Doctor Bowman, I presume? (PG-13)

The four friends had planned their post-graduation trip for well over a year. They saved money, convinced their parents they would be safe and okay, and figured out where they wanted to go and for their 'ride into adulthood'. Their parents okayed the trip because Jenny's Aunt lived a few towns away from the place they chose and could help out if the girls ran into any trouble

Just days after graduating from Hillsboro High School, the four eighteen year olds piled into the SUV borrowed from Denise's mother packed to the roof with luggage and other necessities for their road trip adventure that would allow them to be independent, self-reliant and totally free of their parents for the first time in their lives.

It was seven o'clock on a Monday morning and Denise was driving since she was the natural leader of the pack and who had spearheaded the original idea, making sure none of the others gave up on their dream. She had short blond hair and rarely wore make up but she was pretty in a natural way.

Shy Karla with the brown hair and brown eyes and a book constantly in her hand sat in the back seat next to the dark-haired Jenny, the wild one with black hair and brown eyes who didn't mind taking chances and risks if it meant having fun.

Lisa manned the front passenger seat to Denise. She had flaming red hair that she kept tied on the back of her head. Lisa's eyes were silvery with a hint of blue and she was the writer of the group as evidenced by the journal notebook sitting in her lap, ready to record events from start to finish.

"Let the road trip begin!" Denise said excitedly as she drove the SUV out of Hillsboro and away from their parents' watchful eyes.

Lisa had the map in her lap along with the map quest directions to the small town just outside of Virginia Beach, Virginia twelve hours away. It was mostly Interstate for a majority of the trip. Lisa station surfed and the girls sang along to many of the tunes they found. After a few pit stops for pee breaks and munchies, the girls finally found their mountain get way with little trouble.

It was evening when they pulled into the wooded retreat that featured several cottages, a lake, and an outdoor swimming pool. The "Pine View Resort" vacation spot was quaint and relatively quiet and while the cottages were old, they were clean and presentable, modest and simple. .

"This isn't any resort!" Kayla frowned as they pulled into the forgotten hideaway that had been a happening place fifty years ago but was now almost an afterthought, probably sustained by repeat vacationers who had been using the place for years.

There were twelve cottages built in a semi-circle but only four or five appeared to be occupied. The tired girls unpacked the SUV and moved into their new home for the week. Denise and Jenny took one room, Lisa and Kayla the other. Their cottage was named "The Pinecrest" - with two small bedrooms, an open living area and a kitchenette. The furniture was used but usable. There was a front porch with old steel green chairs for them to sit in and enjoy the evening air which is exactly what they did, eating sandwiches Jenny's mother had made for them.


The Frigate USS DRAGER had been at sea for 97 out of 110 days and the Ship's Captain gave most of the crew a 96 hour liberty as a reward for their long stay at sea and their hard work.

Four of the DRAGER's Sailors piled into Machinist Mate Larry Lawton's beat up twenty year old town car and head for the hills. The veteran Sailor Lawton from South Carolina was familiar with the 'Pine View' because it is where he had brought a girl or two in the past.

Lawton was nearly 25 years old, in his second hitch with the Navy. He had red hair and was tall and thin, a ladies man by his own definition. He convinced his three shipmates that the Pine View would be a great place to 'get hosed and nail some broads' and that there was a great country strip joint not all that far away.

Joining Lawton for the promising getaway was Teddy Dufton, 23, a Navy Cook from upstate New York who had just reenlisted for his second stint. Like Lawton, Dufton liked to party and chase the girls and he was looking forward to a chance to unwind and had some fun. Dufton had curly blond hair and a beak for a nose and his hairline was already rapidly receding. He was also bow-legged but he didn't let his physical oddities distract him from his interest in women.

The two veteran Sailors sat in the front seat of the car drinking beer as they whizzed down the highway toward the mountains. Seated in the back seat was "The Professor" Chris Boswell, 20, a good looking kid from New Jersey with sandy blond hair who should have gone to Annapolis and became an Officer but instead ran away from home at 17 and joined the Navy as an enlisted man although he hoped to use the Navy as a stepping stone in an higher education later on. The guy was naturally smart which is why he was nicknamed "The Professor" and he was also easy going and laid back although he enjoyed a good time.

Also along for the ride was Mason Addison, a young kid from Vermont who had just reported to the ship a few months ago fresh out of training school. He was young, inexperienced, naive and gullible but Lawton had befriended the rookie mostly to keep him out of trouble. Addison was tall and awkward, shy and insecure and Lawton figured a few nights in the strip club would be good for the kid who was as green as they came.

Lawton pulled his town car into the Pine View and skidded the car to a stop in front of the cottage "Elms Way" which was next to "The Pinecrest". The four Sailors noticed four young but pretty girls sitting on the porch of the cottage next to them as they unloaded their car and the four girls from Hillsboro certainly noticed the four Sailors from their porch perch.

"Oh my God, did you see those guys!" An excited Denise wanted to know when the newcomers finally disappeared into the cottage with their bags and cases of beer.

"What guys?" Karla asked, her face buried in her book.

Jenny grinned. "Four guys!"

"A couple of them looked kind of older," Lisa noted.

"Who cares?" Denise laughed. "We're on vacation!"

"Was that beer they were lugging in?" Lisa asked.

"Sure was!" Jenny grinned. "Do you think they'll share some with us?"

"Yes," Denise replied knowingly.

A few minutes later, the tall redheaded guy came out of the cottage with a six pack of beer in his hand. Lisa's eyes went wide when he approached the girls' cottage.

"Hello, Ladies," he said with a friendly smile.

'Hello," Denise replied on behalf of the group.

"Would you care for a beer, courtesy of your four new neighbors?"

"Where are you friends?" Jenny asked.

"Oh, they'll be along," Lawton assured the girls. "I'm the advanced party."

"We'd be happy to have a beer," Denise said, and Jenny nodded in agreement although Lisa looked surprised and Kayla uncertain.

Lawton nodded and began handing out the cans of beers.

"This is our hyperactive Denise – " Jenny laughed, pointing to her friend. "And this is our bookworm Kayla and that's our writer chick, Lisa."

Lawton reached his hand out and the girls politely shook his hand.

"You girls here long?" He asked.

"For the week," Denise answered. "You guys?"

"Three days or so," Lawton replied. "We're on Liberty from the Navy."

"The Navy!" Jenny was both excited and impressed. "Wow!"

"I've never met anybody from the Navy before," Lisa admitted.

"My uncle was in the Navy," Kayla volunteered.

"Where are you ladies from?" Lawton asked with interest.

"Up North," Denise replied.

"And what brings you down here?" He wanted to know.

"Just a getaway," Jenny giggled.

"We're hot from the trip," Lawton told the girls.

"I bet you are!" Denise grinned.

"We're going to take a dip in the pool," Lawton told them with a grin. "You're welcomed to join us." He smiled before returning to the other cottage.

"Wow, can you believe this!" Jenny grinned.

"Maybe we should stay away from Sailors," a worried Lisa cautioned.

"Are you kidding me?" Denise laughed. "This is what we came here for."

"It is?" Kayla asked with surprise.

"Come on, you guys!" Denise groaned. "What'd you think we were going to do down here? Knit?"

Jenny giggled as she followed Denise into the cottage to change. Lisa and Kayla exchanged nervous glances before following their two friends inside.

"Okay, jackpot!" Lawton announced as he stepped into the Navy cottage. "They're in!"

Dufton was sitting on the open area couch drinking a beer. "Oh yeah?"

"Are they even of age?" Boswell asked, sticking his head out of the doorway of the room he was sharing with Addison.

"I think so!" Lawton laughed. "Does it matter?"

Boswell shrugged.

"Come on, Addison, maybe we can finally get you laid!" Dufton chuckled as he stood from the couch. "Everybody suit up!"

Ten minutes later, the four Sailors emerged from their cottage at almost the same time the four high school graduates came out of theirs. The eight vacationers met in between the two cottages.

"Ladies," Lawton said again. "My name is Larry. This here is Ted, Chris and that guy there is Mase. Guys," Lawton continued. "We have here Denise, Jenny, Lisa, and Kayla," he told his shipmates, correctly identifying each girl from memory.

The eight shared hellos, nods, and awkward smiles.

"Ready for the pool?" Lawton asked.

"Ooh, you don't have to ask twice!" Jenny laughed.

"Let's go then," Lawton grinned and the group headed for the swimming pool that was in the middle of the compound. Only a few people were using it.

"Fleet's in!" Dufton joked as the group opened the gate and strolled into the pool area.

"How's the water?" Lawton asked one of those already at the pool.

"Fine," came the reply as a young teen eyed the new group of people invading the pool.

"Everybody in!" Denise commanded.

"I bet all you guys know how to swim!" Jenny laughed.

The girls peeled off their tee shirts to reveal themselves in their bathing suits. Lisa was convinced that her only good trait were her eyes. Denise had pretty dimples when she smiled and her amble chest almost spilled out of her swimming bra. Modest Kayla had an innocent simplicity about her as evidenced by her plain one piece black bathing suit. Jenny was the only one who dared to wear a revealing bikini. Lisa was wearing a silvery blue one piece bathing suit and she had tied her red hair into a tight bun. She was nervous about what the Sailors would think of her and she wondered which one might gravitate toward her.

Denise seemed to be claiming the leader guy with the read hair and Jenny was talking to the other older guy, Dufton? Lisa saw that the quiet tall younger guy was standing by himself with the equally as quiet Kayla standing not to far from him. Neither had said a word. That left Lisa with the other guy - Chris?

Denise, wearing a shirt and shorts since she was a little heavier than the others, was the first to go into the pool and Jenny went next, laughing as she dove. The two older Sailors quickly followed and all four looked like they were going to drown from their enthusiasm.

"These people are lunatics," Lisa said aloud and she heard the Chris guy laughing as he stood next to her. She glanced at him. "What's so funny?"

"You!" He said with good humor. "Are you going in or what?"

It had to be a dream as far as Lisa was concerned since she was standing next to a good looking guy.

"Okay," she said with a shrug and a spark in her eye before diving in and Bowman went into the water right next to her.

Kayla watched the six others in the pool with disinterest. Addison was still standing off to the side not doing or saying anything either.

"Hey! You two!" Lawton yelled. "Come on in!"

"No, thank you" Kayla replied curtly.

"Hey, it's great in here," Dufton said giving Kayla the eye. "What's the matter? Chicken?"

"No, just not stupid," Kayla replied.

"Come on, Kayla," Lisa called out. Join us! Have some fun for a change!"

"You too, Addison!" Dufton shouted. "Stop standing there like a statue."

Addison glanced at Kayla. "I'm Mason Addison," he mumbled awkwardly.

"Kayla Demrest," Kayla replied. "But I'm not interested."

"Denise," Jenny said, shaking her head. "I don't think Kayla is coming in."

"Who cares?" Denise replied, busy playing footsie with Lawton underneath the water's surface.

"I'm Lisa," Lisa told Bowman, shaking his hand in the water.

He smiled. "That swimsuit brings out the color in your eyes."

Lisa blushed. "Thank you," she replied quietly.

"My pleasure," Bowman grinned. "By the way, my friend Mase over there is pretty shy."

"My friend Kayla is too," Lisa said.

"Hey, I know he looks like a dork but he's okay!" Dufton called out to Kayla, pointing at Addison and laughing.

Mase shot Dufton a glare and Lawton started laughing but the Sailors really didn't seem interested in what was going on with Addison since they were swimming with Denise and Jenny. Lisa and Bowman started swimming around too and Lisa had to admit that she was feeling relaxed for the first time since first seeing the Navy guys. But then she crashed headlong into Bowman.

"Oh! I'm sorry," Lisa said awkwardly, rubbing her head. "I didn't see you!"

"Obviously," Bowman replied, grinning. "But it's nice to meet you again!"

Lisa blushed again. "I guess."

"So, where you from?"

"New England. Your eyes are a really cool color." She realized as soon as she said it that it sounded stupid.

He smirked and she thought he looked cute.

"Where in New England?" he asked.

"Western Massachusetts. Blue County. Hillsboro, to be exact."

"Never heard of it."

"It's kind of Norman Rockwell in appearance," Lisa explained.

"I'm from New Jersey originally," Bowman told Lisa. "But I hope to go to college in Boston when I get out of the Navy."

"Oh cool!" She replied, sounding like a geek.

"Yeah. You in college?"

"I start in September," Lisa announced proudly.

"That's great!" An impressed Bowman replied as they continued to swim. "What do you want to major in?"

"I like to write," she revealed. "Maybe I'll be an English major."

"That's great," Bowman remarked.

"What are you interested in?"

"Medicine," Bowman replied.

"You mean, like a doctor?" Lisa had stopped swimming and she was standing in the shallow end of the pool staring at him.

"Sure!" He laughed as he stopped and knelt on his knees. "Why not?"

Lisa was surprised. "So what are you doing in the Navy then?"

"I wanted to see a little bit of the real world first," he explained.

Lisa glanced around. The others were at the far end with beers on the edge of the pool where they were leaning against the side in the water, laughing, talking and drinking. Kayla and the other guy were seated in deck chairs, neither saying a word. Kayla, in fact, had her face buried in her book. Lisa noticed Denise looking back over her shoulder at her with amusement.

"Everything okay over there?" Denise asked her friend.

"Everything's fine," Lisa replied with a contented smile. She was thrilled with how things were turning out.

"Larry speaks a little Russian," Denise announced as if to make him out to be something special.

"Oh." Lisa wasn't sure what else she was supposed to say.

"And Teddy is the best cook in the Navy!" Jenny laughed.

Dufton was grinning. "It's true," he deadpanned and the foursome laughed.

Lisa and Bowman maintained their distance from the other four.

"You're pretty," the Sailor told Lisa. "How old are you?"

"Eighteen. You?"

"A little older," Bowman admitted.

"How much is a little?" Lisa asked.

"Twenty," Bowman revealed. "Are all four of you eighteen?"

"Yeah," Lisa confirmed.

"Mase up there is eighteen," Bowman said, gesturing to Addison in the chair. "The other two guys are a little bit older."

"How much older?" Lisa worried.

"Lawton is like twenty-five and I think Dufton is around twenty-three," came Bowman's answer.

"Wow!" Lisa said with surprise. "That might be a little bit too old."

"I think it'll be okay," Bowman reasoned.

"You guys are Sailors," Lisa said with concern.

"We won't do anything you girls don't want to do," Bowman assured her.

"What are you guys doing here?" Lisa wanted to know.

"Just a liberty call," Bowman said casually as they started swimming around the pool again. "We've been at sea a lot the last few months."

"So, you're looking for girls?" Lisa frowned.

"Not necessarily," Bowman replied. "Unwinding. Relaxing. Having a good time. Getting away from the ship. Meeting you girls is neat but it doesn't have to go anywhere."

Lisa wasn't sure if wanting any of this to go somewhere was a bad thing.

"You don't have to worry," Bowman assured her. "We're not like...that."

"Okay, maybe you're not, but what about your buddies?" Lisa asked.

"I think your friends can take care of themselves," Bowman replied, gesturing toward Denise and Jenny who didn't seem to be having any problems with the older Sailors.

"They shouldn't even be drinking," Lisa complained.

"You're on vacation, right?" Bowman asked with a grin. "Anything goes on vacation!"

"Not anything," Lisa muttered.

Bowman submerged himself and swam away from Lisa who seemed torn between being cautious and throwing caution into the wind and having a fun time. She could hear Denise and Jenny giggling at the other end of the pool and she debated whether or not she should join them and maybe even have a beer. She glanced up on the deck and saw Kayla sitting in the lounge chair reading her book with the younger Sailor sitting next to her not doing much of anything. Lisa swam to that side of the pool and looked at the two non-swimmers.

"What are you reading?" Lisa asked Kayla.

Kayla held up the book cover for her friend to see without saying anything.

"Do you like to read?" Lisa asked the guy sitting next to Kayla.

Addison nodded in the affirmative. "You have time to read on a ship," he revealed.

"I can imagine," Lisa replied with a friendly smile. "I'd say you two have lots in common."

Kayla looked at Lisa over the top of her book.

"So, you're eighteen too, right?" Lisa asked.

"Yes," Addison replied.

"That's great," Lisa said. "Where you from?"

"Vermont," Addison replied.

"Really? Cool! We're from Massachusetts," Lisa smiled.

"Where in Vermont?" Kayla spoke for the first time.

"White River Junction," Addison said.

"That's about an hour north of us," Lisa said. "Small world, huh?" She laughed enthusiastically.

"Kind of," Addison agreed.

"Maybe you could come visit us in Hillsboro sometime when you get back to Vermont," Lisa suggested.

"I'm not going back," Addison replied.

"What do you mean?" Kayla asked with interest.

"There's nothing for me there," Addison explained. "I joined the Navy to get the hell out of there. Why would I go back?"

"Because its home," Kayla reasoned.

"Not for me," Addison sighed sadly.

"Hey! We're gonna get dinner!" Jenny called out, swimming away from the others at the end of the pool. "Pizza okay?" She asked Lisa and Kayla.

"Sure," Lisa agreed. "Sounds great."

"We'll meet up at our place in about fifteen," Lawton said as he and Denise started swimming for the ladder. "We'll call for the pizza."

Denise started climbing up the ladder first and Lisa saw Lawton tug on the bottom of her shorts to reveal the crack of her ass.

"Larry!" Denise laughed, slapping at his hand.

Jenny and Dufton were now swimming around the middle of the pool, embracing each other and making out. Apparently those four had hit it off pretty well. Bowman appeared at Lisa's side by the edge of the pool in front of Kayla and Addison.

"You like pizza?" Bowman asked with a grin.

"Sure," Lisa smiled. "Sounds great." She hoped she didn't sound nervous.

"So, I'll see you in a little while then," Bowman said with a smile before he boosted himself out of the water and helped the other guys collect the empty beer cans.

Lisa couldn't help but eye him with appreciation. He was good looking and had an athletically fit body. Kayla jumped out of her chair without saying a word and headed for the gate with Denise. Lisa climbed out of the pool and dried her self off.

"Come on, Jen, knock it off!" Denise called out with a laugh as their friend continued making out with Dufton in the pool.

"I'll see you later, Teddy," Jenny cooed, reaching down and pulling her bathing suit top down to flash her nipple at the Sailor before laughing and swimming away.

"Oh my God," Lisa remarked when she saw what was going on.

"Lighten up," Denise giggled to her friend. "We're having fun."

The four girls walked back to their cottage together.

"Are you sure you two know what you're doing?" Lisa asked with concern. "Those guys are a lot older than we are."

"Isn't that great?" Denise said with excitement. "Finally, some guys who know what they're doing!"

"They're pretty experienced," Lisa warned.

"That's what we're talking about!" Jenny laughed.

"They'll be gone in a few days," Lisa reminded the other two.

"They're here now!" Denise replied.

Lisa sighed to herself as she and Kayla went into their room. Was she being paranoid? Overly cautious? Too uptight? Chris seemed like a nice guy – he might even be a Doctor someday! But she wasn't sure if she should get involved with somebody who would be gone in a day or two.

The girls took turns showering and getting ready for a night of pizza.

In the Sailor's cottage, the four underwent the routine of 'shit, shower and shave' as the old Navy saying went. Lawton and Dufton were quite pleased with themselves for successfully landing the interest of the two girls who appeared to be the most willing. Bowman could fend for himself with the redhead and Addison was probably a lost cause anyway with the girl who never talked.

The pizza was delivered just as the four girls strolled over from their cottage next door. The eight sat around the living area eating slices. Lawton, Dufton, Denise and Jenny were pounding down the beers with abandon. Lisa nursed hers and Kayla passed on the suds, drinking water instead. Lisa noticed that Chris was drinking moderately.

The conversation was mostly that of sea stories from the Sailors who had seen the world and they amazed the small town girls with their tales of exploits and adventures. Lawton and Dufton talked mostly of port calls and their drinking exploits while Bowman was much more refined in his observations, talking about the history of the places they had been and the culture significances of each area. Lisa found Chris's insights to be enlightening and interesting, better than any of the stuff she learned in school about different countries.

"Hillsboro sure does seem small now," Jenny remarked as she drank another beer.

They talked late into the night and Lisa realized that Jenny and Dufton had disappeared, maybe for a walk or perhaps to the other cottage. Not long after than, a giggling Denise stumbled into one of the bedrooms with Lawton, leaving Kayla and Lisa alone with Chris and the other guy. Kayla had spent of the evening reading from where she sat in an easy chair while half-listening to the various conversations. Addison had barely said a word the entire night.

"Maybe we should go," Lisa said nervously, not sure if Chris expected her to do what Jenny and Denise appeared to be doing.

"It's not that late," Bowman said. "You don't have to go."

I'll see you around okay?" Lisa said, hoping he wouldn't be offended or upset by her desire to leave.

"If that's what you want," Bowman replied. "I hope you had a good time."

"Oh, I did!" Lisa said warmly. "I really did!"

"I'm glad," Bowman said with a smile. "I did too."

"That's good," Lisa smiled. She glanced at Kayla. "Come on, kid. Let's go."

Kayla closed her book and stood and Addison did the same although Kayla barely looked at him. The two girls walked to the door but Lisa was giving Bowman a weird look.

"I had had a good time – a really good time – for the first time in a long time," Lisa rambled. "Thanks, really."

"It was my pleasure," Bowman said.

"I think you're really smart and interesting," Lisa gushed suddenly, surprisingly herself and getting a double take from Kayla.

"Well thanks," Bowman smiled. "I think you're great too!"

"I had a really fun time," Lisa said awkwardly before Kayla practically dragged her out the door.

"Why are you thirteen all of a sudden?" Kayla asked as they walked back to their cottage.

"Was I that bad?" Lisa moaned.

"Listen, I'm trying to help you and protect you from making the same mistake Denise and Jenny are making," Kayla said.

Lisa gave Kayla a weak smile as they reached the porch of their cottage. "He does seem like a nice guy though, right?"

"Better than the other two leeches," Kayla replied, stopping on the porch and eyeing her friend.

"What about your guy?" Lisa asked.

"I don't have a guy," Kayla said with a frown.

"What about the guy who doesn't talk?" Lisa asked.

"He doesn't talk," Kayla replied. "That's probably his best attribute!"

Both girls laughed and entered the cottage. They heard noises coming from the other bedroom and they knew Dufton was in there with Jenny. They rolled their eyes and went into their room but the walks were paper thin and they could hear Jenny's moans and Dufton's grunts and the bed springs squeaking and it was all rather embarrassing.

It seemed like romance was in the air (well, sex anyway!) and Lisa had to admit that she was quite taken by Chris, the intelligent Sailor. In fact, she found him to be somewhat irresistible and she was thrilled with that attraction but she didn't know his feelings or, more importantly, his intentions were.


Lisa was roused from a deep sleep the following morning by Jenny who crashed into the room.

"Come on, rise and shine!" Jenny was laughing and obviously in a good mood.

Lisa was not. It was hard to sleep with the sexual Olympics going on in the next room and she was embarrassed to know what Jenny and Dufton had been doing all night.

"We're going to breakfast!" Jenny announced loudly. "Get up and get ready. We're leaving in a half hour!"

Lisa moaned and glanced at a frowning Kayla who was also trying to wake up.

"How can she be so wide away after being up all night?" Kayla asked.

"I guess what they were doing all night made her peppy," Lisa replied.

A half hour later, the eight gathered in front of the cottages. Lawton said he knew a great diner that served a delicious breakfast. Denise tossed Lisa the keys to the SUV before she jumped into the front seat of Lawton's car while Dufton and Jenny hopped in the back. Lisa drove the SUV with Bowman seated in the passenger seat and the silent Kayla and Addison in the back. Bowman made small talk about the scenery as they drove.

The diner was a rustic old log cabin looking place but Lawton was right – the food was delicious. The group moved several tables together and sat as a group – the Sailors on one side, the girls on the other, corresponding to their apparent matches. Denise and Jenny looked like they had won the lottery because they were so gleeful and happy from their night of passion. Lisa wondered if it had been worth it but she was too embarrassed to ask her two friends.

The breakfast table conversation was a continuation of last night's Sailor Story conversations, although there were several side conversations going on at the same time. Kayla and Addison, of course, barely said a word.

"How are you doing?" Bowman asked Lisa half way through the meal.

"I'm okay" she said, her mouth full. "How 'bout you?"

"I'm good," Bowman replied with a smile.

Lisa got a warm feeling in her stomach as Bowman caught her eye, grinning crookedly.

"Was it noisy in your cottage last night?" He asked, motioning toward Jenny and Dufton.

Lisa blushed and looked away.

"It was noisy at our place too," Bowman whispered, leaning over the table and gesturing at Lawton and Denise.

Lisa managed to swallow her food. "Oh," she said shyly.

She felt a tiny bit of longing to know what Denise and Jenny had felt the night before but no matter how bad she wanted to let go of her fears, she knew she didn't belong in bed with a stranger.

After breakfast, the group went to a nearby miniature golf place and played a couple of rounds, laughing and having a good time. They were partnered boy/girl and Lisa was with Bowman, of course. She enjoyed their bantering back and forth and she laughed easily as his various comments, compliments, and encouragement.

Lisa half expected Denise and Jenny to maul Lawton and Dufton at every hole, knocking them into the bushes for a quickie or something since both couples were all over each other with Lawton practically had his hand down the back of Denise's shorts the whole time. Meanwhile, Kayla and Addison played in relatively silence but they didn't look all that miserable. In fact, they seemed to be getting long just fine in the quietness between them!

"Are you having a good time?" Bowman asked Lisa near the end of their miniature golfing session.

"I'm having great fun," Lisa assured him.

"I hope you're being honest with me."

"Oh. Sure," she said, forcing a smile.

"I know you don't approve of Denise and Jenny's behaviors last night – "

"It's really none of my business, Chris," Lisa said quickly.

"No, I suppose not," he agreed.

Lisa was actually disappointed when the golf was completed and they headed back to the cottages. She didn't want her time with Bowman to end and she was glad when the pulled into a roadside ice cream stand and got some hot dogs and ice cream for a late lunch.

Lisa knew she needed to sort out her feelings as she stumbled into the cottage when they returned to the cabins. Did she only wanted Bowman around to chat with or was she interested in doing something more daring with him?

She leaned into Denise's room where Denise was doing her hair in the small mirror on the wall.

"Everything okay?" Lisa asked Denise.

Denise glanced over her shoulder and smirked. "What do you think? I got laid last night! Everything's great!"

Lisa nodded and bit her lip. "You don't feel…..dirty about it?"

Denise rolled her eyes. "Come on, Lisa, this isn't high school anymore. We came here to be daring and adult and bold and free."

"Having sex is freeing?" Lisa wondered.

"It sure is," Denise giggled. "You should try it sometime."

Lisa swallowed with awkward embarrassment and left the room. A rain shower was passing by outside and the breeze was blowing hard. She went out into the warm rain and she stood letting herself being cleansed while fighting the wind and suddenly she realized that she was crying. Lisa sobbed heartily although she wasn't quite sure why. Was she crying for her friends' loss of innocence? Was she crying for herself and her inability to become more personal with Bowman? Why was she attracted to him anyway? Was it because he was smart? Because he was cute? Because he made her laugh? Because he was new and different? Because she was far from home?

The rain let up almost as quickly as it began and Lisa sighed. Was she simply afraid to let go of her childhood? Was she sad that high school was over and it was time for her to get on with the rest of her life? Were Denise and Jenny the ones who had figured it all out – have a good time and don't worry about anything? Go ahead and have sex with a couple of strange Navy guys and smile in the morning?

There were several public grills in the compound and Dufton the Navy cook grilled up some tasty chicken that went down well along with some potato salad that Lawton and Denise had bought at the local country grocery store. The group sat a large picnic table eating and drinking beer well into the night and Lisa spent most of her time chatting with Bowman who was an interesting conversationalist with plenty to say.

"So, tell me about your hometown," Bowman told Lisa at one point as they sat off by themselves. "I want to hear all about your Norman Rockwell place."

Lisa smiled. "Have you ever been to New England?"

"No," Bowman revealed. "New York City and the Jersey shore and points south, but never New England. That's why I was thinking of Boston for medical school."

"Oh, you'll love it," Lisa gushed. "Boston is a historically beautiful city, full of culture and tradition, curvy streets and wonderful neighborhoods."

"I'll look forward to it," Bowman smiled.

"The thing about living in New England is that you're only a few hours from anything," Lisa said. "The mountains. The ocean. The city."

"Tell me about your town," Bowman said.

"It's small enough so that you know most people," Lisa replied with affection. It's pretty and the whole Blue County is nice too. Greenville is the biggest town it has Green College and Blue County Community College. There's Sun Rise Lake and Mt. Griffin to the north which are both pretty too. West County has mountains and woods. South County is mostly farms. Do you like baseball?"

"It's okay."

"There's a wonderful old ballpark on property that used to be an Army base in Hillsboro," Lisa told him. "Beano Field. It's a wonderful place to watch a ball game. They play amateur baseball there. And they named the river Blue River because it is so clear, almost a sky blue."

"Sounds like a nice place to live," Bowman smiled.

"Oh, it is," Lisa bragged. "You should come see it sometime." She blushed as soon as she said it.

"Maybe I will," Bowman grinned.

For some reason, Lisa suddenly felt uncomfortable and she walked back toward the others wondering where Denise and Jenny would be sleeping on this night.

"I'm really tired," Lisa told Bowman nervously. "I think I'll turn in."

"Okay," Bowman replied, taking her hand in his and squeezing. "Have a good night."

"I will," Lisa replied with a half smile before bolting for the cottage, not sure why she was bailing out on one of the nicest guys she had ever met.

Lisa was sound asleep when she was awakened by a giggling Jenny at midnight.

"Come on, let's go swimming," Jenny said.

"Now?" Lisa asked with disbelief.

"Kayla! Come on! Wake Up! We're going swimming!" Jenny announced.

"No way," Kayla mumbled, turning her head and burying her face in her pillow. "Leave me alone!"

"You're no fun!" Jenny grumbled before turning her attention back to Lisa. "You coming or not?" She asked, sounding somewhat annoyed.

"My suit is out on the clothesline," Lisa said, sitting up on the edge of her bed.

"You won't need it," Jenny laughed, grabbing Lisa by her hand and half dragging her out of the room.

A naked Denise was already in the water swimming with an equally as naked Lawton while the nude Dufton sat on the edge of the pool. Lisa was glad it was dark because hopefully they didn't see her turning three shades of red. Jenny was already peeling out of her clothes and soon she was diving naked into the pool and swimming right up between Dufton's legs as he sat on the pool's edge.

Lisa was stunned by Jenny's daring display of vulgarity as her mouth was practically in Dufton's groin when she came up from underneath the water. Lisa wanted nothing to do with any of this and she turned to leave the pool area just as Lawton climbed out of the pool revealing himself to her in all his Sailor glory.

Lisa stuttered something unintelligible and hurried from the dark pool area wanting to die. She was glad that Bowman hadn't been there…or was she? She returned to the cottage feeling sad about everything. She couldn't understand how Denise and Jenny could act as if there were no rules and she didn't know why it bothered her so much. She wiped a tear from her eye as she stepped onto the porch step.

"Something wrong?"

Lisa glanced up to see Bowman sitting in one of the green steel lawn chairs.

"Chris?" She asked with surprise. "What are you doing here?"

"You didn't want to skinny dip?" He asked with a mischievous grin.

"Not with those guys," She admitted honestly, collapsing into a chair next to him. "What about you?"

"I didn't want to be a third wheel," Bowman replied. "They didn't need me around."

"Why weren't you there to egg me on?" Lisa wondered.

"I wouldn't do that to you," he replied seriously.

"You must think I'm a prude," she sighed heavily.

"Not at all," he assured her. "I respect your privacy."

"Thanks," she said with relief, glancing at him with wonderment. Could he really be this nice of a guy?

He seemed to be looking into her eyes.

"What?" She asked nervously.

"Nothing," he replied.

"Why are you looking at me like you can read me like a book?" Lisa wanted to know.

"I just – you just – seem sad – "

She knew she was falling straight into blackness. "Oh, Chris, she sighed. "I guess I'm just not ready for any of this."

"Any of what?"

"Boys. Wild orgies. Skinny dipping. Sex."

"It's okay."

"You must think I'm pathetic."

"I don't."

I guess I'm scared."

"That's a good thing."

"Is it?" She wasn't sure what to think anymore. Maybe she was just a loser.

"You shouldn't do anything you're not ready to do," Bowman advised her.

"I don't know what I'm ready to do," she sighed.

"You'll know when its time to know," Bowman replied.

Lisa sighed. It was so hard, trying to hide. At least Kayla didn't even pretend. She just buried her face in her book and avoided everything.

"You want to, don't you?" he asked.

"I don't know," she confessed.

"I'd never hurt you," he promised.

She glanced at him. Understanding was written all over his face but she turned away, embarrassed. "I want to," she whispered.

"When you're ready."

Lisa felt a bout of nervousness come over her and she felt a blush rise in her cheeks as Bowman grinned at her. They were interrupted by the sight of four naked people tiptoeing across the compound holding their clothes in their hands, giggling and skylarking as they pranced through the dark.

Jenny and Dufton skipped past Lisa and Bowman into the house. Lawton and Denise, meanwhile, disappeared into the Sailor's cottage.

"Now that's something you don't see everyday!" Bowman joked.

"Thank God!" Lisa deadpanned.

Bowman laughed and smiled at her. "Maybe we should turn in too," he suggested. "I think we're doing breakfast again tomorrow."

"I haven't spent a dime since we got here," Lisa said. "You guys are too nice to us."

"We can afford it," Bowman replied. "Good night, Lisa."

"Good night, Chris," Lisa replied standing and giving him a peck on his cheek. "You're really a nice guy."

"And you're really a nice girl," he replied with a smirk.

She smiled and disappeared into the cottage suddenly feeling good about herself.


Jenny and Dufton did the deed for the second night in a row but Lisa slept strangely peacefully thinking about how nice Bowman had been to her and how much she enjoyed being around a mature, respectful, kind and understanding guy. In high school, it was all about the sex (or the threat of sex or the plea for sex or the pressure of sex) so it was nice to be appreciated for who she was for a change.

Lisa woke up in the morning feeling revived and rejuvenated and she was happy when she stepped out of the cottage and saw Bowman waiting for her. The group piled into the cars and headed to the same diner for breakfast and then went white river rafting at a nearby rafting place which was a lot of fun. Lisa, Bowman, Kayla and Addison were in one raft and the other four in the other. Jenny went topless for a while when they were in a deserted stretch of the river and Denise and Lawton mooned Lisa's raft another time. Lisa couldn't believe how immature and juvenile those four were acting and she was glad to be with Kayla and Addison who didn't talk but at least were sane.

When they were done rafting, the group returned to the cottages to shower and change and then went out for dinner at a nice restaurant. Lisa enjoyed her time with Bowman who continued to be a gentleman, polite and sensitive, respectful and honorable. When the group returned to the cottages, Lisa took a walk with Bowman around the compound.

"I think we're heading out tomorrow," Bowman announced.

"Already?" Lisa sighed with disappointment.

"Lawton has a watch tomorrow night," Bowman explained, taking her hand in his. "But I wanted to tell you how much I've enjoyed meeting you, getting to know you, and spending time with you."

"Likewise," she replied shyly. "I really appreciate you not pressuring me to do anything."

"Can I kiss you goodnight?" Bowman asked.

"Yes," she said.

So they kissed under the moonlight and Lisa wanted to melt. This was romantic and warm without feeling threatening or dirty. Bowman walked her back to the cottage and they kissed goodnight again and Lisa sighed as she returned to her room missing Bowman already.

Lisa heard Jenny and Dufton going at it one last time when she woke up in the morning and she was surprised at how often those two could have sex. Had they gone all night or fallen asleep and started anew when they awoke?

Denise was all sad eyed as she came out of the other cottage wrapped around Lawton as the four Sailors checked out of the cottage and loaded up their car. Then the group met at the diner one last time for a farewell breakfast. It was more solemn this time although, ironically, Kayla and Addison seemed to be cheerful conversing!

Lisa was sitting across from Bowman and she kept smiling at him, tickled to have made a new friend. He gave her his e-mail address when they left the diner and now it was time to say goodbye.

Lawton and Denise and Jenny and Dufton were making out to say goodbye while Karla said goodbye to Addison without much fanfare. Lisa stood awkwardly in the parking lot with Bowman, not quite sure what to say but she smiled when Bowman smiled at her.

"I have to go," he said softly.

Lisa nodded and then Bowman hugged her very tightly.

"Write me?" He asked hopefully.

"Okay," she said, wiping at a tear.

"Good. I'll miss you."

"Me too," she said.

Lisa felt her heart stop in her chest. And then he kissed her, a very sweet, soft and loving smooch. She grinned as he walked her to the car and she tried to give him her best smile.

"Thank you," she said. "For respecting me."

"Of course," he replied.

Lisa waited in the car with Kayla while Denise and Jenny finished sucking face and groping with Lawton and Dufton. The two Sailors finally pulled themselves away from the girls and joined Bowman and Addison in the car. Denise and Jenny were swearing and cursing when they climbed into the SUV but the girls barely said a word as they drove back to the cottage knowing that the best of the trip was now over.

Lisa felt sad and happy at the same time.


Kayla and Lisa remained friends. They both went to nearby Green College, Kayla majoring in Library Science while Lisa became an English major. Lisa had written to Bowman a few times after that summer trip but eventually she lost track of him and she moved on with her life, remembering fondly the Navy man who had treated her so well. She often wondered if should have given him her virginity during that trip but there was little point in worrying about it now, some twelve years later.

Denise discovered that she was pregnant a few months after the trip and while it was pretty obvious Lawton was the father she never told the Sailor about the baby. Denise went on to have two more children with two different men and the last Lisa heard Denise was living in a trailer park in South County.

Jenny married a few years after high school but she was divorced by the time she turned twenty-five and presently she worked as a Bartender at Duffy's Tavern in Hillsboro. Kayla was the lead librarian at Blue County Community College while Lisa taught English at the Blue County Charter High School in Greenville. Both women had enjoyed successful relationships but were presently single professional career women.

Kayla didn't seem interested in romance and relationships, more satisfied with her books and library work and while Lisa was more than happy to date she never seemed to find the right person.

"I think you're expectations are too high," Kayla often told her. "It's almost as if you're waiting for the perfect guy or something."

Lisa knew that she had already met the perfect guy. She was eighteen on a post-high school trip to Virginia where she met a wonderful Navy man named Chris Bowman. Every guy she dated after that she compared to Chris and they never measured up so she supposed Kayla was right in her observation.

Kayla and Lisa met up on most Sundays to do something. Coffee at a café or a walk up Mt. Griffin or a swim at Sun Rise Lake or a ball game at Beano Field. On this Sunday, they took a bike ride along the Blue River Bike Trail but disaster struck when Lisa came around a bend on the trail and hit a stick on the pavement causing her to lose control of the bike. Lisa managed to steer the bike toward some soft grass before she lost her balance and took a spill, hurting her shoulder in the fall and getting cut and bruised in the fall.

Kayla insisted that Lisa get checked out for any possible severe injuries and Lisa reluctantly agreed. What followed was a three hour snafu of waiting, filling out forms, waiting, getting her vitals taken, waiting, getting wheeled into one of the ER rooms, and then waiting some more. A nurse stopped by and re-took Lisa's vitals and then she sat on the bed for another half hour waiting for a doctor to look at her. She had a headache and her shoulder was sore but she was starting to think that the headache was from the stress and annoyance of waiting so long to be seen.

Kayla was sitting next to her reading a book and Lisa closed her eyes and sighed.

"We never should have came here," Lisa complained.

"Better safe than sorry," Kayla replied glancing up at her friend to make sure she was okay but then something caught Kayla's eye.

She stared at a doctor across the room in one of the other bays and something about him looked familiar. Kayla couldn't quite but her finger on it but she was pretty sure she had seen the guy somewhere before.

"Hey, Lisa, do we know that guy?" Kayla asked, elbowing Lisa in the leg.

"What?" Lisa moaned, opening her eyes and frowning at Kayla.

"See that guy over there?" Kayla said, gesturing to the doctor across the room. "Did we go to school with him or something?"

Lisa squinted at the doctor. He was turned slightly so she couldn't quite make out his face but her heart was skipping even before her mind registered who she was looking at it.

"Go get him," Lisa ordered Kayla.

"What?" Kayla asked with surprise.

"Go bring him over here!" Lisa demanded.

"What are you talking about?"

"Just do it!" Lisa shouted.

Kayla looked at Lisa as if she was crazy but she did as she was told, tentatively strolling across the ER to the doctor who was talking to a nurse about some case. He was uncommonly handsome with professionally styled curly hair and a killer smile.

"Excuse me, Doctor?" Kayla asked, interrupting him.

He turned and looked at Kayla. "Yes?"

"Could you please see my friend for a moment?" Kayla asked, gesturing toward Lisa in the bay across the room.

"I'm sorry, she's not my patient," the doctor said, glancing at Kayla politely before looking across the room.

Kayla noticed him staring at Lisa for a long moment and then glancing back at Kayla and studying her for a moment.

"Is something wrong, Doctor?" Kayla asked.

The Doctor began to walk across the ER and Kayla followed with confusion.

"Dr. Bowman, I presume?" Lisa asked when the doctor reached the curtain to Lisa's bay.

"Bowman?" Kayla asked, trying to remember where she heard that name before.

"Hello, Lisa," Bowman replied with a happy smile. "Long time no see!"

"What in the hell are you doing here?" Lisa asked with amusement.

"My residency," he answered proudly.

"At Blue County Medical Center?" Lisa laughed.

"You know, I had a list of at least ten different hospitals," Bowman grinned. "New York City. Tampa Florida. Houston Texas. San Diego California. Seattle Washington. St. Louis Missouri. Trenton New Jersey. Buffalo New York. But when I saw Greenville Massachusetts listed on the alternative list I knew this is where I wanted to be."

"Why?" Kayla asked.

"Because I knew Lisa lived in Hillsboro," Bowman grinned.

"Wait a minute," Kayla asked, still confused. "How do you two know each other?"

"You don't remember me, Kayla?" Bowman playfully pouted. "I certainly remember you. And your books."

Kayla peered at him. "Do I know you?"

Lisa laughed with delight. "Virginia, Kayla! Our trip after high school!"

"Oh my God!" Kayla said with disbelief. "You're one of the Sailors!"

"The good one," Lisa clarified.

"Hey, Addison is stationed in Newport, Rhode Island," Bowman told Kayla. "You want me to call him?"

"You stayed friends?" Kayla asked with surprise.

"He was a good guy, a good shipmate," Bowman explained. "There's only been a few I stayed in contact with, and he's one of them."

"What about those other two losers?" Kayla wondered.

"Na, I have no idea what happened to those two guys," Bowman said, grabbing Lisa's chart from the wall slot and stepping further into the bay. "What happened to you, young lady?"

"I fell off my bike," Lisa replied. "My shoulder hurts."

"We'll get an x-ray," Bowman replied.

"So, will you be my doctor?" Lisa asked hopefully.

"If you'll let me," Bowman grinned.

She smiled happily and Kayla subtly disappeared from the bay.

"I never knew your last name," Bowman revealed. "I lost your e-mail when my computer crashed. That's why I lost contact with you."

"It's okay," she said.

"No, it's not."

"So you chose Greenville on the off chance you might bump into me?" an impressed Lisa asked.

"You said this place was small enough that everybody sort of knew everybody," Bowman replied, sitting on the side of the bed. "I figured I had a chance."

"So what? You've been going around asking people if they knew a Lisa?"

"Pretty much," Bowman smirked. "A Lisa from Hillsboro, graduated twelve years ago. Lovely red hair. Unforgettable blue eyes. A smile from God."

Lisa blushed.

"And now I've found you."

"Yes, you have, Doctor."