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Dear whoever is reading this,

Just so you know, I'm not good at shortening stories so this is the long version, but enjoy none the less.

Let's just all get this straight; I most definitely did not fall in love with Jean-Luc Martin during the summer and I also most definitely was not under the impression that he fell for me too.

But fine, since we're being honest here, I'll just tell the truth and nothing but the truth. I fell for Jean-Luck Martin and boy, did I fall hard. But that's not the worst part.

I've known this guy since ninth grade, as in he's seen me in my awkward-can-i-kill-myself-right-now braces and glasses phase. And once I stared into his deep brown eyes, I fell in love and there was no turning back. But being the completely awkward human being I was, I never once approached him, I just admired from a far, if you know what I mean.

Yeah, you know what I mean.

But anyway, I loved this boy from a distance praying that one day he would magically fall for me and even slightly acknowledge my existence. You must understand; this guy was my 11:11 wishes, the birthday candle wishes and the only reason I received endless mosquitoes bites wishing on twinkle stars.

So imagine this, the summer going into grade twelve, I work at the amusement park where I've worked at every summer sine the ninth grade and my manager announces the arrival of a new staff. But I gave little to no shits, barely paying attention to the names he was reading out loud. But then I heard it;

Jean-Luc Martin

And it was like silver bells went of and I jumped on a cloud and I finally thanked God for not ignoring my prayers.

So anyway, since I've worked there the longest, Dex gives me the responsibility of training the newbie's, but I didn't complain this time because I knew he would be there.

I was so glad when he got in and recognized me, smiled and gave a little wave. He even went as far as approaching me and saying "Kylie right?' I shook my head, no. And I told him it was Kassandra but he was close enough. I smiled at him too, and I was thankful for my braces stage because my teeth were now as straight as an arrow.

He scratched the back of this head, well more like his neck—a nervous habit of his—and apologized, but little did he know that he was forgiven already. Telling me his name was Jean-Luc, as if I didn't already know, but I could call him Luke, but I didn't want to because his name was so French and so perfect. Then he said he wanted to make it up to me and that 'a bunch of us (referring to them) were going to a party and that you (referring to me) should tag along.'

After recovering from a small brain dead moment, I quickly agreed as he took down my number and told me he'd text me the details.

I remember wishing he'd just tell me because if he forgot to text me I'd feel like a complete loser.

But it was all set. The party was in some forest sort of place and I didn't know one person there, so when I saw Luke and he smiled and called me over, I practically ran.

He handed me a beer and I drank, hoping to calm my nerves, and boy did it help.

Anyway, I can't exactly tell you how this part happened because I, myself, for the life of me cannot figure how I got deeper into the woods with Jean-Luc Martin

Or how he leaned down and kissed my lips,

Or how I kissed him back,

Or how he kissed my neck,

Or how clothes started shedding

Or how my most visualized fantasy happened.

Because it's true, on July 31st, I lost my virginity to Jean-Luc Martin and that we had sex almost every time we could after that.

But then came that dreadful day;

School was back.


Kassandra Durham.