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Autumn jumped down from her tree and looked to the horizon behind Saber Village. The sun was just beginning to peak over the mountains. Alright, time to move off then. She began to walk into the denser part of Saber Forest, towards where she found the large paw print. She stopped just behind the print and looked on the ground for more. No new paw prints. She lifted her gaze from the ground and looked around, from bushes to trees.

Autumn's eyes widened as a twig snapping startled her. She could hear her own heart beat as she listened, the wind blowing through her hair. She heard more twigs snapping, one after another, and sometimes two at a time. She was beginning to feel… scared. She hadn't been frightened since she was little. Another twig snapped, sounding closer. More and more twigs snapped, each one getting even closer than the last one.

Than it stopped. Autumn couldn't hear anymore twigs snapping, even the wind had stopped. She bit her lip and took a step back. What the hell is going on here…? Just then, another twig snapped, this time right in front of her in the bushes. She jumped and took a few fast steps backwards, stumbling over her own feet. She started to fall backwards until she felt arms under her shoulders. She blinked and looked up to find Daedalus staring at her worriedly. She stood up and dismissed his helpful arms, her eyes regaining their sternness. "I'm fine," she grunted, patting her clothes to rid her of dirt and dust. Daedalus sighed just as Lunaria and Icarus appeared.

"Daedalus, why did you-" Lunaria stopped when she seen Autumn. "Oh, never mind."

"There aren't any more tracks since we left this one yesterday," Autumn stated. She looked around and then gasped as a blur of several different colored furred pelts leaped out of the bushes and landed on top of them. She landed on her back with a grunt before shaking her head and opening her eyes.

A large tan-brown cat with a silver underbelly with long fangs stared down at her with silver eyes. Autumn's eyes widened. "It was you… It was you I saw," she whispered, remembering the glowing white eyes she had seen yesterday. She turned her head to the side and saw more large cats on top of her friends.

"I told you the stories were true!" Icarus' face couldn't be seen, but Autumn could tell by the way his voice sounded that he was frightened.

A growl was heard from one of the sabers and Autumn looked to see a flame-colored saber standing over Lunaria with his fangs bared. Lunaria had her eyes closed with her face turned away from it in fear. Autumn glared at the sabers holding her friends, even though they couldn't see her, and then turned her gaze back to the tan saber on top of her. The saber stared into her eyes unblinkingly while she stared into its silver eyes.

Without warning, the saber lowered its head and touched its nose to Autumn's. She flinched at the touch before she gritted her teeth. Pain had begun to burn its way into her skin on her shoulder. She closed her eyes and waited for the pain to pass. After a few moments, the pain ebbed away and the saber lifted its head. She shook her head and opened her eyes. She looked back as she heard talking.

"What are you humans doing here?" It was the flame-colored saber.

Autumn blinked in bewilderment and astonishment. What the hell? These cats can… talk? She felt something in the back of her mind, like an emotion or probe. It was an emotion. It was… amusement? She turned her head back to the saber above her and saw amusement sparkling in its silver eyes. She blinked before turning her head back to the others. "W-who are you," she asked the sabers, not even knowing if they would understand her.

The ginger saber whipped its massive head around to glare at her and she flinched. "We should be asking you that," he growled.

"Blaze, calm down!" The white saber above Daedalus spoke.

A yelp startled Autumn and she looked to see that the black saber above Icarus had done the same to him as the tan saber. The black saber stood up straight with his tail raised slightly when he was done.

"Do you two really like them that much," the white saber asked. She tilted her head slightly.

The black saber nodded and Autumn looked to see that the tan saber nodded as well. The white saber sighed before touching Daedalus, who yelped at the touch. The ginger saber hissed in annoyance before touching Lunaria as well. Lunaria screamed as she felt the same pain.

Autumn didn't like listening to their pain-filled screams so she bit her lip and turned her gaze back to the tan saber above her. The saber stared down at her, her throat vibrating as a rumble sound came out. Autumn stared at the saber quizzically. She's purring? The saber lowered her head and rubbed her muzzle on Autumn's cheek. She then stepped off of her and allowed her to stand up.

Autumn stood up slowly while keeping her eyes on the saber. She didn't know what their intentions were, and she didn't want to find out either. She took a stepped back, only to have the saber step forward.

A heavy sigh made Autumn turn. The other sabers had let her friends up as well. "My name is Luna," the white saber spoke. She pointed her nose to Blaze and the black saber. "That's Blaze and Shadow. And that's Silver." Luna glanced at the tan saber. "She doesn't talk much, so don't expect anything from her."

Autumn blinked and shook her head, trying to clear her mind. "Wait, what the hell is going on here," she asked, confused. "You can talk?"

"Yes, we can," Luna replied. "The pain you felt, it created a link between us so you can understand us. No one else will be able to understand us." The tip of her tail twitched as she finished.

"This is so confusing!" Icarus was rubbing his face.

Autumn once again felt amusement in the back of her mind. She rolled her eyes slightly and rubbed her right shoulder where she had felt the pain. She looked and saw a golden mark engraved on her skin. What the hell…? She blinked in confusion before letting her sleeve slide back over her shoulder. Once again, amusement. Autumn glanced at Silver who was still staring at her. What's so amusing? Silver only blinked.

"Well, I think we should start heading back now," Daedalus said, backing up. He glanced at his sister. "Father doesn't like it when we miss dinner."

Blaze turned on him. "Who said you could leave?"

"Blaze!" Luna hissed in annoyance. "Let them leave."

"W-we won't tell anyone," Lunaria stammered.

"Yeah, it's not like anyone would believe us anyways," Icarus shrugged.

Blaze lashed his tail. "Fine, but if hunters come searching for us then the first person I'll claw will be you!" His blazing glare raked across the teenagers. Lunaria gulped.

"Whatever…" Autumn turned and began walking away. Her shoulders tensed as she felt Blaze's glare on her back. Lunaria, Daedalus, and Icarus followed her more slowly, still unsure of the sabers. They went through the bushes as the sabers began to argue. They walked until they couldn't hear anymore arguing.

"I wonder what that was all about," Daedalus asked.

"Well, they obviously don't like us," Lunaria sighed softly.

"No, Blaze doesn't like us," Autumn replied. "He was the only barking his mouth off." She remembered Silver's amusement with everything they did.

They stopped at Autumn's tree as the sun was beginning to set. "Well, see you tomorrow. I'm not sure if we should go into the forest again or not," Lunaria told them.

"Yeah, Blaze scares the crap out of me," Icarus said. They walked off towards town, the sound of their conversation disappearing.

Autumn sighed softly and turned to climb up her tree when she felt the back of her shirt lift. She gasped as she was lifted off the ground and into the tree on a thick branch. Her feet touched the branch and her shirt was released. She whirled around to see Silver sitting down with her tail flicking below the branch. Autumn sighed in relief, "I thought I was being carried off by something."

Silver purred in amusement as she layed down on the branch. Autumn smiled softly before climbing down to her spot in the tree. "Good night," Autumn yawned. She crossed her arms and closed her eyes. She opened an eye when she heard a soft roar. Silver was yawning. Her teeth clacked together as she closed her mouth. Autumn took a deep breath before finally falling asleep.

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