A boy with black hair leapt out if the darkness, his eyes glowing like a demon's. His victim screamed, the sound echoing through the building. The sound of distant sirens rang from outside, and the boy smirked. He put away his black sword, and took a moment to observe his handiwork. Blood covered the corpse, and it was splattered across the floor.

"Ah, shit. It stained my sheath." Grumbled the boy. He leapt through the window, where he practically flew across the street. The boy noticed the flashing lights of police cars in the distance. The lights seemed blurry from the rain.

Landing on the soft grass of the park across the street, the boy made a run for it. He sprinted across the lawn, his surroundings nothing but a blur. The park smelled of wet grass and sweet flowers, making it very peaceful. The boy felt nostalgic, why, he did not know himself.

Stopping, the assassin sat on the edge of a fountain. He looked up at the gray clouds, which seemed to grow darker and darker.

"Are you okay?" A sweet voice like sugar gently asked from behind him. The boy whirled around to see a girl, but her features were dimmed, so he could not see her face.

"Why do you ask?" The boy replied, unable to hide the coldness in his voice. But the girl didn't seem to notice. If she did, she didn't care.

"You seem sad." She answered.

The boy stood up. "I'm not." And it was true. He did not feel sad, but he did feel a kind of depression inside him, which made him long for home.

"What's your name?" the girl asked.

The boy stared at her. "I don't have a name."

The girl giggled. "Of course you do."

The boy sighed. "Then I forgot it."

"You must have some name people call you by." Both were silent for a moment. "C'mon, you can tell me." Prodded the girl.

After another moment, the boy sighed again and answered. "Black. Black Hurricane."

The girl seemed to smile. "That's a nice name. It's unique and different. But it also suits you."

At that moment, the sound of sirens came in the direction of the building where the assassin murdered a man. There was also the sound of police running around.

"I have to leave. Don't tell anybody you saw me here." The boy started to run off, but the girl stopped him.

"Wait," she said with a gentle firmness in her voice. She kissed him on the lips, a quick and fleeting moment that felt like forever.

"Now go, assassin Black." She whispered sweetly.

Black was stunned, but he didn't hesitate. The boy raced off into the night, silently. But inside, he was sure that people could hear his heart, which was pounding in his chest.

Damn, I can't stop thinking about her.