A/N: This scenario is ridiculous. I've never been in a tornado shelter, and while I did do approx. ten minutes of googling on the subject, it's safe to say you're not in good hands as far as realism goes. ((hides face))

The thing is—actually there are multiple things, which all deserve a good thinking-through, but the most insistent one is—now they're locked in a tornado shelter.

"Um," Cooper says, wringing his hands together. "So I guess we'll just…"

"What the actual fuck, Coop?" Nick seethes, pressing the heels of his hands to his eyes and pushing until bright spots start sparking over his field of vision.

"You were the one who said to keep quiet!" Cooper moans, sinking down onto one of the benches that line the concrete walls.

"Yeah, because your trunks were around your ankles! Jesus. Didn't think you'd want your brother's kid to see that." Nick sits down beside him and presses their knees together. It's nobody's fault, he guesses, but that doesn't change the fact that they're stuck down here, in rapidly cooling wet swimsuits, for god knows how long. "So what do we do?"

"I don't know," Cooper says, glancing over at him kind of pathetically.

Nick sighs, dropping his head into his hands, and laments—in the way that only sex-starved seventeen-year-olds can—how quickly this whole afternoon went from being a candidate for Hottest Thing Ever to Possible Opening Scene in a Horror Film.

And it really had been going well, starting with the way Cooper had called him early in the morning, just after Nick got out of the shower, and said his brother Andrew and his family was going to their cabin to hunt and did Nick want to come?

"Yeah," Nick said, putting his phone on speaker so he could get dressed while he was talking. Something about hearing Cooper's voice while he was still partly naked sent thrills up his spine.

"Cool," Cooper said eagerly, and Nick wondered for the hundredth time in the last few months if he was reading too much into things. Cooper didn't seem like he had a ton of friends; maybe he was just excited to have someone to hang out with. But then stuff like this happened: "I'm not actually too into hunting, so it'll probably just be me and you hanging out if that's cool. There's a Jacuzzi." Cooper's voice was tentative and soft on the last part, like he'd been daydreaming about the two of them in a hot tub together.

And god knows, when those things happened, Nick could only clear his throat hastily and say, "Nice. I'll bring my suit."

So he went, and sure enough, Cooper's brother's pack of hillbillies had disappeared into the woods leaving the two of them to their own devices, which they very quickly discovered were of the sexual variety.

Nick had been pleasantly surprised, thinking he'd have to suffer through hours of lusting after Cooper's flushed chest and sweaty collarbones before the other boy hooked his thigh over Nick's and straddled him—hot, wet hands carding through the hair at Nick's temples to push it back. "Hey," he breathed, and Nick almost fucking lost it, surging up and palming at Cooper's shoulder blades, kissing him until they tasted the same.

"Wow," Cooper whispered when they broke apart for air, eyes wide and shocked. "Thought I'd have to work for that a little harder."

"Are you calling me easy?" Nick said, laughing, sweat rolling down his back as he fought to breathe through the steam rising up from the Jacuzzi.

"I'm not saying I don't like you that way," Cooper teased, leaning down to kiss Nick again, the heat around them actually making his mouth feel cool.

Nick pulled him away by the shoulders and then ran his hands down his back, squeezing his hips. "Can we move this somewhere else?"

And there—Nick groans, remembering—is where he should have just kept his mouth shut so Cooper wouldn't have had the bright idea to make out in the tornado shelter since his brother would never look there and they didn't want to get caught in the house.

"There's gotta be a way out though, right?" Nick says, shivering as goose bumps flicker up his bare legs. He regrets leaving the hot tub for a lot of reasons, but the fact that it's March and they're still getting frost overnight is a big one. "Aren't these things designed to be able to unlock from the inside?"

"I think," Cooper says. "But that's without the padlock."

"Fuck," Nick says eloquently, mashing his fists into his forehead. He tends to get a little masochistic when threatened.

"I'm sure my brother will look for us here, eventually. When he doesn't find us anywhere else."

"Yeah?" Nick says, perking up. "That can't take long, huh?"

Cooper smiles at him cautiously, sweetly. Nick thinks after they get out of here, he's going to invite Cooper to stay the night and he's going to press him down into the sheets and get all sorts of smiles out of him.

Forty minutes later (thank god Cooper's a nerd and is wearing a waterproof watch), Nick wants to eat his words. "They wouldn't leave without us, right?" he says, watching Cooper pace the tiny room. Nick's always been proud of his height (six foot two and still growing, thank you very much) but with a ceiling that can't be any taller than six feet, he's stuck on the bench or hunched over standing up. His ass hurts.

"No," Cooper says, gasping in a breath, and utterly failing to sound convincing.

Nick's starting to worry about Cooper having a panic attack or something, and wouldn't that just take the cake, so he grabs him by the wrist and pulls him down beside him, saying, "Calm down. We're alright."

"I know," Cooper says, "Shit, I'm sorry. This wasn't supposed to be…"

"You mean you didn't invite me here to get locked in an underground box?" Nick says, elbowing Cooper in the ribs. He gets a weak laugh for his efforts, and decides he needs to up the ante. There's no way he's going to be stuck down here with someone who's wigging out. "But, while we're on the subject, why did you invite me here?"

Cooper flushes a pretty red, and Nick likes that the blush cups his ears and spills down his neck. Likes that he can put that there. "I don't know, dude," he says, and Nick likes that, too—the awkward use of dude, like he's trying too hard to be cool. "I mean, it's pretty obvious isn't it?" He waves his arm around like he's gesturing to where they were standing just before Cooper's nephew had screamed, "Mom! The lock came off the shelter, should I lock it back?" and shut them in here before they could even get their pants up.

Nick sighs, remembering that first twitch of Cooper's hard cock in his hand—how he'd thought yeah, fucking finally.

"Guess so," Nick says. "But, like, why me?"

What he means to say is: he and Cooper barely know each other. They have one class together—web design: the infamous blow-off class—and they even don't sit anywhere near each other. Nick hadn't even known Cooper had a brother until this morning, and he doubts Cooper knows he has two sisters in grade school. They don't share any friends, extra-curricular activities, or interests as far as Nick knows. But somehow, despite all that, the last few months have been a dizzying exercise in restraint on Nick's part.

Because after winter break, Nick blinked himself out of his dazed stare at the computer screen in class and found Cooper looking at him, lower lip shiny with spit like he'd just licked it and a kind of confused hunger in his eyes. Nick pulled the classic check-behind-me maneuver, but no, Cooper was definitely looking at him—now with a shy smile as he ducked his head away.

And he was cute, sure—definitely Nick's type, short and slender, kind of geeky in an adorable way—but it wouldn't have meant anything if Cooper hadn't kept on, unrelenting, for weeks, just looking. Looking like he wanted. Finally, Nick had cornered him after class and said, "Hey," and Cooper had turned bright red and said, "Hi, sorry," before scurrying past him.

Nick thought it would be over, then—because, sorry? Really?—but the next day found his heart hammering in his chest as Cooper chewed on the end of his pen and just stared at him.

It should have been unnerving—and quite frankly, it was—but it was also unbearably sexy to be the object of that much attention, and Nick soon found himself thinking about Cooper's brown eyes and pink mouth all the time. So much so that he would have probably hurled Cooper against a wall and kissed the life out of him soon if he hadn't called this morning.

"Um," Cooper says. "I…well, everybody knows you're gay, so I thought…"

"That's logical," he says, stretching his legs out in front of him and crossing them at the ankles. It is logical. Cooper isn't the first guy to say essentially the same thing, and Nick's pretty okay with it; it gets him a lot of play. Still, there's something Cooper's not telling him, but Nick lets it go for now since the whole point of this conversation was to calm him down.

"So," he says, "Web design, huh?" It's a lame question, but he can't think of anything else to say.

"Yeah," Cooper says. "It's a good fluff class."

Nick snorts, because yeah, that's why he took it too, but that still leaves them with nothing to talk about. "I sort of took you for a computer nerd. Like, learning code and all that shit."

Cooper laughs, for real this time, and Nick's chest puffs out a little with pride. "I wish," he says. "I don't have the patience for that kind of thing. I, uh, I do know a little Klingon, though."

"Huh?" Nick says.

"You know, Star Trek? Klingons?"

"Are you shitting me?" Nick says, unable to help the way his eyebrows shoot halfway up his forehead in disbelief.

"Maybe," Cooper says, coy little smirk on his lips. Nick wants to lick it off.

Since nothing's stopping him, he does, leaning over and capturing Cooper's mouth with his, licking teasingly at his top lip. "Say something then."

Cooper groans as he runs his tongue hard over Nick's. "Caught me," he says. "I was shitting you." And it's not even that what he's saying is hot, but how he's saying it—not bothering to take his mouth away from Nick's while he moves his lips, voice low and quiet—that sends Nick's pulse racing.

"Hmm," Nick says, pulling away to gather the frayed edges of his control around him. "You're still a nerd."

Cooper tilts his head to the side, considering, and says, "What makes you say that?"

Nick taps his finger over Cooper's watch. "This, for one," he says. "And for another…" he trails off, because I've always just imagined you that way isn't really a good answer. "Um."

"Yeah," Cooper says, grinning. "As far as you know, I'm a football god or something."

Nick rolls his eyes. "Name one position, and I'll believe you."

"Quarterback," Cooper shoots back, smile full-blown now, and Nick notices that his bottom teeth are kind of crooked. It's weird how charmed he is by that.

"Doesn't count. Everybody knows that one."

"Fine, so I'm not a football god. But I'm not a nerd either. I kind of hate school, so, I mean, don't nerds join math club and stuff? I suck at math. I seriously can't even remember how to do long division."

Nick laughs, head tipped back, and says, "Well, just so you know, you're misrepresenting yourself with that watch and your Trekkie talk."

Cooper's lips twist up in a flirtatious little smirk. "Wouldn't want that, would we?" A spark fizzles in Nick's chest when he realizes how much he's enjoying this. Then he remembers where they are, and dread creeps back in. He clears his throat.

"So, uh, if you're not a geek, what are you?" he asks.

"What is this? Breakfast Club?"

"Dunno," Nick says, "I've never seen it."

Cooper's eyes go comically wide and he says, "Oh my god, seriously?"

"I don't watch a lot of movies," Nick says, frowning.

"Why not?" Cooper asks, sounding astonished. Nick's gotten this response before, too, when everyone's buzzing about the new blockbuster and Nick has no idea what they're talking about. He just has trouble paying attention to anything for very long, and he can never really give himself over to the movie like other people seem to be able to do. It's annoyingly alienating in situations like these.

"I don't know," he says harshly, "maybe I prefer to just live my life." And shit, he hadn't meant for that to sound so mean, but the small space is getting to him a little. And if he's honest, he wants Cooper to think he's cool—to keep looking at him the way he has been. When the mystery's gone, he's just a kid who can't focus for any substantial length of time and who sometimes feels inadequate at everything.

"Oh," Cooper says, jerking back a little, face shuttering closed.

Nick sighs, "Sorry, I didn't mean it like that. I just…so, um, you like movies, then?"

"Yeah," Cooper says, refusing to look at him. Nick feels like a scumbag. "I think I probably want to be a director when I grow up or whatever."

He winces like what he said was stupid, and Nick hurries to say, "That's cool, man. I wish I could be into that, but I just have attention problems. It's, like, a disorder. I could take pills for it, if I wanted, but I don't…want to." He doesn't know where this case of word-vomit is coming from, but he really doesn't appreciate it, or the blush that follows. Nick, generally, is not a blusher, but his face feels ridiculously hot.

"Oh," Cooper says, "That's…I mean, sometimes when I watch movies, I have to take breaks and stuff." It's a stupid thing to say, but it's nice all the same, so Nick smiles at him and likes the way Cooper lights right back up. "What about you?"

"What about me, what?"

"What do you want to be when you grow up?"

"Haven't thought about it," Nick says, and that's a lie. He wants to draw comics for Marvel or DC or something, and okay, so that probably makes him a bigger nerd than Cooper could ever be, but he's not going to broadcast it.

"Well, you've still got a year to think about it, I guess," Cooper says. "I can't wait 'til college," he sighs. "I wanna go to California for school, you know? Have you ever been to California?"

"No," Nick says. He's never been anywhere except St. Louis once, for a Cardinals game with his eighth grade class. "You?"

"No," Cooper says wistfully. "But I'm sure it's great. I hate the weather here, and I think I'd really like the ocean."

"I've always wanted to go snorkeling," Nick says.

"I went once!" Cooper shouts, bouncing a little on the bench. "For a birthday party. There's this pool where they teach you how to do it and, well, we got to! I mean, there were no fish or anything, obviously, but it was still really cool."

"Awesome," Nick says, distracted by thoughts of what he wants to do to Cooper when they get out of here. "You're so cute, Coop. Jesus."

Even though he doesn't mean to say that last part, it's worth it when Cooper practically melts against the wall and says, "I like it when you call me Coop. No one else does."

That makes him want to say it again, over and over. Coop like baby. Like sweetheart. Like I'm gonna take my time with you until you're burning. Instead he says, "Yeah?" Cooper smiles shyly and nods.

"You should always call me that. Like…when we're alone or whatever."

Nick blinks. "What, like boyfriends?" It comes out too loud and shocked sounding because he has to compensate for the fact that his heart gives one heaving leap at the thought of it. Nick's never had a boyfriend. He wouldn't know what to do with one. But he thinks he'd probably like it.

Cooper frowns and stands up, starts pacing again. "Pssh. No," he says, like that's the craziest thing he's ever heard. "Seriously, Andrew, when are you going to get us out of here?" He angles his face up like his brother might actually hear him or something.

Nick looks at his hands while his stomach plummets. "This is the worst," he says.

"So sorry you're suffering," Cooper says, angry, and Nick looks up at him. He's seen Cooper happy and sad and bashful, but never angry. It makes him look older. Nick's cock is more than a little interested in this development.

"Guess you picked the wrong gay guy to bring along," he says, fighting back a grin when Cooper goes dark red, his fists clenching. "I can be kind of a bitch."

"I can see that," Cooper says. "It's not like you're the only one whose plans got ruined."

"Yeah, but I didn't have any plans. Just thought I was hanging out with a friend."

"Bullshit!" Cooper snaps. "I see the way you look at me in class."

Nick smiles cruelly. "The way I look at you? Dude, I hate to break it to you, but you've been staring at me like you want my dick in your mouth for months."

Suddenly all the anger drains out of Cooper's expression and his claps his hands over his face, moaning. "No I…haven't." He whines, and there goes that blush again, rushing over his collarbones and down his chest.

Nick is pretty used to being captive to his feelings—he's seventeen; he's a hormonal mess—but this is definitely giving him emotional whiplash. He stands, careful not to knock his head on the ceiling and crowds into Cooper's space, tugging at his wrists and saying, "Hey, Coop. Hey. I'm sorry."

Cooper burrows into Nick's chest, refusing to uncover his face, and he mumbles, "I have no idea what I'm doing."

"You think I do?" Nick says, wrapping his arms around his cool skin.

Cooper huffs out a self-deprecating laugh. "You've been with plenty of guys."

Nick winces. "Yeah, but I've never, like, been with any of them. You know. Like, we just fooled around once or twice." Usually once. Usually he just got them off and they made excuses to call it a day.

Cooper doesn't say anything, but he does carefully wrap his arms around Nick's torso and press his face into his shoulder. Nick leans his cheek on the top of Cooper's head, his brown hair a little crunchy from chlorine. He thinks this is probably what boyfriends do, and he's finding he does like it. A lot better than quick one-offs in the back of used cars.

"It's probably good we got locked down here," Cooper says, lips brushing over Nick's skin distractingly. "I mean, otherwise you would have figured out how horrible I am at, like, sex stuff."

Nick tightens his hold on Cooper and says, "You were doing just fine so far."

"Yeah, but I barely even touched you," Cooper says timidly, and Nick has to close his eyes because, Jesus fucking Christ, a lack of confidence has never looked sexier on anyone than it does on Cooper.

"I could…" Nick trails off, swallows. "I could, like, teach you. Stuff. I wouldn't make you feel bad, and it would be—really hot."

Cooper trembles in his arms and Nick has never wanted anybody this bad in his whole life. He's about to say so when Cooper's tongue sneaks out and swipes Nick's shoulder coyly. "Okay," Cooper says. "I'd like that."

"Oh god," Nick groans, getting his hands full of Cooper's ass and squeezing. Cooper squeaks and stumbles closer, laughing.

"What do you want to do?" Nick says, trying to sound sexy. Trying to sound like he knows exactly what he's doing. And he does—know a lot—but with Cooper it feels different. Feels important. He can't be sure how many of the guys he's been with didn't have any experience before him, but none of them definitely ever said so.

Nick thinks waiting for the right one is stupid, but something about Cooper being so honest about this whole thing makes him want to make it special.

"What are my options?" Cooper says, leaning back a little and looking up at Nick. There's a shaky smile on his face that Nick wants to turn real, so he kisses Cooper softly, lush and wet, until he's leaning fully into him.

"We can't go all the way," he whispers, dropping kisses over Cooper's face as he does. "'Cause we don't have supplies and stuff. But we can do a lot. I could…I mean, we could continue what we were doing before or I could use my mouth."

Cooper takes in a breath that breaks in the middle, like he wanted to say something, but didn't, and Nick noses at his cheek, kisses his jaw. "Just tell me what you want."

"I want, uh," Cooper angles up for a kiss, desperate and shaking in Nick's arms. "Both," he gasps when they part. "Can I have both?"

Nick's brain short circuits for a second before he's saying, "Yeah, of course, whatever you want. Yeah." Only he wants to do it all at once. Wants to fuck him, too, while they're at it, and his body can't figure out where it's supposed to be—on his back or knees or just the way he is, holding Cooper up.

He takes a getting-my-shit-together breath and pulls his mouth away from Cooper's face, because if he's going to do this well, he needs to quit being distracted by the little yearning noises Coop makes when Nick kisses him. "Okay," he says, more for himself than anything. Cooper goes stock-still, like he's afraid if he moves this isn't going to happen. And oh, it's going to happen, and he's going to love every second of it or Nick is going to do something drastic like hole up in his room for days bemoaning his lack of sexual prowess and then drop out of web-design.

He skids the heel of his hand down the front of Cooper's trunks, just to assess the situation, before licking his palm and slipping it into Cooper's suit, relishing the tiny hiss he makes when Nick gets his hand around him. "Tell me if it stops feeling good," he says, wishing they had lotion or something because spit never works as well as he wants it to.

"Okay," Cooper breathes, pressing up and in, mashing his face against the side of Nick's neck and breathing heavy. He's so close, it's hard to get a rhythm up, and too soon his wrist starts aching but it's also new and exciting—another thing Nick's never done before. "It feels so different than when I do it."

"But good, right?"

Cooper opens his mouth on Nick's neck like he wants to kiss him, but can't get it together enough to actually do it. "Yeah," he says. "Real good."

Nick keeps jacking him until his wrist is burning and his palm is too dry for it to feel good. "I'm gonna blow you now, okay?"

Cooper whines, hips bucking, and says, "Okay. Yeah."

Most guys Nick has been with push him down, grab his hair, and thrust their dicks into his mouth easy as you please. But Cooper's hands flutter at his shoulders and he keeps his hips very still—Nick sees the muscles of his thighs straining. Nick feels a rush of affection for him. Wants to take care of him this way. So he doesn't waste time, just licks a stripe up Cooper's cock and takes as much of it as he can into his mouth, wet and messy and loud. "Ohh," Cooper says, choking on a punched-out moan. "Oh wow," he says.

Nick's turned on by power and big muscles and taking what he wants, but this, too—the adorable oh wow—feels a lot bigger than all that. Makes him adjust himself in his swim trunks because he's so hard he can barely stand it.

When Cooper comes, Nick swallows it. It's just as unpleasant-tasting as always, but he feels like it's something Cooper's giving him, which is—gross or whatever, but Nick is too far-gone to think about it too much. He pets the back of Cooper's thighs and licks what he missed away, tugging at him until he's practically in Nick's lap. He's boneless and breathtaking, blush riding high on his cheeks and shoulders, mouth swollen and used. Nick groans and pushes his hand into his trunks, jerking himself harsh and fast so it's pushing the boundary between feeling good and hurting. He grits his teeth.

Cooper starts stroking his hands over any part of Nick he can—his cheeks, his collarbones, down his sides. "Hey," he says, pouting, "Let me. I can—I can suck you."

Nick breathes out hard, hand unforgiving on his cock, and he says, "I don't think you'd like it. I'm too close and I don't want to scare you off."

Cooper quirks his eyebrow. "Got a monster dick or something?"

Nick laughs, hand stuttering to a stop, and says, "No, just—trust me. I want you to do it, but not this time."

"But I want to touch you at least," Cooper says, petulant in his post-sex haze, and Nick can't wait to take him home and do everything with him. Wants to see that pout all the fucking time.

"Gimme your hand then," he says, snatching one for himself and licking at it hastily, liking how Cooper's eyelids droop at the sight. "Oh yeah," he says, cupping his free hand to the back of Cooper's neck, "Come 'ere and kiss me."

Cooper comes easily, humming when their mouth's meet. Nick licks into him, heady with the thought of Coop tasting himself on Nick's tongue. He's always wanted to do that with someone.

When Cooper pulls back, his nose is wrinkled, but his eyes are dark as ever. "That's hot," he says, and Nick laughs because he agrees and he's glad one of them was brave enough to say so.

He guides Cooper's hand into his suit to wrap around him, and he gasps when Cooper tightens his fist perfectly without any direction. "Yeah," he sighs, fingers over Cooper's to get him into the rhythm he likes.

By the time he's about to come, his hands are pressed flat to the floor to pump his hips up into Cooper's hand, and his eyes are trained on the concentrated frown on Cooper's mouth. "Coop," he says urgently, "Don't stop."

"Are you close?" Cooper asks, eyes wide and mouth parted. Nick can only nod frantically before he's coming all over Cooper's hand. "Oh," he says, stroking Nick through it. Oh, like I did that. Nick knows that feeling. Is still feeling it.

"You did so good," he says, breathing hard and hoping it doesn't sound condescending. Cooper just smiles brightly like he's proud of himself, and Nick can't wait to teach him fucking everything.

"It's not just because you're gay," Cooper says, suddenly, so sincere it makes Nick's chest clench.


"Why I asked you here. Why I…look at you all the time," He says, clambering off Nick's lap and staring at his drawn-up knees. Nick flops his thighs open to jostle him into a smile. It works. "I, um, saw you once over break—at the park with some guy. I think you'd been, you know, fooling around or whatever."

Nick pulls into himself, feeling a little ashamed at the memory. It was another of those times when his partner got off and then ran home.

"You looked really—"

"Pissed off?" He had been, too. It was cold as fuck and he let that asshole come on his face in the bathroom.

"Sad," Cooper says. He slips his hand into Nick's and squeezes. Nick feels a little stupid, because he's not some sob story prostitute or anything. He wanted to suck that guy off. It just would have been nice to have the favor returned. "Anyway, I just thought, you know, right then, I could fix that."

"Someone's got a hero-complex," Nick drawls, because he's got some pride, okay. But he brings their joined hands up to his mouth and licks at Cooper's thumb, because he doesn't need saving, but it's nice to be cared for. And because he thinks he might know that feeling, too—to want to protect Coop from things he could probably handle himself, but shouldn't have to.

"Sorry," Cooper says. "I didn't mean it like that."

"No, it's okay," Nick says. "That guy was a douche bag. It's kind of embarrassing that you saw me with him."

"You should never feel embarrassed with me. I'm, like, the most harmless," Cooper says, lolling his head to the side to smile at him. Nick kisses him because he can.

He's getting ready to tell Cooper he's harmless, too—that he never wants to make him nervous enough to say hi, sorry again, but the sound of their names being called filters in through the air vent. "Oh my god!" Cooper says, jumping to his feet and climbing on the bench to get as close to the vent as he can, screaming, "Hey! Hey! We're in here!"

Nick scrambles to his feet—wincing at the come drying in his shorts—just in time for the lock to click the door to fly open.

"What the hell, Cooper?" Andrew yells down the stairs. "We've been looking for you for like, an hour."

Cooper starts to go for the stairs, and Nick panics, thinking they're just going to leave all this down here and never talk about it again.

So, even though it's insane, and Nick has been dying to get out of here since the minute that stupid kid clicked the lock shut, he hisses, "Just as second," and Cooper calls up, "We'll be right there," before whirling to face Nick with a concerned expression.

All the words dry up on Nick's tongue. He licks his lips and says, I'll be your boyfriend if you want but it comes out, "Well, this has been fun."

Cooper frowns, his lips still raw and swollen from Nick's mouth, and says, "Yeah," drawn out, like he's unsure Nick is capable of normal human interaction, which wouldn't be completely untrue right now, actually.

"Ah, god," Nick says, rubbing his forehead. "I meant—what I meant was. Just 'cause we're getting out of here doesn't mean we have to, like, stop or whatever."

Cooper raises an eyebrow. "You wanna blow me in front of all my relatives?"

Nick's brain gets snagged on the first part of that sentence before he says, "Wait, what? No, I meant—"

Cooper's laugh is soft and bright, fond. He leans forward and kisses Nick on the cheek—something that should be patronizing and stupid, but somehow is sexy instead. A tease with the promise of a follow-through. "I know what you meant."

"Oh," Nick says, refusing to rub his cheek like some idiot in a romcom. "Cool."

"Yeah," Cooper says, interlacing their fingers and dragging him to the stairs. "Cool."

The End

A/N: This started because I wanted a teensy break from my chaptered thing and because I wanted to write a story about two characters forced into a situation without any chance of distraction from each other. It all sort of spiraled out from under me after that. Also, I really really wanted Coop to legit know Klingon, but I couldn't find a working translator, dammit.