Say You Don't Want It

"Don't follow me," she whispers,
But you are heedless and young:
You follow her anyway,
Head still in clouds and eyes unseeing.

You followed her as a child
And it did not change as a teen.
Your family waits for you to stop,
But you are determined not to give up.

And yet she will always turn and whisper,
"Stop following me, it won't work."
You will never stop giving chase,
And so you trample after her again;

This time is different, though;
This time, you can feel the weariness
The hard chase of many years
Might at last be drawing to a close.

Some dreams are meant to be followed,
Some are meant to be abandoned,
And you start to fear this might be the latter.
Again, she whispers, "Don't follow me."

For years you have dreamt the same dream,
Holding on to the sliver of a thread it was;
Determined to see it through to the end.
It was all in your eyes, in your heart and soul.

But now you must realize it will not happen;
That perfect image in your head will not come to pass.
And so you must give up the chase, lay down your dream,
And enter the real world for the first and last time.

Fantasy is dangerous; it makes you believe
And the stronger you believe, the more you chase.
But it is too elusive, always disappearing,
Leaving you bitter and heartbroken.

One day you might laugh at it, but today you hurt over it.
Today you will bleed like no other day, because opening your eyes is harsh.
A dream torn apart; a childhood taken away; a heart left to suffer.
Just say you don't want it, say you don't want it.

So many problems, so many chases lost;
So many dreams lay broken, but not forgotten:
Treading this path is easy when on it but breaks you when you leave.
So be kind and say you don't want it, say you don't want it.

Some dreams aren't meant to be followed,
Some wishes aren't meant to be passed.
Do yourself a great kindness
And say you don't want it, say you don't want it.

Maybe you will die out here.
Maybe your belief will kill you in the end.
It is not your world, my dear; be kind.
Say you don't want it, say you don't want it.

It's easier that way,
Even if it's a lie.
So break away from this dream
And say you don't want it.

But what if you don't?
Everyone has a choice, and so do you.
So chose what you want,
Chose wisely and chose hardly.

Whether you choose
To live in a world that ceased to exist,
Or to come into real life and let go
It is your choice.

But remember there are other dreams to chase
And we must all grow up some day.
The world you dream of does not exist.
So just say you don't want it, please say you don't want it . . .