Cell Phone Call

Chapter 1

Ring tone set to the tune for Sweet Transvestite, Rocky Horror Picture Show

No one picks up...Damn it , Janet!

/*Please leave a message after the beep*/ yeah, yeah, move it along...beep

Hi, it's me.

I just thought I'd leave a message.

Thanks for talking with me. It really put my mind at ease. You probably can't understand that I don't talk with people, I keep most things inside. So, thanks for listening.

Thanks for letting me kiss you when I left, I liked it, a lot.

I liked how you had this low giggle when I kissed you. Then I almost thought I heard a low growl, but we had just separated. Did you not want to stop?

I'm filling out my paperwork before school starts, you know how that goes.

I know I'll be seeing you tomorrow and I'm really excited.

Thanks for letting me be myself.

I hope I'm not being too immature, but you get me, where I'm coming from, and if you ever have any questions, feel free to ask me.

So, we finally get to start...I've waited along time for you, boyfriend.

See ya later