I was aghast at the demise of my favorite aunt. How could she possibly be gone? The stark sky, almost white, and the bare tree behind her tombstone emitted within me the most ghastly feeling. Louise's slow decadence before her death did not stop me from loving her with every fiber of my being. Her great kindness beforehand had been enough. I had tried to understand her pain, I really had. Louise, beautiful Louise and her sparkling laugh had turned into a hacking cough when she had taken ill. Louise's warm smile and easy way turned into a bitter frown , for she was bitter with the world. Why did she have to be sick? I tried to reason with her but she wouldn't listen. She would turn her head away and slip underneath the covers. I can only hope God takes her into his safe embrace. Standing there by her grave suddenly made me feel uneasy. Tears ran down my face mixing with the light rain that had starting coming down. It seemed the sky was mourning with me and somehow I felt comforted. At that moment , I knew Louise was watching over me.