The sleeping one awakes at last,

And rises at ten to break his fast;

His eyes dart now from floor to fan,

And yet he is no mortal man.


His eyes are orbs of misty blue,

His smile, though rare is sweet and true;

His lips hide two fearsome fangs

And from his back a long tail hangs.


He preys on maidens, young and sweet

On matrons shapely and petite,

On socialites both fat and slim,

On athletes fresh back from the gym.


He tempts them to his secret place

And offers, nay, stuffs in every face

A sweetmeat or a chocolate cake

And makes them eat 'til their stomachs ache.


The Diet Devil! ladies scream

Then fall upon the cakes of cream, 

Temptation calls, they all given in 

And lose resolve to remain thin. 


Who can fight this mighty foe?

And save them before their stomachs grow? 

For this devil they must defeat 

In order to remain petite.