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I Lived For Them

Our lives weren't always like this. We didn't have to dig through the dumpster of the city just to find food, but when you got two younger brothers and a sister than you do all that you can. I was just fourteen and the world had showed me that living with my mother an escort addict wasn't the best way we should live, in fact it was cruel. My father was her pimp and before he went to jail and she die of an over dose we lived comfortably. It wasn't the ideal set of parents, but we loved them from afar.

"Megan, Dean, Randy. Come here I found a sub-sandwich." I said.

"Ooo brot-dor I like me some sanwitch." That's there is Megan she may talk funny for a five your old, but she's brave. Father had hit her over the head to many times when she was just a baby cause she cried too much, messing up her ability to speak diligently. Dean, my youngest brother he's nine he's good with people, but he likes to complain a lot. Randy on the other hand he's 4 yrs older than Dean he's quiet, but he's wicked at times along with myself I just turned fifteen and well I'm still learning about myself. We've been on the streets for all most a half a year now, the city has been trying to get their hands on us to put us in foster care, but I'm won't let them take away my family. "Haven, I'm cold. We should go home."

"You haven't even eaten Dean. Megan no greediness here, divide the food evenly." I glared.

"I know but still I'm cold."

"Eat first than we can go home." Our home now is an abandon office boarded up with graffiti all over the outside. It's not much only with a large bed we found in the trash and some torn blankets a homeless man gave us, we manage. It has a locker-room inside too with a shower room and toilet but no running water. We built a fire place with rocks that we carried over from the lake with some wood and old news paper. We also found chicken fencing that was lying around to circle around it. I usually have to steal lighters and jugs of water from corners stores just so we could have water and heat to do simple things.

"MMM Hav-in that wasn't goody."

"Yeah well that's all I could find behind this Subway but at least it's not that old."

"Haven! Randy is being an ass."

"What did tell you about using curse words?" I swatted at his head.

"That it's degrading and disrespectful…"

"Good you remember but don't make me remind you." I insisted.

Taking Megan by the hand tying all of us together with shoe strings to our belt loops we walked out of the alleyway and it to the city. Car horns rang out bikers on the road speeded towards their destination and rude men and women walked with their heads held high not even caring if they bumped into one of us. Looking back to make sure we were all still attached I asked "Do you all want to go window shopping?" I had a thing for beautiful clothing the colors the fabric the way it felt just right on your skin.

They all looked at me and shook their heads. I understood they were tired we've been out since this morning but I just hoped for a little brightness too my day. "Fine, but we have to stop at a corner store and take some water home because we all need a bath and no wining…Randy." I turned a glare to him, he had his mouth open but shut it quickly.

We walk in the opposite direction of where we lived till we found a rundown corner store. My sister as usually goes in crying first up to the cashier talking nonsense about losing her dolly followed by Randy he deceitfully looks around before he starts dropping stuff on the floor usually beer cause it's the one thing he hates the most. Meanwhile Dean walks in cooing Megan accusing the cashier of making a girl cry. The cashier to busy distracted I make my way slowly up to the fridges taking two gallons of water in each hand leaving the task of getting the lighters to Randy with a nod before strolling on out the store, the cashier never realizing he was robbed.

I waited behind the alley before they came running around the side I looked behind them to make sure they weren't followed. "Haven, the man he has a bat!" Shit. I put the water gallons down to pull out my blast knuckle stun gun from my pocket. It used to be my mother's a present we got her one Christmas.

Waiting near the corner while my brothers and sister cower behind me a foot away the man comes running around the side before he even has time to notice I sock him an up cut below his jaw making him fall limp on the paved ground. I hit him two more times with the electric current till he knocked out. I don't like hurting people but for them I would do anything.

"Bad man Hav-in."

"Yes bad man Megan he had a bat."

"Can we go now? I'm tired and cold."

"Okay. Come on." Retying the string we head home lifting the gallons of water looking back guilty at the man on the ground made my stomach turn. I didn't want to but I had too.


"Megan, stop jumping on the bed before Haven gets mad."

"No, NO, NO!"

I had just walked in from taking a bath to see my sister jumping up and down on our only real possession. But before I could interfere Randy had pulled Megan off the bed and spanked her. It was upsetting. I'm the only that can discipline. I quickly walked up to him from where I was standing to grab Randy's ear pulling down. "Owww…why are you pulling my ear I was just doing what you would have done."

"Right what I would have done. Not you. Don't be hitting your sister." I said letting go. I walked over to Megan looking down into her worried eyes I said. "Megan don't be doing that we have to take care of what we have it's not much but it's a least something, okay." I patted her clean soft brown hair. Smiling she nodded quietly and went to lay down on her side of the bed.

"Where's Dean?" Looking around I couldn't find my youngest brother.

"He went out didn't tell me where he was going that brat."


"Yeah I said for him not to go but he just told me to shut the F-up and then he left." Scowling, I made my way towards our only suit case to pull out some warm clothes putting them on and tying my shoes. I had to look for him. I didn't want anything bad happening. "Do you know which direction he went in?"

"The right, I think he was following along Sherman's road."

"Ok good, I'll be back you two stay here and get to sleep, Randy you're in charge until I get back." Throwing him my blast knuckles nodding knowing he knew what I meant, just in case.

Walking out the back door and into the night the air was cold, unnerving to the bone. I rubbed my hands together going in the direction Randy had told me. I knew it was a slight chance in finding Dean in this big city but I had to try. I would only worry if I didn't. I walked a few blocks away till I came closer to the night life where people let free in the drugs, prostitution, and clubbing. Neon signs flashed brightly in the night. Cat calls called out to me but I wasn't stupid to fall for their charm. I had to find my brother. I knew this part of town well I would come here in search of my mother pleading with her to come home only to get hit in the process or my father furious with me telling me to get my ass home before he beat me. I would always comply it wasn't worth a beating. I turned a familiar corner to find Dean sitting on the same exact bench where my mother had worked nearby. I ran up to him hugging him instantly, catching him off guard. "Haven?"

"You're dead Dean making me walk all the way out here looking for you." He started crying then. "I'm sorry! I just missed mom! I miss her so much, as mean and a bitch as she was, I miss her. I don't want to live like this anymore, Haven! Poor and nothing to live for never know when our next meal will come or if we can ever go to school? I want friend's not homeless old people and house with running water I'm tired of stealing. I want to be good and stopping hurting because I selfishly want stuff that we can't have." I knew this agony myself I beat myself every day of it and only I could change that. Only I could give the world back to them filling their world with light again, more brightly than before. I sat next to him making him lean on my shoulder. "What if I said I could take our lives back to the way they were before maybe even better. Sending you three to school again having each our own room taking a hot shower eating right, how does that sound?" "How are you going to do that?" I smiled and said "Don't worry I'll find away." Taking his hand we walked together in silences. I would do anything for them. Looking at the women on the corners the way the cared the bodies flaunting them showing people they had goods to sell it was no longer degrading in my eyes if it's what I had to do to give them a better life at my own expense than I would.

We walk back into the office I was cold I immediately went and laid down encouraging my brothers to do the same. Snuggling closer to Megan already fast asleep looking peaceful I closed my eyes. Tomorrow would be different; I would give them a better tomorrow.

We had stay inside making up games to play and stories to tell till late evening came around. I quickly grabbed my best clothes out of the suit case it wasn't the greatest but it made me look good. A black collared long sleeve shirt with my denim jeans and my only pair of shoes wetting my hair I slicked it back with clean water. "Where are you going?" I looked away from the mirror to look at Dean. "I'm going out to meet some of father's old friends to see if they can give me any work."

"Work? What kind of work?" I knew my brothers weren't stupid but sometimes I wish they were.

"I don't know cleaning, stocking, maybe evening being a waiter." He gave me a look before leaving the locker room. I lied I wasn't going to see my father's old friends. Today was the day I would give my life to them to my brothers and sister. Walking towards what we called our bedroom I called out to Randy where he was tending to the fire. "What's up, why you looking all spiffy?"

"I'm going out to look for work to see if father's old friends will give me something to do, in the night area. You're in charge until I get back which probably won't be later into the night. Don't let anyone in or out and get to bed early." I hugged my sister and brothers not waiting for a response and left.

I hung out near a club right outside an alley way having undone the three buttons of my shirt and ruffled my hair giving it a messy look. I smiled at people walking by winking every once in awhile. It felt strange I didn't feel myself, but it didn't matter what I was. I lived only for them now to make their lives better. A man stopped abruptly looking at my face nodding into the alley. I followed behind him making my away into the shadows. He turned around seeing his hungry stare he spoke first. "How much do you charge?"

"Depends on what you want?" I purred. I didn't like myself I was feeling strange.

"What would you charge to put my dick into that lovely mouth of yours?"

"30 bucks." I smiled sweetly while caress his collar bone. I didn't know I had this in me.

"That's a fair deal but only if you let me cum on your face." Raising my eye brow, I quickly though about it before suggesting. "No I have other work tonight how about in my mouth instead."

"Fine, it will also be as sweet." Backing him up into the wall I kneeled down in front of him rubbing the outside of his pants. He was already hard just waiting for some attention.

I think my mother would have been proud of her son having his first cock or not, but I didn't think of that only on what I was doing, just what needed to be done. In the back of my mind was the childish me saying 'no Haven don't' but the other side said 'yes do it, it's for your siblings give them a better life'. And I would. I sprang free his cock out of his jeans to lick the sides and under the tip following along the large vain to the base and back up again. It felt like skin but very warm and tasted a little salty. Back at the tip I put my mouth around it sucking out his seeping pre-cum before going full throttle, taking his whole penis in my mouth remembering to breathe through my nose and watching out for my teeth blobbing down and up again. I would pull away with a pop to look at the man above me checking if I was any good. His eye's where glazed reaching out to take my head leading my mouth to his cock. His grunting and moaning came louder he was getting closer. Putting more suction I swirled my tongue around him inside my mouth. His thrusts were shallow before he released his seed. A loud grunt echoed the alleyway before he put his whole weigh on to the wall for support. I pulled away hard myself but I wouldn't do anything about it I wasn't here for me but for them. All the dirty lustful acts to come were for their better day. Tucking himself back in his pants I lifted off the ground. I put out my hand for my pay. He reached around and took out the money he owned me. Snatching it I walked off towards my post. The taste of his seed still lingered in my mouth it was sweet and bitter. A hand came and touched my back it was the same guy. "What you didn't have enough?"

"Your new at this aren't you." I knew it wasn't a question so I didn't answer.

"It's okay that you are I mean you have potential. Here is my card if you ever want practice." It was a silver card with a phone number and name that read Kent.

"I'll think about it, Kent. Now leave I got customers to take care of." I looked away a little smug as if he held no interest to me since I already had his money. His feet tapped away in to the distance while my eyes search for my next pay.

The night was long as I gave my serves to any man or women looking for lip service or needing a hand for the night. I wasn't ready to give my virginity to anyone. I had offers but I refused. I knew it would come but just not to night let this day at least go by before I drown myself for them. It happens, to indulge and to forget everything and anyone because greed came over your eyes. I saw it happen to my mother I just don't wish it to happen to me. Not now at least. I didn't want to be trapped in the system, but I knew it would turn out sooner or later and I chose later.

Tired and worn out my jaw ached my hands felt raw and I had different flavors in my mouth that felt totally wrong. I knew as I was going home I wasn't the same Haven that had left, but before I entered the office to sleep I fixed up my appearance even thought it was like five in the morning. I still wanted to be their brother. The only one left that they could trust. Opening the door I walked past the bedroom to the locker room. I brushed my teeth and wiped down my body and cleaned my hair with cold water before returning in my boxers to lie down next to Megan. I had hid the money in a locker. I had made a little over 200 hundred dollars enough to get us some real food and maybe a stay at a hotel. Relief set in closing my eyes I drifted off into my dreams.

Several days went and our savings gradually got better. Money was flooding into my hands just like I promised them, but it wasn't enough. I had to give up my virginity and make me an expert in sex. I had left the house at the same hour like I did every day but instead I walked to a pay phone to call Kent. He would lead me to the promise land were my siblings could be somebody no matter my body. The ringtone chimed a few times before a husky voice answer the phone. "Do you know what time it is?"

"Yeah I do. It's time for me to come over besides your really old going to sleep this early, it's like what eight." I heard him grumble before he answered back. "So, some people work you know and who is this?"

"Already forgotten the guy that gave you head for 30 bucks, geez that makes me feel wonderful."

"Holy cow it's you."

"Yeah. It's Haven by the way, Kent. Now hurry up and give me your address before I have to put another quarter in. Time is money."

"Are you going to charge me?"

"No. It's on the house." I heard him snicker before he told me his address. Walking at least two miles from where I lived to a tall building that was made up of condos.


I opened the glass door and took the elevator all the way up to the 17th floor. He probably paid extra for a view living this high up. Knocking on the front door of his condo he answered wearing only sweat pants and his chest showing. "Like what you see pretty boy."

"I think. Not really sure." Surprised at my reaction I pushed the big lug out the way looking for a restroom. Finding it tucked away in a hall, I let myself in locking the door behind me. I took a quick shower washing all my assets not bothering to put my clothes back on when they were going to be taken off away, but the little boy inside me seriously wanted to hide.

I came out naked with a towel draped over my head. I could feel my face flushed not because of the shower, but what I was about to do. My path was laid out in front of me and I wasn't about to chicken out. I walked to what I assumed was his bed room and sat on the front of the bed. Just waiting like a virgin sacrifice not for my people but for my family.

He came around looking I guess trying to find me. Spotting me on the bed a little shy his mouth almost gaped open. "What are you doing on my bed?"

"I thought you were going to teach me about sex?"

"I am, but I'm not going to just dive in." He gestured with his hands.

"Well I'm not going to be your play thing, I got shit to do!" Holy cow I cursed oh please don't let this become a habit.

"Like what whore yourself out and then what?"

"There's nothing wrong with being a whore! And it's not called being a whore the word is escort. And if I didn't know any better it's like your pretending I'm not one, but yet you let me suck you off for money."

"I'm not pretending I know you are one."

"Then quit this arguing and let's fuck already."


"What, why not?"

"Cause the more I look at you the more I see that you're very young and that's considered rape. And I don't want to rape a child. What are you like thirteen, fourteen. You barely even have hair."

I blushed "I'm not a kid I haven't been one for a very long time and I'm fifteen you moron. So are we going to do this or not cause frankly, I'll just find some else that will, instead of freezing my ass off in this cold room."

It seemed like I came to the wrong person to do the job. I got off the bed and went to the door. I tried to pass him but I was pulled away and thrown back on to the bed.

"I really hate you." He muttered. A little scared I scooted up all the way to the head board. He had come and lied across me pinning my hands above my head showing me he held the power. I was just his little lamb ready to be devoured. I was terrified. Is this what it meant to have sex? To just lay here and endure, but then I felt light caress on my sides warm sweet kisses on my neck hot breathe tingled my ear. I was marveled. I've never felt this to be under control but yet he was tender. I let out a little wine for my lips wondering if that really was my voice. I could feel my cock getting hard at the friction of his bare chest touching it.

"Mmm you purr is cute." I frowned at being called cute the word itself was annoying. "I thought you said you didn't like fucking children." He lifted up from kissing my chest to stare at my face. "I don't, but you; I don't want anyone else touching you. I want your first time. I barely even know you, but I can't help and be greedy with you. I was surprised that you even called me. I still remember your green eyes staring at me trying to figure out if you were any good that night. But I just didn't know you were this young in the dark you looked much older." In a weird way I took it as a complement.

Suddenly I wanted to taste his lips with my own. My first kiss his. I lifted my head up off the pillow and kiss him gently till the kiss grew fierce. He pulled away leading a trail of kisses till his hot mouth was around my left nipple. Sucking harshly than gently biting it I groan lifting off the bed arching my back.

He let go of one of my hands pushing down on my wrist telling not to move before trailing his hand down past my cock brush it heading straight towards the band of his sweats. His slide them off his legs kicking them on to the floor. His hairy leg's barely rubbing at my skin. Reaching for his boxers I wanted to feel him already. I was impatient. I wrapped my leg around his waist using the moment I flip us over.

"Cheating is against the rules, brat." I pulled down his boxers and threw them on the other side of the room. "I don't play by the rules. You had your fun but I'm horny and I haven't cum in weeks." His hand went around my cock pumping it up and down moans escaped my mouth. "Haven." He rolled my balls in his callus hand building my orgasm. "Uhh!" No one's ever done that. In a few more strokes I spazzed in his hand cumming in spurts on his chest. The delightful buzz surrounded my thoughts as I lay on his chest straddling his waist while the head of his cock brushed up against my ass. I turned hard again eager to feel what it felt like inside of me. "You're hard again?"

"Yeah, I want to learn already. Can I fuck you?"I was just curious if he would. Kent's face went puzzled like he wasn't expecting to be asked that he pursed his lips before asking me to lift off so he could lie on his stomach. I couldn't believe he was going to let me fuck him. This big strong beefy man way older than me let me do him, I was raging hard. "It's been awhile since I let anyone do me from behind. I'll give you a chance and let you explore, but don't worry I'll lead you." And he did. He would mutter telling me how to stretch him and when to add another. I was thoroughly enjoying my adventure till he spoke out "That's enough already get a condom on and come on." He buried his face into a pillow breathing heavily. I guess he was at his limit. I grabbed the condom rolling it on spitting enough in my hand to slick it up. I spread his cheeks apart and penetrated his hole slowly easing my way in feeling the heat coming from inside of him. He tensed at the invasion stopping a minute letting him self-adjust before I was in to the hilt. "God your fucken thick, little man." He lifted his ass up so I could get a better grip on his hips before pulling back and thrusting back in. I thrust several more times till I hit something that made him groan out load. I aimed at it time and time again running my hands up and down his back till we found our rhythm. The sweat rolled off our bodies the heat escalated and he clenched around me every time I hit his bundle of nerves. I reached around to slap away his hand from his dick to quick the pace. I wanted him to explode already. I was so close. Grabbing firmly I stroked him till he streamed in my hand clasping tightly around me carrying me over the edge. Panting out a cry I fell right on top of him.

I lifted up weak pulling out to take off the condom dropping it on the floor before lying beside him. "So how did you like your first time kid? Not too much for you to handle." He huffed out. Looking away from the ceiling I glared at him. "Your ass is fine but I probably could handle even more but don't forget this isn't over, you still gotta fuck me." He laughed out loud. "You're a trip little man." I rolled my eyes. I wasn't here for the pleasure I was here for the lessons so I could make more money for them. "Ready for round two or are you tired? I could always charge you for coming back later."

"Yeah, right." Forgetting about fore-play he used some of his cum to assault my ass the pain hurt but I let him continue. Two more fingers where added till I was nice and stretched. The pain throbbed but I had to carry on. "You wanted this little buddy." He rolled on the condom and spit in his hand like I had did earlier positioning his cock to my back side he inched his way in rubbing soothing circles on my stomach. I tried not to tense fighting not to cry out in pain. He gave me a chance to adjust and relax a little before he started rocking. The intrusion was different it was painful at first but soon I felt the warm heat coming from his cock the sparks of pleasure coursing up my spine made my toes curl. I was rattled still as he hit the joy stick inside me and a flash of white came into my vision. It's like I had my own set of stars. He growled above me kissing my lips while his thrusting continued. I felt like a lover instead of a student. I latched my nails on to his back bring my ass down to meet his driving force. He steadied us both with a hand above my head his eyes closed and teeth clenched he quicken our pace. He was experienced. I felt like what I did earlier was nothing compared to this moment. My cock rubbed against his stomach the stimulation was getting too much. The stars flash in my eyes again till I bit down on his arm muffling out his name before I went limp on the bed. Tired and worn out from the best sex I ever had I fell asleep with his hoarse voice yelping out in ecstasy.

The next morning I woke up groaning cause my ass ached and I was butt naked covered in come. I scratched at my chest the dry cum flaking off I sat up rubbing at my tired eyes. I haven't slept that well since I don't know when. Droopy I walked up the hallway to the bathroom to take a cold shower. As I got out I found my clothes neatly piled on top of the sink, clean smelling like fresh laundry. Breathing the scent, what I wouldn't give to have our clothes smelling like this every day. Dressed, I walked out of the bathroom and into the spacious living room/kitchen. I didn't see Kent around but I saw a small Mexican women dancing around in her maids outfit listen to something on her IPod. The vacuum was going as she swayed to her music. I went behind her tapping light on her shoulder she turned abruptly. "Ai, dios mio! You scared me!" She took out her head phones and put a hand to her heart. "Don't ever do that to an old woman." She said turning off the vacuum.

"Sorry. Where's Kent."

"Kent? Oh you mean Mr. Nelson. Mr. Nelson went to work this morning he said you were still asleep when he left and he wanted me to give you this." She rummaged her pocket to pull out a silver key handing it me. I took it asking it what it was for. "Don't be silly Mr. Nelson said you were an old friend's son and he said to give you the spare key to his house." Yeah right it's more like so we can have sex again. I smiled and nodded while putting away in my back pocket. I had to go home they're probably worried that I didn't come back last night. "Thank you. Tell him I'll call again if I ever want to see him."

"Yes I will."

"And thank you for washing my clothes." I smiled at the maid before walking out the door and heading home. A little confused about the key I never felt this refreshed but I was hungry.

I stopped to buy tacos. Fresh food for the family felt right for a new beginning.

The door creaked open I heard Randy and Dean fighting along with Megan crying. I stormed in past old cubicles to the very large office that we used as our bedroom.

"… did you say anything you stupid brat."

"I didn't know."

"That what, our older brother wouldn't do those nasty things for us. He would do anything for us and you know that." I was stunned, they knew. I turned the corner facing my fears.

"What do ya'll know?" Ruthless Randy answered first "That you're a whore, doing what mama did. I had followed you. Why Haven?"

"Cause the world isn't so kind Randy. I want to give you all a better future. It's already been done and nothing and no one will change that."

Dean eyes went wide Megan huddled under the covers. "You're sick Haven. You will end up dying and then who are we left with."

It hurt to be called that but I had to fight back. "Yes I agree and I'm willing to die for you all and what you are left with at my expense is a better future even if it's just temporary."

"How could you say that? We love you we never asked for you to do this."

"Until you see that the world will never be good to us because we are so young then talk to me. I will continue to do what needs to be done because no one else will and I will not allow you all to walk the same road as me. I'm damn just like mother." It was harsh to throw reality in his face, but I just had too.

"Why don't you send us into foster care? Wouldn't that be easier?" I glared hard at Dean asking such a stupid question. "Do you really think you would have a better life? Struggling for home to home wishing every day to see your siblings once they divide us because people now a day's only want two children or less?" He held his head down in defeat. "I'm not going to lose my family! I don't care if you two fight me every day for what I do or looking at me in shame! I will keep doing what needs to be done and that's taking care of you all. Mom and Dad weren't any better and you all should know that. Getting beaten when dad was pissed off mom crying herself to sleep when she didn't have her fix that day, but at least I am doing this for you and not myself without the inflicted pain we suffered from them both. Just remember I chose this and don't blame any of you, but still I love you all and I just got to do this." I felt cheeks grow hot my eyes held back tears.

Randy looked at me in disgust, Megan still hide while Dean barely wanted to look at me. I just hoped he didn't blame himself. The intense air was too much between us. I walked off to another office and shut the door. I slide down the wall and hugged my knees. I sobbed quietly. I knew some day they would understand, but I couldn't help but hurt a little knowing I lost respect at being their older brother. The light at being their hero dimmed a little.

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