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Chapter 1

"So I like this guy, but... I'm not sure he likes me..." Sea trailed off. Sea looked away from her sister Lucy, whom she had been talking to. Sea and Lucy were identical twins.

"Then, ask him!" Lucy exclaimed. Sea turned to her sister, her strait blonde hair flying around with her head.

"But, I'm nervous..." Sea stopped, her Sapphire blue eyes shook. Sea was good with situations, Lucy on the other hand was good with boy trouble, not scary situations.

"Sea, just go for it!" Lucy pushed.

"But -" Sea looked around the room. They were in a rectangular room, two beds. "Wait, what's that smell?" Sea asked accusingly.(my fav line in the story... funny)

"Hey!" Lucy cried defensibly, throwing her hands into the air. "But maybe we should -" Lucy fell onto the bed and passed out.

"Lucy!" Sea screamed, and after a moment's hesitation she fell on the bed and pretended to pass out.

"Good there both out..." Was all Sea heard before really passing out.

When sea and Lucy woke up they were on the floor, They were tie up, hands behind there backs and ankles together. The room, if that's what they were in, was pitched black.

"Where are we?" Sea asked, hoping someone was listening.

"No talking!" a voice exclaimed. two men popped out from no where. They came out of no where, and well... gagged them... My opinion is HARSH! Sea thought.

"Bring them out!" a voice called from somewhere else. Now we were moving. Once out the were on a stage. There was a tall skinny man, Stick man. There was then a crowd of men and women. Great were up for auction. Sea thought.

"So who wants them?" Stick man asked coming over to them. Stick man held up each of there heads. He ungagged Sea. "What are your names?" He asked pulling out a knife.

"I'm Sea, Sea Dooley. That's my Sister Lucy Dooley." Sea said fast, not want to get Lucy or herself hurt.

"Give'm here!" A husky voice yelled. When Sea and Lucy saw who it was they gasped. (Lucy did if you can with a gag... well in this story u can!)

It's mom's old boyfriend! PETE!

"yes, it's little old me." Pete teased. Stick man looked from Sea and Lucy then to Pete.

"There yours." Stick man turned and went back stage. Pete came up to Sea and Lucy and threw them over his shoulders. Tears were in sea's eyes threatening to escape. He took them to his van where he threw them in the back and Sea and Lucy took the time to go to sleep.