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Chapter 12

Hours later...

A locksmith had come and gotten Sea out. Now they were back at the house.

"I'm back. I'm safe!" Sea said as they entered the house. Until your next mystery. A little voice in her head said. She turned to Tabitha and Klager.

"Tabitha. Klager. Thank you so much for helping get me out of there!" Sea thanked.

Knock! Knock! The door said 20 minutes after Tabitha and Klager had left. Sea went to answer the door.

"Hello?" Sea asked.

"Hello, Sea?" A tall skinny girl with blonde hair and green eyes asked. Sea nods. "Oh! Sea!" She cried hugging Sea. "Are you okay? How did you get away? What did Pete do to you? Can I join your club?" the girl questioned. "Oh, yes, I'm Sarah. Sarah Finegan."

"Sarah, Yes, family and friend, long story, and What club?"

"Oh..." Sarah trail off. "I thought that you, Lucy, and Matt made a club..."

"Well, we did. just now and your in it. Come in!" Sea said welcomingly.

"Mom! Dad! Lucy, Matt, and I have a friend over!" Sea yelled running up stairs. Lucy, Matt, and Sarah follow Sea up stairs.

"So, when's the next mystery?" Sarah asked.

"Who knows? But I hope it's soon!" Sea and Lucy say in unison!

"Girls! Matt! Do you want to go to New York?" Dawn yelled up.

"Yes! Yes!" everyone yelled.

I have a feeling that's where our next mystery is... Sea thought.


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