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It's all false love and affection
You don't like me you just want the attention
I'm not your toy
This isn't another girl meets boy


Chapter Ten – I'm Not Your Toy

"You are a beautiful, strong independent woman. You do not need to be played, you are strong and you deserve better. You will go up to Jean-Luke and tell him to date you or fuck himself. You are not his toy."

I was starting to sound like a broken record to myself. I have been repeating these words every day this week when Luke asked me out on one of his 'secret meetings'. I was hoping that if I repeated it to myself enough times, I wouldn't be such a pussy and I would finally take Ariel's advice. Because, the bitch did have a point.

I started at my reflection again in the school bathroom mirror and was about to repeat my motto to myself again when I saw Carmen approaching behind me.

"What are you thinking so hard about?" she used that sarcastic tone of hers. She pulled a cigarette out of her pocket and quickly lit it.

I sighed and turned away from her. "I'm thinking of ending it—whatever it is—with Luke?"

"And why the fuck would you do that for?"

"I just…It isn't right, yeah he treats me amazing when we're together but like he doesn't even acknowledge my existence otherwise. Plus, I'm convinced he's still fucking Jacky, too! Like how wrong is that Carm?"

"You're in fucking high school; no one is actually out to find their 'soul mate' or their 'forever'. Like who gives a shit, fuck around while you can Kass, you've been given a gift here. One of the sexiest guys in this school is into. No strings attached relationship, why aren't you thanking Allah, as we speak?"

I scratch my elbow and sighed. Carmen's way of thinking always confused me even more, but I still had my mentality.

I was just about to counter her answer when the bathroom door opened again and Fay walked in with a very angry expression on her face.

"Just so you both know, I am extremely mad at you guys! And don't even ask me why because you guys know why!"

Carmen blew smoke out and rolled her eyes.

"No we do not know why, enlighten us Fay."

"Fuck you both! Do you guys like hate me, now or…? Cos you guys have been acting secretive and right when I walk in you stop talking about whatever you were talking about! So spill, now."

"Don't look at me babe, I have nothing to hide. It's all our little Kass, she's been quite naughty."

Fay gasped and looked at me with surprise. "You?! And you didn't tell me!? I'm so mad; I'm giving you ten seconds to tell me so I can be your friend again."

I couldn't help but smile and roll my eyes; Fay had the tendency to overdramatize everysingelthing.

"I'msecretlyfuckingLukeMartinan dhehasagirlfriendandhesayshe likesmebutinpublichedoesntac tlikehelikesmeatallandauntar ielyouknowthecrazyoneshetold methatifikeptdoingitiwouldre gretitcosshesbeenthereandnow everytthingsucksbecauseiwant tobewithhimsobadbutidontknow whyheisdoingthistome." I took a deep breath.

"Whoa, whoa whoa! I caught exactly nothing of what you just said. Try again, slow this time. Now I know how you feel when I talk to you, go on."

"Alright, um so…I'm secretly fucking Luke Martin and he has a girlfriend and he says he likes me but in public he doesn't act like he likes me at all and aunt Ariel, you know the crazy one, she told me that if I kept doing it I would regret it cos she's been there and now everything sucks because I want to be with him so bad but I don't know why he's doing this to me."

"Holy Crap! You've got to be shitting me? Carm, she's not joking?"

"Truest truth, Fay." Carmen, smiled and I starred as they both laughed at my pain.

After the girls finished arguing about when my life got so interesting, Fay finally provided me with advice. I was more than glad it wasn't like Carmen's because Fay was more of a romantic, she believed in true love and all that gag.

I still didn't like her advice, though. She believed I should break it off with Luke completely and let him and Jacky be together to—as she puts it—'follow the true path of their individual hearts so they can become one'. She said this would bring me good luck and I would find the love of my life sooner rather than later.

I wasn't going to do that, I was going to go to Jean-Luke Martin and give him a piece of my mind….and heart, I guess.

Today was the perfect day too, he had texted me earlier and asked if I wanted to meet up 'in our secret spot', even offered to pick me up, what a gentleman right?

Anyway, he 'asked me out' every day this week and according to Carmen that was a good sign, so I would go with him today and do what I believe is right.

r u ready shud b there in 5

Five minutes, I had five minutes to mentality prepared myself.

"You are a beautiful, strong independent woman. You do not need to be played, you are strong and you deserve better. You will go up to Jean-Luke and tell him to date you or fuck himself. You are not his toy."

"You are a beautiful, strong independent woman. You do not need to be played, you are strong and you deserve better. You will go up to Jean-Luke and tell him to date you or fuck himself. You are not his toy."

"You are a beautiful, strong independent woman. You do not need to be played, you are strong and you deserve better. You will go up to Jean-Luke and tell him to date you or fuck himself. You are not his toy."

Let's do this.

"Why are you so quiet, babe?" Luke said, while rubbing the hand he was holding. It was nice that he held my hand in the car all the time; it was so perfect that it almost made me give up the plan entirely.

"I'm just tired," I smiled.

He grabbed my hand and kissed it. "I'm sorry; I've been taking up your evening every day this week, huh? I just love being with you, you're special to me, babe."

Babe. I wonder if he calls me that because he forgets my name, or if it really is just a cute pet name.

"Kassandra, talk to me." Yes, cute pet name. God, I love the way my name sounds when he's saying it.

"Sorry, Luke. Since when did you want to 'talk' anyway?" I smiled.

He didn't return it. "Since today. Anyways, we're here. Come on, we can sit in the trunk."

I followed him out of the car as he opened up the trunk of his truck and laid a blanket on top of the bed that was already there.

"C'mere, I'll life you up. Onto the truck, I mean." Well, this is new. I couldn't help but smile at him as he carefully took me into his arms and lifted me up.

He then planted a quick kiss on my lips and didn't even try for tongue. This was very very very new.

I was starting to get a bad feeling.

"Luke, are you okay?"

"Yeah, I am. Lay down with me, I wanna hold you."

"…okay?" He pulled me into his arms and brought me down with him, my head lying on his chest. I could hear his heartbeat, it was perfect.

"I know this'll sound so fucking stupid cos I should probably know shit like this before we fucked a million times but tell me about yourself."

What the fuck.

What has gotten into this guy? Every single time he took me here, he would want a quickie. What the fuck kind of game was he playing?

Whatever it was, I wasn't going to play along.

"Look, Luke I don't know what you're tryin—"

"Fuck, I'm not trying anything okay? Here, I'll start. I'm the oldest and even though I'm not supposed to be, I know I'm the biggest fuck up. And I don't know why my mom blames me for Ty getting involved in drugs and shit, turning all dark on us. But I guess I do cos when I was supposed to be there I just didn't give a shit, y'know. It's not like I don't have a dad, I do. But the old bastard is barely around and I don't want to sound like one of those spoiled rich kids, but I have my share of daddy issues. I just, I need someone to understand, you get that?"

Was this his version of opening up to me? Should I trust it?

I sighed and looked up at him. He looked so lost, I couldn't help but give him a small smile "I can't say I know what you mean, I'm an only child. But I'm willing to listen."

And boy, did he talk.

He told me about his family, how his dad run's Martin Enterprises and how unlike any other rich kid, his dad doesn't even want him to take over the company. He wants to give it to his cousin because he doesn't have faith in him. The sad look in his eyes made me sad and I couldn't help but lean in, giving him a quick peck on the lips like the one he gave me. It was warm and sweet, it was perfect.

But like everything perfect, it had to be fucked up.

He had to fuck it up. Why do guys speak?

"Thanks for listening, babe. I was going to call Jacky for all this shit I needed to unload but she was busy, I really appreciate it."

"No problem," I frowned.

He kissed my lips again and kept going towards my neck.

"You're up for it?"

"Yeah, sure." I plastered the fake smile on my face and went for it, but for once I wasn't completely lost in his spell.