcycle trails."

Now what you don't know about Lily is her and her friends are avid motorcyclist. They don't have anything big like Harleys are anything but there Yamahas will do for now. They ride every weekend rain or shine and this usually lets Lily forget about what happened to her when she was younger.

"I really hope my mom lets me go," Lily says getting up to get a better look at the map "I think she will I mean we wont be doing anything illegal."

Lily looks at Belinda and they both look at each other and laugh. "Why doesn't your mom let you out of the house very often anyway Lily"? Cathy another one of Lily's friends asks.

"She is just one of those moms that worry too much I guess." Lily shrugs and then she tries to change the subject "So where are we going to be staying in Utah."

"A little place called the Silver Creek Lodge right in the middle of the woods," Belinda says answering Lily's question. "It's three miles from the main town."

After she finishes these words Lily's mom comes in and sees the map on the bed and then she looks at Lily with a suspicious look on her face. "What's going on girls"?

"We are planning our girl's week for spring break"? Cathy blurts out.

"In Utah isn't that a little far away"? Lily's mom looks at the map again and then looks at Lily and says "Lily can I talk with you outside in the hallway"?

Lily starts getting up from the bed and Belinda touches her arm and whispers "Good Luck"

"Thanks," Lily says as she leaves the bedroom and follows her mom into the hallway.

"What are you thinking"? Her mother screeches as they close the door to the bedroom "You know this trip isn't a good idea."

"Why not mom"? Lily yells back taking her mom by surprise "It's been years since anyone has seen Annie and I think its time that I don't let her control my life anymore. I mean when can I be a regular college person and go on regular spring break trips like everyone else"?

"I just don't want anything to happen to you that's all Lily." Her mom says settling down.

"Nothing is going to happen I promise mom," Lily says pleading this time "Please let me go, my friends are really counting on me to go and it'll be fun."

"If I let you go will you call every night when you get back to the hotel"? Her mom says about to give in.

"Yes I give you my word." Lily pleads.

Lily's mom thinks for a minute then she finally replies "Then you can go but you have to be very careful ok"?

"Thank you so much mom and I will be very careful don't you worry." Lily says giving her mom a very big hug and then runs into her room and jumps on the bed almost right on top of the map. "She said I could go"

At these words Belinda jumps up and shouts, "Oh my god are you serious Lily this is the greatest news ever."

"But my mom says I have to be very careful" Lily says picking up the map and looking at it.

"We won't let anything happen to you" Belinda says.

What they didn't know is the trip to Utah would turn into a nightmare for Lily.