What Are You?

I know what I am

Do you know what you are?

I am broken

I am wrecked

But I'm okay with that

Because it's who I am

And I can't just change that

But what are you?

Are you broken?

Are you wrecked?

No you're just a bitch

One who has to put down others

Just to validate yourself

To be able to say that you are better than someone

You may fool others with your ugly little act

But me, I see you for what you really are

Your nothing but a coward

One who hides behind layers of fake personalities

So that no one can see the real you

Because all you are is afraid

Afraid of life

Afraid of being judged

Afraid that no one will like the real you

Yeah I can see it clearly

Because I used to be you

I used to be a bitch

Do you really want to become me?

You need to get over yourself real quick

Your not all that you think you are

Would it be mean to say I'm watching?

Watching and waiting

To see you fall from the pedestal you've put yourself on

I can't wait for the day you plummet back down to earth

And lie there broken and bleeding

So what if it's a little bad

I mean, what can I say

I'm just a bitch

And revenge feels a lot better than it should

A poem about bullies and getting back at someone. Hope someone likes it.