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Autumn sat in a tree with her feet hanging down, kicking the air. The forest, Saber Forest, surrounded her hometown, Saber Village. Why everything started with Saber, she didn't know.

Autumn lived a hard 13 year old life. Her parents died from an unknown illness while her brother disappeared shortly after. The people in her hometown are always telling her that he's dead, but she knows better than to think that. He only ran away to get away from it all! She kept telling herself. She was little then. After that incident, she lived on her own and fended for herself.

Autumn sighed softly before shaking her head lightly, as if to rid her of unwanted memories. She looked to her left as rustling could be heard in the bushes. Three teenagers about her age came under her tree and waved up to her. It was her friends: Lunaria, Icarus, and Daedalus.

"Let's go explore deeper into the forest," Lunaria called.

"No," Daedalus told her, crossing his arms and giving her a hard stare.

"Aw, you're no fun," Lunaria complained.

"Well, I have to protect my little sister. Remember?"

"Don't you remember what the elders told us in their story, the one about those large cats with the really long fangs," Icarus asked.

"Those are just myths." Daedalus rolled his eyes. "Don't tell me you actually believe them," he teased.

"That would be so cool if they were real," Lunaria said.

"Ugh! Whatever," Daedalus mumbled.

Autumn rolled her eyes as she leaped down from her branch and landed beside them. "Are we going or not," she asked. She really didn't want to listen to them argue anymore. Her mood was always grumpy ever since she started living on her own.

Lunaria and Icarus nodded while Daedalus sighed heavily, obviously giving up. Daedalus took the lead as they headed for the spot they stopped at yesterday. When they got there, he was alert and cautious for anything unusual or dangerous. His sister, on the other hand, rolled her eyes at his cautiousness and walked on with curiosity.

Daedalus and Lunaria are quite the opposite from each other, considering they are brother and sister, only a year apart. They were both kind, but Lunaria was more adventurous and curious than her brother. Daedalus was more protective over her than anything else. Autumn thought that it was probably because they had lost their mother, and he didn't want to lose his sister either.

Though, Lunaria didn't seem to show loneliness like other kids would. She was always smiling, even after her mother died. She just wanted to show everyone that she was fine. Its either that or she doesn't want anyone to worry about her.

Icarus was just a really good friend of Daedalus. Though, he seemed to be spending a little more time with Lunaria than usual.

Autumn removed her gaze from them and stared at the path ahead. The forest had grown denser here. She soon stopped and gazed up into the trees above her head. The wind blew softly through the trees, making the leaves rustle softly. She brought her gaze down to the path in front of her feet and gasped softly. She knelt down and to get a closer look. It was a giant paw print! "Hey, guys! Come look at this," she called.

Her friends joined her and knelt down around it to examine it. She put both of her hands down on the paw print, side by side, and measured how big the imprint was. "It's almost as big as both of my hands put together," she observed.

"Do you think it was one of those saber-toothed cats," Lunaria asked curiously, looking up.

"It might be," Icarus said thoughtfully.

Daedalus face-palmed, "Here we go again…"

Autumn gave him a stern glare. "They're obviously real, considering the size of this paw print!"

Daedalus was startled by her sudden outburst. "I-I uh…"

Autumn closed her eyes and sighed, standing up. "We should start heading back, before it gets dark."

Lunaria, Icarus, and Daedalus agreed, following behind as she took the lead. She stopped and glanced at the bushes to her left. Glowing white eyes stared straight at her from the darkness of the bushes. She blinked and they were gone. She shrugged and moved on, thinking it was just her imagination.

"Well, see you tomorrow, Autumn," Lunaria smiled. "We should go back and check out that paw print, to see if any new ones were made tonight."

Icarus nodded in agreement. They said their goodbyes and moved off back to Saber Village. Autumn climbed up her tree and sat in a crook between four different parts of the trunk of the tree. She stared up and watched as the sky darkened before closing her eyes and letting the darkness of sleep take her.

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