Chapter 1: The Corner

"Meet you at the corner!" yelled Jenny as she started to skip down the sidewalk. Oh! Who am I? I'm Ellie. Ellie Lou Toper! I'm twelve years old, live in Polty, and the slowest kid in the sixth grade! Who's Jenny? My best friend! Yes that's right Jenny Ann Goop is MY best friend! She is like the fastest kid in the sixth grade!

When I met her at the corner she was looking at something. She was looking at a gnome. Standing right in the middle of the sidewalk! As you know a gnome is a statue of a little old man with a pointed hat. People put them out in their garden. They make the best decoration for the garden! But putting them in the middle of a sidewalk is… strange. But the way the gnome looked it was… strange. The hat on the gnome was …glowing! There were also tiny sparks coming out of the tip!

To be honest I was kind of scared! I knew this was something not to touch but I did it any way! When I touched it nothing happened but soon enough there was a puff of smoke and Jenny and I were nowhere near Polty!