"Students," the teacher announced. "We have a new transfer student." She gestured towards the boy next to her.

He had black hair that seemed to hang over his eyes. His eyes seemed evil and demon-like, as if they were hiding something. The boy's clothes were gray and black, except for his jeans, which were a blue-gray. He didn't smile either. It seemed almost depressing.

"He's from Japan. So please help him get used to life here."

The boy bowed. "My name is Kuro Hariken." He had a hint of a Japanese accent.

"You can sit at that empty desk over there." She pointed towards the back. As he walked past, he heard kids whispering to each other.

"He came at the same time as the assassin from Japan. Isn't it suspicious?"

"Both him and the assassin have eyes like a demon's. Scary, isn't it?"

"Doesn't his last name sound like Hurricane?"

"Do you think he's hiding a weapon?"

Ignoring them, Kuro sat down at the empty desk. 'I get a window seat, that's nice.' Kuro thought, staring out the window.

"Ignore them." A voice told him. Kuro looked to see a boy smiling at him. He had messy brown hair, and golden eyes. "They think anyone who's transferred from a foreign country is suspicious. Unless you're from France of course." He grinned.

'You're bothering me.' Kuro thought, clearly annoyed.


"Kodomo!" The teacher shouted. The boy flinched at the sound of his name. "I know you want to be friends with Kuro, and I appreciate that. But right now we're learning!" She scolded. The boy-Kodomo-turned around and the others giggled.

Later, Kodomo passed a note to Kuro. Looking at it, Kuro sighed and unfolded it.

Meet me at the front gate after school. I want you to meet my friends!


'He's got good handwriting.' Kuro mused.

Afterschool, Kuro stood by the front gate. "He's late…" Kuro sighed. 5 minutes past, and a boy trotted up to him. It wasn't Kodomo though.

"Konichiwa!" He smiled. The boy had blonde hair and innocent blue eyes. He seemed good at sports, but not at fighting. He was probably popular with girls.

"I can speak English you know…" Kuro said.

"Oh…right. Anyways, my name's Leo White. You're Kuro Hariken right?" The boy smiled, which made all the girls around them swarm over.


Leo laughed, a bit overwhelmed.

Out of the corner of his eye, Kuro spotted Kodomo running towards him. Kuro started walking towards him. "See ya, Leo." He waved and ran off with Kodomo.

"Ah- Wait, Kuro!" Leo started to chase after him, but was stopped by a herd of fan girls.

"So, where're we headed?" Kuro asked impatiently, looking up at the sky. It was twilight already.

"I guess we'll just have to meet up tomorrow. Sorry for keeping you out so late." Kodomo told him sheepishly.

Kuro sighed. "Wasting my time with this damn idiot when I could have been catching up on some sleep…" He muttered. Instead he sighed and started walking away. "I'll call you when I'm free tomorrow. There's something important I have to do." He told Kodomo.

"'Kay," the 'idiot' replied.

Black Hurricane kicked the dead bloody corpse on the floor. He then looked at the whimpering boy shivering in a corner, stained with blood. The assassin sighed.

"You're lucky I don't believe in killing kids. Can't say much for your mommy though." He sheathed his sword and calmly walked over to the boy, who backed as far away as he could. Black then crouched down and ruffled the boy's head.

"You know, I wish I had a little brother. I lost my parents a long time ago, and my sister's in a place very far away." The assassin smiled.

His smile wasn't a smirk like he usually had, this time it was a sincere yet sad smile. "I remember when I was just like you. I saw my parents get killed right in front of me… and ever since then, I've been searching for that man. But I think I've finally found him here in America, and then after I've killed him, I'll be arrested. Now doesn't that sound good, kid? The guy who killed your mom is going to be caught by the good guys."

Black stood up and started for the door. But he felt a small hand grab his shirt. "Big brother, will I see you again?" The voice of the boy startled the assassin. He smiled that sincere smile again and gently pried the boy's hand off his pants.

"I'm sure we will. I'll come visit you, okay?"

The boy smiled and nodded. "It's a promise!"

Then Black ran off, leaving a small boy who didn't know what was going to happen to him in the future.

"Hey!" Kodomo stood in the doorway, with a girl standing next to him. The girl had hair that was dyed blue, along with ocean-blue eyes. Her clothes were mostly blue also.

"Who's she? Your girlfriend?" The blue-haired girl threw her fist at Kuro's face, which Kuro instinctively blocked with the sword he was holding at the moment.

"Nice reflexes." Kodomo complimented, earning a bump on the head from the girl.

"Anyways, this is Ao Ame." Ao held out her hand, which Kuro took cautiously.

"So your name means Blue Rain, and Kodomo's is Child Prodigy, right?"

Ao nodded. "Yep. It's a name we picked ourselves."

"Don't your parents pick your name?" Asked Kuro, his face puzzled.

"Didn't you tell him?" Ao's eyes looked fierce and angry as Kodomo shook his head sheepishly.

"Sorry…" He mumbled.

"Well… you'll find out why we picked the names later-" she was interrupted by a ringtone that came from her back pocket. Kodomo and Kuro stared at her tattered shorts as she pulled out a cell phone. The ringing stopped and she looked at the text message. Then the mysterious girl muttered something under her breath and ran off.

"There she goes, leaving me behind." Kodomo sighed and looked back at Kuro, who stood there waiting. "Well… Let's go. Follow me." Kodomo gestured towards Kuro and started walking south. Kuro followed without protest.

They stopped in front of an old factory that seemed to be abandoned. "So who'd you want me to meet?" Asked Kuro, who thought Kodomo was wasting his time again.

Kodomo opened the door to the abandoned factory. "C'mon in," he gestured inside.

"So you brought him." A voice said out of the dark. It was cold and mocking.

Another voice congratulated Kodomo. "Good work, Child Prodigy."

"Who's that?" Asked Kuro. A lamp was lit, bathing the room in a damp light.

Around them were several people who looked to be around Kuro and Kodomo's age. "Who are you?" Asked Kuro.

"We're the Saidai Fubuki. In English, we're known as the Greatest Blizzard." Answered a boy. He had cold blue eyes and a cross around his wrist. His hair was bleached white. "I'm the leader of the gang. I'm called White Frost."

Ao spoke next. "We already know who you are. Black Hurricane." She sneered.

"Don't be rude Blue. Introduce yourself." A girl with green hair and eyes said. Ao just stayed silent.

"I already know who she is. Blue Rain." Kuro replied.

"Oh, well I'm Green Summer." Kuro nodded.

White Frost spoke again. "We will be testing your skills to see if you're worthy enough to join."

Kuro sighed. "I came here on a job. Not to join your gang." He turned around and headed to the door.

"Not so fast." Kodomo stood behind him, holding a knife to his neck.

"We can fight tomorrow. I didn't bring my sword." Kodomo didn't move.

"Let him go, Child. Black always keeps his word. And if he doesn't…" White Frost grinned.

Kodomo let Kuro leave. 'So much for lying and leaving.' Thought Kuro as he left the factory. 'But I should expect it from the infamous gang, the Greatest Blizzard.'

"Guess I'll have to skip school." Kuro stood in front of the abandoned factory. He had his sword strapped to his side. Kuro sighed and reluctantly opened the door. Walking inside, the door closed behind him.

The lamp was already on, and Kuro could see White Frost and his gang. "Glad you came." White smiled and waved.

Kuro waved back. "Hi Shiro."

White (or Shiro in Japanese) smiled. "Hi Kuro."

"I bet he's really mad." Whispered a boy with auburn hair. Blue Rain nodded. The boy then jumped down from the place he was sitting, and landed in front of Kuro.

"Child Prodigy's not here, so you'll be fighting me instead. I'm known as Autumn Wind." The boy took out a sword and Kuro unsheathed his own.

"I'd rather fight someone with a sword rather than a knife." Kuro stated.

"Then this should be a hell of a lot of fun." Autumn Wind (Aki Kaze in Japanese) grinned.

A boy from Kuro's class stumbled over a crowbar near an abandoned factory. "I know I saw Kuro come here." He told himself. "Why did I have to get lost?" he mumbled these things to himself, every once in a while cursing at the sky.

The boy stopped and sat down by the old factory. As he sat there with his eyes closed, he heard the sound of metal clashing inside the factory. He opened his eyes and, startled, stood up. Slowly, the boy opened the door of the factory to see…

Black and Autumn Wind were both panting and covered in sweat and blood. "You're pretty good Aki." Black smirked. "I'm having fun."

Aki did the same. "Right back at you. Just what I'd expect from the Black Hurricane." But the two stopped immediately at the sound of the door creaking open. They saw a boy with blonde hair and a very scared face standing in the doorway.

"Leo?" Kuro gasped.

"Kuro, why…" Leo looked as if he wanted to run, but he was frozen in place with fear.

"Great, a distraction." Grumbled Autumn Wind. Kuro just stood there, stunned.

"You're… Are you okay?" Leo rushed over to examine Kuro's wounds. He gently touched an injury on the shoulder, but Kuro shoved him away. "I'm sorry Kuro. Did that-" Leo started to apologize, but Kuro cut him off.

"What the hell are you doing here Leo?" He shouted angrily.

"I just-"

"Get out of here! This place is not where you should be! Now go!" Kuro shoved Leo again.

"No! I should be asking that Kuro! Why are you covered in blood? And what's with that black sword?" Leo shouted just as angrily as Kuro, with a bit of worry creeping into his voice. Kuro seemed to find it hard to make a comeback.

Suddenly, a boy with scarlet-colored hair landed in between them. "I'm sorry, but Kuro's busy training right now. Could you please leave?" The boy smiled.

"Hiiro…" Aki stared at his smiling comrade.

"It's fine… he can watch." Kuro told Hiiro.

Hiiro shrugged. "Suit yourself. But he might find out your secret if he stays." He led Leo over to a platform to watch.

Kuro and Aki then went back to fighting, their clashing swords making sparks fly in the air. Both of them were exhausted though. "They're almost at their limit." Hiiro's smile faded, and his expression became serious.

"What do you mean?" Asked Leo, confused.

"I mean this battle will end soon." And, just like the scarlet haired boy said, Kuro had his sword at Aki's neck, before the two fell down in exhaustion.

"Congratulations!" Shiro's voice rang as he clapped. "You passed, Bl-Kuro." He stuttered, forgetting for a moment that Leo was there. Someone else sighed.

"That's nice to know. But right now I don't really care. Can someone get me something to drink?" Kuro gasped. He sat up as Leo came running over.

"Are you alright?" Leo asked again.

Kuro nodded. "Yeah. I just needed to let out some steam, that's all." He wiped sweat and blood out of his eyes.

"You got any water on you?" Kuro asked, suddenly looking very tired and thirsty.

"No, but I have a soda."

"Good enough." Leo handed him a bottle of coke and Kuro snatched it and drank half of the bottle. "That's better. Hey, you want some Aki? It really helps." Aki nodded and drank the rest of the bottle.

"We'll pay you back later." Aki handed Leo the empty bottle.

"No, it's alright. You needed it much more than I did anyway."

"You're always like that, aren't you." Kuro said. He pointed at Leo.

"Like what?"

"Too nice for your own good." Kuro replied. Another voice said the same thing at the same time as Kuro. It came from a brown-haired boy standing in the door.

"Hey Kuro!" Kodomo ran over. He was wearing a t-shirt and jeans that had a rip right under his right knee. His shirt was covered in dirt and blood trickled down the side of his forehead.

"Are you alright?" Kuro asked, pointing at the blood.

"Yeah, I just fell down a hill, that's all. But you're in no condition to say that, Kuro. You look 20 times worse than I do."

"Hey!" Kuro grabbed the coke bottle and threw it at Kodomo. Aki, Shiro, Hiiro, and the others laughed.

"No laughing!" Kuro shouted standing up. He cringed at the pain from the wounds.

Meanwhile, Kodomo made a run for it. "Get back here! You owe me!" Kuro shouted, running after Kodomo.

"Owe you for what?" Kodomo called back.

"A lot of things!" Kuro shouted. Kuro and Kodomo ran around in circles in the factory while everyone laughed.

That night, Kuro decided to visit the young boy who saw an assassin kill his mom. He jumped through an open window, his sword sheath gleaming in the moonlight. But he quickly hid when he heard voices.

"Good night, son." The sound of a father came from the next room over.

"Daddy," Kuro heard the kid's voice and crept closer, keeping his hand on his sword hilt. "Will I see big brother soon?" The boy asked.

"I don't know," the father answered, "who is this big brother?"

"He looks scary, but I think people just misunderstand him. He can get into any house like some kind of superhero! He's got this cool black sword and he kills bad people!" The boy said excitedly. Kuro crept close enough that he stood in the doorway with no one noticing.

"You know, you shouldn't leave your window open. Anyone could come in and kill you. That's how the kid's mom died, you know." The father and the boy looked to see Kuro standing there.

"Who are you? How did you get in?" The man asked suspiciously. He noticed the sword at Black's side and his eyes narrowed.

"Big brother!" The boy exclaimed happily. He jumped out of bed and bounded over to Black and hugged him.

"Hey kid." The assassin ruffled the boy's head. "I brought a present." Black held out a box covered in wrapping paper. The kid squealed happily as he grabbed the gift and unwrapped it. Inside was a toy airplane. "It's an old thing I had that I didn't need anymore." Black explained. The boy ran out of the room, holding the toy over his head and making motor sounds.

"You better stay away from Noah." Black turned to face the father.

"Don't worry, I don't kill kids. But there are other assassins out there who will. So I suggest you don't leave windows open like that. Someday your son could get killed like your wife." Black told him seriously.

"Who are you?" Asked the man. The assassin turned around and left dramatically.

"Black. Black Hurricane."

Kuro lay on the rooftop of the old factory, thinking. 'What should I do about Saidai Fubuki? And how will I explain this to Leo?' Questions ran around his head when he heard a yelp and a thud. Kuro looked over the rooftop to see the Child Prodigy covered in dirt and lying flat on his back.

"You okay?" He called.

"Ugh…" Kodomo groaned in return. Kuro sighed and jumped down from the roof.

"Here," he said, holding out a hand to Kodomo.

"Thanks," Kodomo replied, staggering when he stood up.

"How far did you fall?" Kuro asked.

"I was hoisting myself over the edge when my hand slipped." Kodomo pointed to an area right under the roof. It was about 20 feet up.

"Ouch…" Kuro grimaced.

"You're a lot more agile than I thought, you know that?"

Kuro shrugged. "Helps when I'm on a job or running from the police." Kodomo laughed, and Kuro smiled in return.

"So, what were you thinking about?"

Kuro shrugged again. "Nothing really," he replied nonchalantly.

"C'mon, tell me. I already have a good idea already." Kodomo pleaded.

"What do you think it is?" Kuro countered.

"Something along the lines of 'how will I explain this to Leo?' Or 'Saidai Fubuki is becoming a problem. What am I supposed to do?' And so." Kodomo made a funny and girly voice-that sounded somewhat like Ao-when he said his guess of Kuro's thoughts.

"Are you psychic or something? You're practically right."

Kodomo laughed again. "That's why I'm a prodigy." He proclaimed proudly.

"What are you two doing?" Asked a gruff voice from behind them. It belonged to an old, stocky man with a short scraggly beard. In his hand was a hammer. He wore a plaid shirt and overalls, and a yellow construction hat on top of his bald head. His face was scrunched up, making him seem angry with his wrinkles like creases instead. But the kindness in his voice betrayed his looks.

"This is the Greatest Blizzard's territory. You shouldn't run around here, you might get caught. And let me tell you that would be a very bad thing." Kodomo glared at the man, his face dark and threatening.

"Listen old geezer. This is our territory. Now scram." He pulled out one of his knives and pointed it at the man.

"Y-You're from that damned gang?" Taken aback, the man took a step backwards. His kind voice turned cruel and mean. "I didn't realize. Don't make me call the police on you." He threatened, stepping backwards a bit more before running in the opposite direction.

Kodomo sheathed his blade and sighed. "Those workers are such a nuisance."

Kuro just stared. 'Scary…'

Kuro sat in his seat by the window, sighing. It was what they called 'Advisory' in America. In Japan it was 'Homeroom'.

"What's wrong Kuro?" Leo stood in front of his desk. For once Kodomo wasn't bothering him. The delinquent was talking with some other boys in their class. Leo took his place for today.

"Nothing, school's just boring. So what do you want?" Grumbled Kuro.

"Nothing really. I just wanted to ask something."

"Then spit it out already."

Leo sighed, his mood and expression suddenly serious. "What connection do you have with the Saidai Fubuki gang?" Kuro stiffened and Kodomo, who heard it as well, did the same. Suddenly, the door to the room slammed open. It was Ao Ame and another boy.

He had jet black hair with a silver streak (probably dyed), and cloudy gray eyes. Ao dragged Kodomo out of the room, who complained about her pulling too hard. The boy stalked over to Kuro, and lifted him up over his shoulder.

"Hey!" Kuro protested, struggling. "I'll go! Now put me down!" Ignoring him, the boy followed Ao out the door, leaving everyone (including the teacher) dumbfounded.

The boy, who Ao had called Foggy, only put down Kuro when they got to the factory. Aki joined them not long after, carrying Leo the same way Foggy had. He dropped the blonde roughly on the ground when Ao kicked him. "Why were you so slow?" She shrieked angrily.

"But he was struggling. Besides, he was heavy." The boy complained sheepishly. Ao kicked him again, and he winced, before Leo spoke up angrily.

"What'd you bring me here for?" He shouted, standing up.

White Frost stepped into view, smiling evilly. "Kuro Hariken. No, Black Hurricane. You need to take care of the blonde kid here. Either you take responsibility for whatever he does, or… well, I'm sure you know."