Once there was a couple, they were very happy together

Until the day came when a God sent the stormy weather

To wreak havoc and trap them at school

Leaving them stranded with a group of fools

They gazed, sneered and sought

To abuse the girl that they'd thought

Was the worst of the worst

A living schoolgirl curse

But the two were not fooled, so they ran from the crows

Into the rainy roads, drenched from head to toe

Soon they'd walked back to the home

But he had sneezed so much, there was a little foam

At the mouth, so worried was she

That she brought him to the hospital, not heeding the fee

There they discovered that, alas, what a shock

He had come down with a terminal illness, now unable to walk.

She visited him every day of the week

But by Saturday, he'd become quite weak

So as everyone crowded around his side

He kissed the girl, said "Goodbye" and died

And so a hole was cut into the poor girl's heart

Like someone had pierced the muscle with a throwing dart

She wandered aimlessly throughout the school halls

Her feelings of angst often written on the walls

But one day she'd found something to replace the hole

Made in her heart by his death, so the role

Was passed to the music players of fame

Almost as good as playing that romantic game

She lived her life with singers in her ears

Her awareness of the world not unlike that of a deer's

But she did hear the rumors, insults and other nasty words

Entering her devastated mind, scaring away the birds

That protected her from the monster called the Grim Reaper

The cruel words bringing her deeper

Into the throes of madness, where his ghost

Would be incapable from saving her mind from being turned to toast

So the coffin takes the final nail

When she sinks under and can do nothing but flail

Beneath the boggy mire that swallowed her up

Like a teabag sinking in a water-filled cup

And so the tragic tale of a couple comes to an end

But the deaths of the two show that lives can depend

On the words that are said by the fools too blinded to heed

The lives that could be saved, if it wasn't for the seed.