Their love was crazy, a whirlwind of nihilistic destruction. They burnt things together, they threw stones at people in the street, they swore at kids, they got drunk and smoked cigarettes. The people who lived nearby hated them, the people at school didn't trust them, but they loved each other.

They loved each other in a frantic way, passionate, almost manic with devotion. They loved each other like a flash of light, or a burst of noise.

But, like a flash of light, their love was brief.

She left him for a calm, attractive, popular boy in the year above.

He cried, and spent the rest of his life searching for the same kind of passion, the same kind of energy.

Maybe she found it in her new man, maybe she just didn't care.

But neither of them ever forgot each other; the bright flash had burned itself onto their eyes.

A/N: This is my attempt at writing super short stories. I don't really know if it works... you know you wanna review it. Be as critical as you like.