"I mean, really. Who decided that you shouldn't be able to drive when you're drinking?" Blake tried to tune out Jonah's daily rant. Last weekend, he had gotten in trouble. Again. Blake didn't know what was with him being friends with all of these troublemakers, but he felt kind of like a loner when he was the only one not getting stoned out of his mind every weekend, even if he'd felt that it was an idiotic thing to do.

"Mm," Blake mumbled in response, which seemed to satisfy Jonah for the time being. He gave Charlie a nod when he joined the two boys walking to their free period.

"Watsup guys?" he asked. Jonah and Blake gave mumbled responses before they reached the library, where they spent their free class since they weren't allowed to go outside.

"So, you quit football for good then?" Jonah asked. When Blake nodded, he gave noises of appreciation, muttering "Lucky bastard." Neither Charlie nor Jonah were very much into sports—even though Jonah was on the football team, it was only for the party- which, of course made half of the school whisper about Blake when he was with them. Apparently he was only supposed to hang out with his football friends, but he didn't care. Jonah and Charlie were actually decent guys who made him laugh sometimes.

Blake pulled out a notebook where he proceeded to try and finish his math homework that he still didn't get done last night, even without football practice, while his friends chatted aimlessly. They usually didn't bother finishing their homework; their parents were as rich as Blake's and would just pay the school off to give them good grades. Blake felt that his mom might've actually done it too, so he could get into a good college, but Blake tried to get the best grades anyway to feel smarter. It also left him more vulnerable to gossip, as though his parents actually were paying for him to get good grades.

"Hey Blake," someone passed by. It was Chelsea Corrison, a really hot blonde girl who, as Blake heard, fucked every guy within a two hundred feet radius. He didn't usually believe school gossip, but he would believe that rumor with her small shorts, tight tops, curvy body...

She frowned when Blake didn't respond and walked away. Jonah gave his friend a look.

"Uh, hello... What's your problem, man?"Jonah asked Blake incredulously. Blake gave a quick shrug. "She's like, smokin'. And she likes you. You could probably fucking sneeze in her face and she'd still lay you."

"That girl has a head full of air," Blake threw back in an argument. "I sort of like the girls who can actually add two plus two."

Jonah scoffed in response. Blake got back to his math for a moment before standing and murmuring a, "I'll be right back," to his friends while unscrewing a water bottle.

He filled it up at the water fountain and turned around, smashing right into someone. He was jarred only a little, but the person fell to the floor.

It was a girl. Blake thought maybe she was new to school because he had never noticed her before. Her red haired braid was splayed on the floor for a moment before she pushed herself to sitting and her wide, green eyes met his. They were just widened in shock of the fall for a moment before they turned dark to glare furiously at Blake.

He held out his hand to help her up, but she just put her hands on the floor and pushed herself to standing. Blake awkwardly stuffed his hands into his pockets as the girl stood. He was expecting a confrontation or something, but all the girl did was give him an once-over and pushed past him, bumping into his shoulder in her haste.

Blake shook his head; eyebrows furrowed in confusion and walked back over to where his friends were sitting.

"That was smooth," Charlie snickered at Blake.

"She seemed pissed," Jonah observed.

"Shut up, both of you," Blake mumbled, trying to focus back on his math homework. The girl's furious green eyes flashed through his mind again, making it impossible to actually work. Blake couldn't help but take a peek over to where she was sitting.

Her red braid was hung over her left shoulder, and her eyes were intently studying her book. With the sun shining through the window, making the gold in her hair glisten, she looked almost... Peaceful. Hard to believe from the fury he saw in those green eyes a minute ago.

As she tucked a red lock that had escaped her braid, Blake also noticed that she was seriously pretty. He had to look at her a little differently to notice it though; most girls at school wore makeup that made their beauty either obvious or fake. But this girl, with her light skin and green eyes, was naturally pretty.

"Who is she?" Blake murmured to Jonah. He turned to his friend and Jonah made a face.

"I think her name is Kaily Edwards or something. She's in my bio class. Don't tell me you're wanting to be slumming with her," Jonah told Blake in disgust.

Blake shrugged taking another glance over his shoulder at her. "I don't know. I was just wondering. I haven't seen her around before." He didn't want to admit to his guffawing friends that he thought she was pretty.

"Yeah, I heard that chick lives on the south side of town. That she's pregnant, or has AIDS from all the dirty guys she's fucked over there. I don't know which is true, but I wouldn't be surprised if both were."

"And look at her clothes," said Charlie, who himself was wearing baggy jeans. "She looks like she got them out of a dumpster."

Blake forced out a laugh. "You sound gay when you say shit like that."

Charlie just shrugged and grinned at him. "You know you love me."

"Uh, no," Blake told him. He worked on his homework in silence for the remainder of the free period with Charlie and Jonah messing around until the bell rang.

Blake packed up his stuff to head to his next class, still stealing glances over at Kaily who was putting away her book. She zipped up her backpack and strode out of the library, head up and braid swinging. Blake kind of admired her for being that way even with the malicious rumors about her being passed around. She made eye contact with no one, including Blake when she passed by.

Blake swung his own backpack on his shoulder and headed to Anatomy.

"A new seating chart is on the board, check it out," Mr. Snapple announced as students came pouring in, talking and joking with friends. He interrupted Blake's "hey man" with his friend Brett.

Blake looked at the Smart Board, hoping that maybe he would get a spot in the back. He did, actually. Thank God. That meant he didn't have to be stuck in the front where everyone could watch every move he made. He definitely watched some of the moves that girls made, especially Chelsea's ass. But her parent probably paid for her to be in this class, seeing as she knew nothing about science.

Blake glanced up at the Smart Board again hopefully to see who his lab partner would be. Maybe one of his friends... But the name next to his read "Kaily Edwards." Blake read it again.

Blake sat in his seat, watching as the mentioned girl walked into class behind the other clumps of students. Unbelievable. She had been in this class all year, and Blake had never noticed her. As she got closer, Blake noticed a light smattering of freckles on her pale skin.

She glanced at the board, then came wandering down the aisle to where Blake was sitting. Her neutral face darkened a little when she saw it was him.

She sat in the seat next to Blake, clutching her backpack to the front of her before putting it on the desk to search for something. A moment later, to Blake's disbelieving eyes; she pulled out a black notebook and flipped through a couple of pages before landing on one, where she began to write something without even a glance at him.

"Hey, um," Blake said awkwardly. "I'm sorry about running into you earlier. It was an-"

Her eyes flashed at Blake dangerously. "Yeah, I get it. It was an accident. That's how it goes every time right? I get hurt, by accident," she snapped at him bitterly, before turning back to her notebook and scribbling something down furiously.

Whoa. Blake was taken aback by this. And here he was, thinking she was some shy violet. She took her long red braid and hung it over one shoulder as it had been earlier in the library. And why had she acted like it had happened before?

Mr. Snapple called for attention at the front, so Blake finally turned to pay attention to class.

After a very awkward science class, school was finally over and Blake tripped out of the building to the black car with our driver waiting, not even bothering to converse with any of his friends.

The drive home felt short with his iPod blasting in his ears, but Blake guessed it would be short anyway. He lived so close to the school that he could probably just walk there, but his mom wouldn't allow it in fear that he would get beat up for not having a car or something like that.

Blake downed the protein shake that was waiting for him in the kitchen and headed up to his dad's office. It almost scared Blake to interrupt Tyler when he was in the middle of something, but he wanted to ask him if he knew anything about Kaily. He was in the school Board among his other various jobs, so he would have to know a little about her.

Blake knocked carefully on his door, and with a stern, "Come in," he entered.

"What is it, Blake?" asked his father, not looking up from his computer.

"I Uh, had a question," Blake stuttered out.

"What is it?" Tyler asked impatiently.

"Um, do you know of a girl named Kaily Edwards?" Blake asked. Already, he felt like a stalker just asking this.

"Mmm, yes, what do you want to know?"

"I don't know," Blake said, letting out a breath. "I just was wondering."

"Well," Tyler cleared his throat. "She has a 4.0 GPA, her little sister goes to Shasta Meadows Elementary, and she lives on the south side of town. Why, Blake?" Tyler asked Blake again, peering out from over his reading glasses, "You have a crush on her? I hope you don't want to go slumming on the south side."

And because he said something so similar to what Jonah had told Blake, in such a judgmental way like it would be horrible, Blake just shrugged nonchalantly and said, "No reason. I'm just her partner in Anatomy. I was wondering why she dressed like she did." For the second time that day, Blake forced out a laugh.

Tyler was still staring at him. "I mean it, Blake. Girls like her don't belong with people like us, even with the scholarship that she is on."

"Okay," Blake murmured, pushing his way out of the room.

Lol, so maybe the whole meeting her thing was a little cliché. Oh well, I didn't really feel like thinking of a creative way to do it.