"The greatest thing that Man fears is the darkness yet in the darkness there is that beauty that is hidden to man because he couldn't appreciate the beauty"

The World of Midnight

Chapter 1

"What an empty shell you are" a woman's voice said, it was enticing and it was like he wanted to reach it to come to it "come to me..." it continued "you who bear the darkest glyph arise!"

James Hawthorn, 22 years old, a sergeant of the Marines, served in Afghanistan, dead by a bullet in the head, yet his eyes are open and there was that spark of life in his eyes. The embalmer who was about to cut him open was shock that he fainted right on the spot.

James scratched his head, totally not remembering not knowing what happened, he only caught a glimpse of it a flash of a memory, screams and orders from his superiors, then a flash of light.

James went out of the morgue only to see a fifteen year old girl, she was wearing a cap which covered the top of her very long brown hair, her eyes shone silver and in her arm was a silver bracelet adorned by a moon ornament "beautiful isn't it?" she asked as she caressed the crescent ornament "you are the one who has been calling me in my mind" James said, the woman sighed "well I think you should know that everything isn't normal as it should be to you" James braced himself "who the hell are you?" he demanded, the woman clicked her tongue "I think that is not the appropriate question because it should be 'what the hell are you?' Not 'who the hell are you?" she laughed, a mirthless laugh "as for my name I'am known as Lupa".

Lupa, she was a certain goddess, a wolf-spirit in fact, who became the caretaker of Romulus and Remus, James knows his mythology since he was a graduate from Harvard before he took the Military course, just because of his interest in the field of sniping.

"Che Belle Luna!" Lupa cried ecstatically, they were now outside of the Morgue and James who was once naked now wore a Hospital gown, the day for James has just gotten weirder for him.

The scent in the wind changed, James could have sworn that there are three or five black figures running on the rooftops, Lupa tensed then something is growing out of her arms, no it was transforming into a paw. Before James could react he was thrown by Lupa who dodged an attack.

"Bad Bloods of Siberia!" Lupa growled, her eyes flickered from a wolf's eye into a human one, the mist began to dissipate forming a man, he wore a leather coat to huge for James or even a normal human can wear, his forehead was adorned with a red tattoo "Lupa it's been a century" it said, it's voice crisp from the accent of the cossacks that haunted the vast plains of Russia, Lupa began to curse in a variety of Language, from the Archaic Greek and Latin, from the oldest scripts of Babylon and Egypt.

"Vladimir Lenin!" Lupa spat, her arm transformed back into a human arm, delicate and frail "you should hunt those Red Bloods from Kiev and Volgograd" Lupa howled, a loud howl "Vladimir Lenin a disgrace of the Caninii Brute clan of Siberia, Vladimir Lenin the Revolutionist of Moscow" she look at the other man who looked like a fox, as in he was a combination of fox and human.

"Caninus Sofia" Lupa snarled in disgust, her form transforming, her body rippling tearing her clothes off "I'll teach you pups how I hunt!" she growled, James hid on a corner then tried to look, in Lupa's place was a huge wolf for about a size of an elephant.

"So this is the Matriarch of the Caninii, Lupa also known as Demeter, Ceres, Hecate, Ishtar and Isis" Vladimir look at his men who began to transform into humanoid wolves "don't charge fools!" he snarled as one of the werewolves or as James look at it was crushed by Lupa's paws one werewolf tried to snap on her neck but it was shook off then torn to shreds, just then James saw a figure in red jumping around killing the other surrounding werewolves that are in human form.

Vladimir glared at Lupa for one last time, he look at the Caninus Sofia who transformed into human form then followed him as they escaped the massacre.

Lupa transformed back into her human form "Little Red Riding Hood, Alice of Netherlands, Alice of the Draconii Balkanis clan of Hungary, Black blood Alice the innocent smile" her voice was quivering, ancient as she was she couldn't help it but stare as the red figure began to kill all the werewolves until there are none but two of them at the alleyway.

"It's been six centuries Lupa" a frail eight year old girl was standing in front of them, her fangs are bared "she's a..." James began only to have Lupa silence him "a vampire I know" she said, trying to smile sweetly she began to put a step forward at her, but Alice just look at James with a renewed interest.

"you've got an expensive taste Lupa" Alice said as she rip the hospital shirt then tapped James chess using a ring, James convulsed then felt his chest grow hotter, his chest was burning bright, revealing a cross filled with words from Greek to the ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics "The Mark of San Dammian" Alice mused.

"A Royal blood, I think I need you two to be careful" Alice said as she transformed, it wasn't that she will transform into a wolf as James expected but rather Alice transformed into a fully grown woman "Erszebet the exiled one is rampaging in New Orleans or as what I've last heard from the last coven of the noble ones or the royal vampires" she said, looking at Lupa then at James who was breathing hard at the torment he faced.

"Erszebet the disgrace of the Draconii Talonis clan in Romania" Lupa was rather fearful, she might be old but she knew what vampires to fear "I think there is no time to lose" she said, she began to scramble at her bag then found a cellphone then dialed a number "I should call Vlad" James thought she was crazy, noticing the reaction slipped the cellphone back into her bag then kicked James in the legs "I'm not talking about Vladimir Lenin I'm talking about Vlad Dracul of Romania, he knew what to do with Erszabet since he was his niece" a BMW convertible appeared out of nowhere and James look at the bodies, then thought that his life was never to be the same again.

Author's note: I can't explain it how I got the names like Draco or Caninii, it's just that I just used the scientific names of dogs and the latin of Dragons just to suit my style.

some historical and legendary figures are real while the main character is fiction so I think I might leave it at that my Loyal readers for you to judge!

Criticisms and Praises are appreciated!

-Miko 56-