"Run!" A female voice shouted from Kiera's left side. Kiera was running, her breath coming out in brief puffs. She passed paintings of men and women with stone like expressions all of which glared down at her. The walls were of a dark stone, and there were no windows in sight. The hallway had a faint mildew smell.

She glanced to her side and saw a girl running with her, not even looking strained for air as the girl ran. The girl was smiling, her long hair messily flying behind her. They passed a torch and it lit up the girls entire face, Dark brown hair of chocolate coupled with olive skin and a heart shaped face. She was small, almost a head shorter than Kiera but she stood tall in a way that you would think she was taller. She seemed to be laughing as she ran as if the entire thing was a joke that the world had told to her.

She wore a dress that was cut shorter than any of the dresses that Kiera had ever worn, it came to her knees and was pure white, but for a few blue lines that ended the sleeves and slashed downward across the dress. Her colors and the richly spun material marked her as a priestess, but as she ran she almost danced, gliding ahead of Kiera, smiling and showing more emotion than She had ever seen a priestess show. As much as Kiera was trying to keep up she was falling behind the girl but she pressed on all the same.

Then as Kiera's legs grew tired and she started to slow the girl glanced back at her. Kiera started in shock, one of her legs catching her long dress and she fell painfully on her ankle. The girl's eyes, they were so very strange. Her left eye was grey and it seemed to have lines of blue running through it. But the strangeness came from the other. It was white. The only sign of an iris at all was the line of black circle that showed where the irises color should have begun.

"Kiera? Are you all right?" The girl asked as she stopped running and helped Kiera up. Her voice was worried and she kept glancing back at the hallway they were running down, but she still tried her best to help Kiera up even though Kiera was at least a head taller than the small girl.

"My ankle!" Kiera breathed, tears of pain appearing in her eyes as soon as she put any weight on it.

The girl glanced down as if she could see through the many layers of dress to Kiera's leg. A frown grew on her face as she did so and when he glanced up her entire face was scrunched up with anger.

"Darkened Sun, it's broken." She whispered, looking down the hallway that they had just ran through. The first trace of fear shone in her face. Kiera frowned as she heard a sound that seemed to be coming from where they had been running to.

"Well it looks like it was a good thing I chose to double back for you then." The girls both turned as one, and out of the corner of her eye Kiera saw a strange looking ball of white form in the girl's hand. But, then it was extinguished and the girl was smiling.

"Aveon!" She shouted and the look in her eyes was once more filled with laughter and hope instead of sad fear.

Kiera stared up at the young man. He had brown hair but it was brighter than his sisters and stuck up in odd places. His face was sharper and his cheek bones more evident and his olive skin was a darker shade from long days in the sun. His blue eyes blazed strangely like a raging fire, but they did not give off a feeling of danger and history like his sister's. He wore the simple uniform of a Tamar bodyguard though it fit him oddly as if it had not been tailored for him, and there were dark splotches that almost blended in with the red over shirt that he wore over the golden spider silk vest.

At his side there was a simple sword that looked like it was used quite often. Kiera had seen it before though she was not quite sure where.

"We need to get you out of here, My Queen." The young man stated as both of the siblings looked back down the hallway the girl and Kiera had come from at the same time.

Kiera turned to him frowning as she tried to stand up wanting to inform him that she wasn't queen as her uncle hadn't even named her his heir, yet. But the jolt of pain from her ankle distracted her and she was too busy trying not to show the tears that were welling up in her eyes to say anything. The Bodyguard, as his uniform marked him as, glanced to the priestess.

"I'll carry her." He stated after a long moment of the two staring at each other in silent conversation.

The Priestess nodded at once her expression serious and although the hope still shone in her face, the laughter was now gone.

"Then I'll have to make sure we don't get caught." The girl stated a strange accent affecting her words. She spoke quieter and faster and her words were half mumbled. The body guard nodded seemingly not wondering at his sister's change of accent. He knelt next to Kiera and lifted her up carrying her as if she was a child. Kiera couldn't understand how he was carrying her however as she was nearly as tall as him. But he somehow did and held her carefully as if afraid she would break.

The three of them ran down a nearby hallway until they came to a door. It was opened and a young man was standing in front of it. The bodyguard almost dropped Kiera and the priestess's eyed the young man carefully.

The young man stared at them his arms crossed.