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Damn; landslide right there. To recap slightly; this one is the one where Carrera feels bad and wants to make it up to Mari but ends up putting her in embarrassing situations because of Jace's dumb suggestions. Yay! COMEDY!

Chapter 23-

"What letters?" Mari asked me in false confusion as she mixed around a little kimchi for our special Korean barbeque dinner.

"Angel; I'm not stupid I can see that you're lying to me." I said with a small laugh; she was so cute when she tried to play dumb. I'd promised to ask about Mari's letters for Carrera since she was still really awkward towards Mari. She was my daughter and at least she was a little more comfortable around me now; this was the least I could do to help her get closer to her mother. "If you hurry up and tell me I can make this less embarrassing for you."

"Ace; I honestly have no idea what you're talking about." She told me that cute fake little smile of hers. "Here try some; I wanna make sure the seasoning is right. You like spicy things right?"

"Answer my questions first. What's up with those letters?" I asked once again; this time I put my hands around her waist and rested my chin on her shoulder. "Come on Angel…" I pleaded softly; knowing it was hard for her to keep secrets from me. I knew my girlfriend well and I wasn't about to lose to her when it came to charming people. Of course it worked better if she tried to charm me; even if I didn't like giving up secrets I would give up everything for my little angel.

"…It's nothing to be worried about." She finally admitted and shoved a little kimchi into my mouth. It was delicious as all her food was and I had no problem being a guinea pig to her test dishes.

"It worries me because you seemed really depressed when I read them. I could feel the places where your tears fell and dried…" I told her; slightly depressed myself.

"Well that's in the past; it's not a problem anymore. Don't worry about it okay?" She promised me in a soft voice and gave me a one armed hug since she was carrying the small portable grill.

"Let me." I said and took it from her; but of course I wasn't going to give up. I'd promised my daughter something and I wasn't about to give up just yet.

"Did you want anything in particular to eat?" She asked me and grabbed the lettuce that she'd washed earlier. She made a lot of it too; the plate was giant and she'd bought a lot of meat from the supermarket the other day. "A friend of mine on the country side sent over some fresh pork over the weekend so I thought we should enjoy it."

"Angel." I pleaded as soon as I set down the grill. I hugged her from behind again and grabbed her hands so that she couldn't pick up anything else to distract herself from me. "Just tell me; if it's not a problem than you should be able to easily to talk to me about this shouldn't you? I wanna know!" I said in a childish voice.

"Ac-" She began but got cut off since I kissed her; she turned her head to answer me but since I knew that she was going to reject me again I tried to get her not to think; the best way to do that was obviously to kiss her. "Hmm…."

"Are you still not going to tell me?" I asked her as soon as I released her.

"I-I…u-um…" She stammered in the cutest way and blushed as she tried to look away from me.


"Stop trying to charm me! It's not going to work you know!" She insisted and pushed me away from her playfully. "I need to set the table for dinner; if you're not going to be helpful then go back to your room and do some spy stuff with Paige. You need to earn money now too!"

"I am working; watching you is my job. I must say I enjoy it a lot." I told her and she giggled. "Just tell me; what good is it going to do to keep it from me?"

"Nothing; but it won't do much good to tell you either." She said.

"Angel…you promised you wouldn't keep anything from me. Besides I'm not even doing this for my own gain." I told her.

"Why are you asking me this then Ace? I didn't know you cared so much about what I did before." She admitted with a small laugh. "Who are you asking for? Elliot? Cordie?"


"..." She quieted after that and looked at me with a serious expression. "Did she actually ask you? How did she find out about those letters? She never goes into my room."

"She needed some pictures and I thought they'd be in your room so I let her go in and I guess as she was searching she found the letters; of course I'm very interested too." I told her, although I promised Carrera I wouldn't tell Mari that she wanted to know Mari would never tell me unless Carrera was involved so this was the only way.

"…Do you really need to know that badly?" She asked me with a sigh, leaning against the kitchen island.

"YES! Why do you think I've been trying to charm the answer out of you for the past like 10 minutes." I complained.

"…Fine." She grumbled; obviously unhappy with losing the battle with me. I smirked slightly; rack in another win for side dad. "Cordie and Sisi got really worried about my mental state after a while since I wasn't really eating or talking, it was like I was such in a box almost; or at least that's how they explained it. In the end they booked me an appointment with a psychologist."

"They took you to a shrink?" I asked; laughing slightly. I know that my girlfriend going through depression was nothing to laugh at but this was just…oh god, it was so funny.

"Yeah they took me to a freaking shrink and he kept making perverted looks at me; but in the end he said that I did have depression. Carrera didn't really help since that was just when she started resenting me." She explained. "To help me deal with it a bunch of different doctors suggested writing the letters; they said that helps depressed people have an ease of mind. They were right in the end, writing those letters every week helped me focus more. It made me feel like you were still with me. I heard it's normal for people who've lost someone special to do something like that."

"Aww…" I said, great now she'd made me feel bad. I hugged her again and kissed her forehead. "I'm sorry; I didn't realize you'd suffered so much because of me…I mean I know you suffered bu-"

"Ace…it was in the past, besides writing those letters made me happier." She told me and kissed me back. "You can have those letters if you want; I was going to shred them since I have no use for them anymore."

"Give them to me to read first; I wanna know everything about your life now," I told her and patted her head softly.

"Ace." She chimed.


"I love you~."

"Aw. I love you too Angel."

-XxXxXxX- Carrera's POV

"I love you~."

"Aw. I love you too Angel."

I am the worst person ever…I thought to myself as I walked away from the exit of the kitchen. I knew I said I would wait for my dad to tell me about the letters but I'd overheard the conversation and so I couldn't help but listen in and learn about this. My mom suffered from depression and had so many terrible things happen to her. How can she still hold her head up high when she calls me her daughter…

I sighed and walked away reluctantly. Sitting in my room that conversation was all that I could think of, but how could I approach her about it. Say that I'm sorry…

"CARRERA YOU FAIL AT LIFE!" I screamed into the pillow.

"C.C! 'Sup? Your mom invited me over to eat Korean barbeque." Jace called happily as he entered my room.

"Jace…My life…I'm ruined." I groaned and buried myself into his chest with a sigh.

"Hm? Why is my adorable little girlfriend groaning as sighing as if the world is ending?" He asked me in a perky voice before giving me a kiss.

"I'm ruined…my life…I've been living like a criminal my whole life…" I groaned and hugged him even tighter. "I feel like I should pack a bag and run away from home. I just wanna a dig a hole and wallow in my own guilt and despair for the rest of my life."

"…Wow; that's just a little emo. You know just a little." He told me with a deep sigh and sat down on my bed so that he could listen clearly to what I was doing. He was like my therapist; he sat next to me and listened to my 'problems' so that we could both get on with our freaking lives without me being a sobbing mess. I leaned into him and sighed again. "Come on C.C; nothing good is going to happen from just sighing at me you know?"

"I'm the worst person ever." I growled.

"Aw…what makes you say that?" He asked me and started stroking my hair softly. His hands felt nice and gave me an ease of mind but at the same time I still wanted to crawl into a hole and die.

"Letters…mom…depression…I'm ruined." I sighed.

"C.C; I don't understand what you're saying." He admitted sheepishly. I was pathetic; I couldn't even put into words what I wanted to say to my own boyfriend.

"I finally realized." I told him. "What a terrible person I've been."

"Hm? Didn't you say that a while ago too; that you felt bad about things that had happened and that you knew about all the bad things you did? Why are you suddenly bringing this up again?" Jace asked me. "You know it only makes yourself feel bad so you shouldn't talk about it anymore than necessary. You know I can't stand it when you cry; I never know what to do when you cry…"

"I'm not going to cry." I protested.

"You say that but your eyes are already wet." He said and brushed the edge of my left eye slightly. "So tell me; why are you such a terrible person now?"

"Remember our project? The one where we have to find a picture of ourselves as kids?" I asked.

"Of course." He told me.

"I went into my mom's room since she has most of the photo albums and it was still really awkward for me to talk to her so I told my dad instead. He was all cool about everything and let me go into her room to look for the photo albums." I told him. "I couldn't find them so I looked through her desk for a little bit since she had a lot of shelves, when I opened one of the drawers a bunch of letters fell out of it and there were like hundreds, all of them were like 3 pages long and they were all addressed to my dad."

"…I think I'm getting the picture but keep going." He said.

"So I read one of them, and that's when my dad came him so he read on with me; we looked at the dates and they dated back like more than 5 freaking years ago. All of them talk about our everyday life and had little miscellaneous details that mostly no one cared about, but you could feel the spaces on the paper where tears had fallen and dried; where she'd pushed too hard and left bumps in the paper or ripped it…the sad thing is….most of it was about me." I sobbed slightly.

"About you huh? Why is it so depressing that your mom loves to talk about you? You're her daughter, her pride and joy, her little flower bud." Jace assured me and squeezed my cheeks slightly as a playful gesture to make me laugh.

"But I don't deserve any of that…" I mumbled.

"C.C? I'm not going to understand unless you tell me anything." He said and realized that he was right.

"It was all about me and I overheard my mom telling my dad about the letters just now. Do you wanna know the reason to the letters?" I said.

"Just tell me already." He insisted.

"Treatment for depression." I almost screamed. "She went through depression because of me, when I look back I could see the tiny specks on the paper that might have been blood!"

"C.C…calm down." Jace told me and kissed me softly so that I could get a hold of myself. I calmed down but my breathing and my sobbing wasn't in check. I could barely breathe let alone talk so we waiting about five hellish minutes of silence. It was torture not being able to hear a voice, I felt like I was all alone; like I was being treated like a criminal. Shouldn't I be put in jail though? For those terrible things I did? For those difficult times I'd put people though? For the torture that others had to endure for my happiness? "…Well that's the past; you can't do much about it now can you?"

"That doesn't help! I feel like a criminal!" I sobbed.

"Try making it up to her; saying sorry helps you know?" He told me in a slightly playful way; I sighed but he simply poked my forehead and gave me a frown. "Sighing, sobbing and screaming aren't going to help you in this situation and let's not forget that I'm your boyfriend, listening to me could be of some use to you."

"You know I can't just go up to her and say sorry! It's hard enough for me to say 'hi'! I can't even do that these days. How am I supposed to say sorry; especially considering the fact that I know what my dad means now!" I grumbled.

"What's that supposed to mean? What do you talk about with your dad to make you scream like this?" Jae asked me and covered his ears.

"I asked my dad once what he likes about my mom and what makes him blush so much and act so differently around her. It was really weird…"

"Aren't you home early today?" My dad joked as I walked into the house; it was already 6 since I'd been out with Jace at a small café that we frequented. I rolled my eyes and sighed. That was so like him.

"Sorry alright? I lost track of time, but I don't have any homework alright? So don't nag me about this!" I protested and handed him my math test; 95 percent.

"I won't, I won't. But your mom was really worried about you, try and be home earlier next time or at least call alright? She was really cute when she worried though; she kept leaning on me cause she was worried…" He sighed happily.

"…that's kinda creepy dad." I told him.

"Don't tell me you don't' act like that with Jace alright? It happens when you're in a couple!" He complained and gave me a little glare.

"Yeah I guess it's different for everyone; what about mom makes you act like such an idiot?" I asked him and sat down at the kitchen island with him. "I mean seriously; at school you're such a cool, calm and controlled person, but whenever mom gets involved you turn into a babbling, blushing mess. It's weird and just a little embarrassing when you do it in public?"

"HEY, I do not act like an idiot!" He said. "Your mom has a lot of attractive points you know? Most of them she doesn't even know of."

"Please expand on this." I asked, hesitant but still interested in what he was going to say.

"Well she's really kind and gentle to everyone which makes her a really likeable person to begin with. Also sometimes when it looks like she acts stupid or clumsy she's just actually that way which makes people want to help her. I don't know why I start acting like an idiot when I'm around her but I do know that she's the only person who can make me act like this. Doesn't Jace do it too?"

"Do what?" I said; slightly confused. His explanation was weird but what was weirder was the fact that he was bringing Jace into this.

"Ah…you might not notice it but everyone around you guys notice." He said with a laugh. "Jace acts a lot different around you; he's not always a go-lucky, worry-free guy you know? Whenever he's around me and your mom he has a serious face and he's constantly trying to stop us from joking around with him. You're both so oblivious."

"Says the idiot." I scoffed.

"Ace! I need your help with the computer! I think it's frozen again!" My mom's voice called.

"Coming Angel!" He called in a giddy voice and his face practically beamed when my mom called his name. "I chose this way to act and so does Jace so I wouldn't judge me cause you'll be insulting Jace at the same time; having a girl does strange things to a guy you know?"

He ran up the stairs and I thought to myself.

"Guys are more complicated than girls."

"This is what you talk about with your freaking DAD?" Jace asked me with a sigh.

"Why? What should I talk about with him than? You know I'm new to this whole 'Daughter/Father' relationship thingy!" I sighed; I was looking to Jace for answers; not criticism.

"Talk to him about stuff like…I dunno? Raising your allowance or something." He told me.

"I don't get an allowance; you know how well off he is, he wouldn't know if a couple thousand bucks wandered off. Not that I would ever steal from him but he gives me enough money to do the things I want and he trusts me not to spend it on shit like drugs." I admitted.

"Okay, whatever; we're getting off topic. Why are you screaming about this?" Jace asked me.

"Because…I realize how hard it is to talk to her now!" I screamed.

"What? Your mom is like the easiest person to talk to ever; it's your dad that's the person who's hard to talk to. He's really fun and smart and stuff but all that's just a little bit intimidating. Especially since he's a mercenary; knowing that he can kill me with a snap of his fingers isn't really comforting." He said in shock.

"No it's just…she's so nice and that's what makes her so hard to talk to her. When she looks at me all smiling it just….I can't think of what to say." I sighed. "She's a little too nice to me."

"You sound like your dad right now." He told me.

"Ew." I cringed. " I don't think of my mom like that."

"Not like that. Well…you know what I mean…" He sighed. "Why is it so hard for you to say 'sorry' to your mom?"

"I don't know…" I mumbled and leaned into his chest with a sigh. "What should I do?"

"...well all you need to do is show her how sorry you are right? You never said you had to actually say it…"

"Yeah…" I said skeptically.

"I have an idea."

"Oh lord."

-XxXxXxX-Mari's POV

After Carrera came home late yesterday I was pretty worried, but Ace assured me that she'd been out with Jace so I kept out of their business; the last thing that I needed was for me to be disliked even more; but these days she'd been acting really weird. She was all nervous around me and whenever I tried to talk to her she was always trying to avoid my eyes and whenever she did give me an answer she was always stammering and she usually said that she had somewhere to go so I could never have a real conversation with her. Even though I never actually had a real conversation with her it felt a little weird now. So like I always did; I spoke with Ace.

"Hm? Carrera? She's been acting totally normal around me." He told me and took a sip of the lemonade I'd just made. We were in the bakery and of course it was after school so Ace was sitting there doing his grading while Julius was doing whatever the hell he usually did on that laptop and I was baking. "What about you Julius?"

"Carrera? She's started talking me again and everything's pretty much back to normal." He told us and went back to his typing. "Did something happen? I thought she'd at least stopped yelling at you and stuff."

"She did, but now whenever I'm around her…she acts very nervous. Did I do something to make her feel awkward?" I asked them with a confused expression.

"Are you kidding me? Don't be dumb. What could you've done?" Julius sighed.

"That helps a lot bro." I sighed and stole his coffee from him so that I could take a sip.

"Come on Mari; you know Carrera, she'll be fine after a while. If Jace doesn't smooth things out I will." Ace promised me and stood up to give me a small kiss. "Tell you what? I'll even talk to her during school tomorrow. I promise you I'll find out something."

"I feel so…c-" I began but was cut off.

"Mari! You have a weird package thingy!" Elliot said as he walked in the door.

"Package?" I asked. "I didn't order anything."

"I dunno; there's not stamp, no address, it's just a box, but it's pretty heavy. I haven't opened it, I just found it sitting outside the bakery with a giant TO: MARI on the front." He said and handed it to me, but before I could even get a good look at it Ace took it from my hands and flipped out some sort of gun.

"Ace! Don't pull out guns randomly!" I insisted and took it from him.

"It's a scanning thing! I'm just going to check it! I wouldn't shot a package randomly unless it was Paige's!" He insisted and I gave him the gun back hesitantly. "It's clean, but I wanna open it just in case."

"How far has this been going on?" Elliot asked.

"To the point where he won't even let me go swimming in a pool anymore unless he'd 'checked the chlorine level' prior to our arrival." I sighed and hugged him anyway. "It's sweet though…in a weird mercenary type love thing."

"What is it?" Elliot asked when Ace started opening the box.

"OH GOD!" Ace suddenly screamed and a large bang came from the box and a lot of confetti came flying out at him. "What the hell?"

"It's like a birthday party!" I cheered and giggled happily. "Who sent this for me? It's so cute!"

"So what exactly is this? It's not like it's Mari's birthday and I don't think there's anything special going on today. Did something happen?" Elliot asked with a smile as Ace simply stared aimlessly at the spilled confetti on the ground.

"Not that I can recall! But this is really cute! It's like it's my birthday!" I said happily.

"That's all great, but don't you think you should pay a little more attention to the other people that if affects?" Julius said suddenly and I noticed that he had a bunch of confetti in his coffee and on the cupcake I'd given him. At the same time he was brushing small bits of paper and sparkles out of his hair and off of his clothes. I glanced around a bunch of people were the same. I blushed and Ace started cleaning things off of the ground while I went around apologizing.

"…" Ace sighed and sat back down when everything had calmed down. "Well that sucked."

"I feel really bad for everyone now…no matter how much fun something is…if it gets in the way of other than it's not so interesting anymore is it?" I mumbled unhappily and Elliot nodded in agreement.

"Well there's nothing else in here; it was probably just a little trick played by some idiots who were hanging around. I don't think it's anything to worry about." Julius said and shook the box slightly to make sure that all the contents had been emptied. "We should be glad it was only this bad; have you ever gotten on anyone's bad side though? It's rare for someone to do something against you."

"What if it was Carrera?" Elliot said and my face fell.

"…She's a nice girl; she might dislike me but she would never do something like this…" I sighed.

"There's always that possibility…" Ace sighed and a deep silence fell over all of us.

-XxXxXxX- Carrera's POV

"YOU ASS! YOU'RE PLAN BACKFIRED! SHE THINKS I HATE HER MORE NOW!" I screamed at him from outside the bakery.

"…Maybe the gunpowder I got from Paige was a little too strong; it probably destroyed the little note too though. Your mom's always really liked fun surprises so I'd thought she'd really like something like that…" Jace mumbled. "I guess I should probably tell Paige about this kind of stuff next time; maybe she could give me some hints."

"So what exactly do you want me to do now?" I demanded and tackled him down and started shaking him frantically.

"AH! C.C! Please calm down!" He insisted. "Shaking me isn't going to do you any good you know."

"What exactly do we do then?" I sighed.

"Relax! I have another plan!" He told me with a laugh.

Oh lord, save me now.

-XxXxXxX- Ace's POV-

"Kyah! Look its Mr. Peters!" A few of the girls from my math class called as I passed by them in the hallway. "Hello Sir!"

"Good afternoon girls." I said with a small smile and waved at them.

"Oh my god!" They screamed.

"I've still got it." I smirked to myself and continued walking. Of course it was nice knowing that I was well liked by the other gender but at the same time I didn't particularly need that since I had Mari. My little angel was all I would ever need and more. Besides I don't think that Mari would be very happy if she realized that my students were flirting with me so I just kept to myself and made sure I didn't get too close to them at any time. I simply walked to my French class patiently; French was the only class Carrera had with me so I always tried to make good use of that time and observe her closely.

"Mr. Peters!" A sudden voice shouted and I jumped slightly, but I kept my cool.

"Oh my!" I gasped slightly and turned to face Jace. "Jace…please don't shout in the middle of the hallway; this is a school. Have a little class please."

"S-Sorry!" He stammered slightly.

"Girls won't like you if just spontaneously burst like that." I sighed. "I don't care if you know who I am and if you're close to me but try to remember that I'm still undercover. If anyone other than the people who already know were to realize what I'm doing here Mari and Carrera might be in a lot of trouble." That boy was still a fool, then again someone foolish was usually someone trusthworthy.

"Sorry!" He said again.

"Is something wrong?" I asked him and pushed my glasses up from the bridge of my nose.

"Nothing, but I heard that Mrs. M came to the school; so I was just thinking that you might wanna see her before French starts." He told me and my mood immediately brightened.

"Mari's here?" I said.

"That's what I heard from some of the guys."

"Thanks for the tip Jace! Do you know where she is?" I asked him.

"I think she's already in the classroom." He told me. "Let's hurry!"

"I'm going on first alright?" I told him and jumped out the window so I could take my special shortcut; I always used it when I was late for class.

"E-EH? Mr. Peters?" Jace gasped, but I was already gone.

"Mari's at school!" I chirped happily and jumped onto the window of the classroom; slipping in without anyone else noticing.

"Ah! Mr. Peters! When did you get here?" A boy named Kent gasped once he saw me and everyone seemed to jump slightly when they realized that I was there.

"Never mind that, have any of you seen Mrs. Mason? Carrera's mother." I asked.

"C.C's mom? I heard she was here…I haven't seen her though." Kent said.

"I see…" I mumbled sadly.

"Ha…ha…ha…ha…this school…is impossible to get…through…" A familiar voice mumbled and the door slid open to revile Mari who was breathing heavily while carrying a large metal box.

"Ah! Mari!" I gasped in a very un-cool like fashion which made all the students laugh.

"Hi A-Richard!' She said; forgetting for a moment that she was supposed to use my alias and not my real name. "Do you teach Jace right now?"

"Yes…but why are you here?" I asked.

"Ah! Jace called earlier today and said he wanted a cake; express service! So I decided to deliver it myself since it's been a while since I'd been to the school! But I got lost… and I couldn't find anyone I knew…" She admitted sheepishly and put down the box to give me a hug.

"Jace?" I started getting suspicious, he was talking before as if he didn't know that she was here. What exactly was going on? "Well in any case it's great to see you again." I told her and she put down the box to hug me and gave me a small kiss on the cheek which of course made all the students go insane.


"OH. MY. GOD."





"Is there something that you want to ask me to my face?" I demanded; slightly irritated by their reactions. A few of them flinched back but most of them looked at me with slightly frightened expression. I rolled my eyes; they were such children when it came to things like this.

"It's nice to see you again too. Even though…I just saw you yesterday…" She said and we both laughed.

"Would you like one of these cakes? A customer ordered one but he decided he didn't want it; he paid anyway so I really have no use for it; it's a bit of a pain to lug it around all day though so would you like to share it with Paige?" she asked me; pulling a small white box out of the larger metal one.

"He's an idiot if he doesn't wanna eat what you've baked." I told her and stroked her hair softly; with a small blush she let out a small embarrassed giggle. "I would take it, but if you feed either Paige or me anymore than we're both gonna get fat. Not all of us can have a crazy metabolism like yours."

"Hehehehe." She giggled softly. "Well I can't stay long; give this to Jace for me will you?"

"Of course." I told her and took the white box from her hands; on top of the box 'Jace' was written with a thin pink sharpie in Mari's beautiful cursive. I gave her a small smile at the writing and she laughed again. "Why pink?"

"I ran out of purple." She told me.

"…I see…that explains so much…" I said and we both laughed again.

"Mrs. M! So you were here!" Jace said as he walked through the door with Carrera; she took one look at Mari and seemed to not be able to walk through the door since she was there. It was like an invisible force field had been activated making it really difficult for her to walk.

"It's nice to see you Jace…C-Carrera…" She said hesitantly; after the little confetti package yesterday she was hesitant to talk to Carrera so this meeting was particularly pleasant for either of them.

"Y-Yeah…sure…" Carrera mumbled and just ran to her desk in a hurry, well she was going to if Jace didn't drag her back.


I was about to say something but I was cut off by the sudden ringing of our school bell.

"Ah! I'd better get going! You have to start your class soon don't you? And of course you two better listen to the lesson!" Mari chirped; happy to have a reason to escape. "I'll see you all soon!"

"Ah! Angel wait!" I called, but I was too late she was already gone. "Did something happen between you and your mother Carrera? She seems a bit upset these days."

"…why do you care…" She mumbled in any annoyed voice and started walking out.

"Where are you going?" I asked.

"Washroom…" She mumbled again and ran out of the room frantically.

"Did something happen?" I asked Jace; knowing that at least he would tell me the truth.

"Look at the cake." He explained and I opened the box with Jace's name on it; the icing wrote 'I'm sorry' in Mari's pretty cursive. I gave him a confused look and he then pointed at outside to what I think would be Carrera. Suddenly realization dawned upon me.

"AHH! Is it because of that?" I said and pretended to write something. Jace simply nodded. "…Ah! And she feels really well…is that why she's acting so strangely?" He nodded again. "Oh lord."

"Isn't my plan impressive?" He asked me with a giddy look on his face.

"Considering it didn't work I'm going to have to say no." I sighed. "Get to your seat. I won't tell Mari, but please don't drag me into your attempt to embarrass my girlfriend in front of the town. She's already mad at me for ripping her favorite blouse."

"Okay…" He said with a small laugh and quickly escaped to his seat. The rest of the class gave me a strange look after I said 'girlfriend', I just rolled my eyes and wrote down the title of today's lesson on the board. They weren't looking at that though, they all just kept staring at me.

"Is something the matter? We should hurry and start the lesson." I said and they all seemed to be taken back by my sudden change in tone.

"Are you dating Carrera's mom?" A girl said bravely and I rolled my eyes.

"Yes. Now can we start the lesson?" I asked impatiently; these kids were impossible I say one thing about my personal life and they were going to bug me about for weeks on end. I saw Jace stifling giggles from his seat and I just glared at him; cocky little…

"How long have you been dating?" Another boy said suddenly.

"We were dating before I came to this town." I explained. Oh lord this was going to be a long period…

-XxXxXxX- Carrera's POV










"I love you…"



"I'll listen." I told Jace with a sigh and he kissed my cheek happily. After my mom's little visit to our school I'd been getting on Jace's case about his 'genius', '100%' plans. And here he was again trying to thrust another strange and embarrassing plan upon me. "It's probably not going to embarrass me more than what you've already done to me so I'll just go with it."

"You don't have much faith in me do you?" He said with a playful pout.

"No, no I don't." I grumbled unhappily. "Hurry up and tell me; lunch is about to end."

"Okay so we get a clown costume from this guy I know and somehow we convince your Mrs. M to wear it; that's the first hurdle." He said and I looked at him with wide eyes. Clown costume? My mom? WEAR IT? Oh lord this was not going to end well.

"How does her wearing a clown costume make it easy for me to apologize to her?" I demanded.

"Because! If you see her as someone else than it'll be easy to apologize right?" He said cheerfully.

"NO!" I told him.

"Well I don't see you pitching anything helpful." He grumbled.

"You're my boyfriend; I thought you were supposed to help me, not make it so that it's even harder for me to face my mother." I complained, but I hugged him in desperation none the less. "Ah…why is my life so difficult…"

"It's alright C.C…I'm sure everything will fall into place soon." Jace assured me and gave me a small kiss on the cheek.

"ARGH!" I shrieked and pulled at my hair frantically.

"C.C, making yourself go bald isn't going to solve anything." He insisted and took my hands into his. I sighed and pouted; nothing was going right for me these days. A few of my grades have been dropping too, so annoying. "Listen to me C.C, I have a plan that might actually work; I'm pretty sure of myself this time!"

"…I'll listen…"

Here we go again…

-XxXxXxX- Mari's POV

"Ugh…Ace…" I moaned softly and rolled around in my bed to find Ace shaking me back and forth in order to wake me. "It's…5 IN THE FREAKING MORNING! What do you want? It's a Saturday too! I wanna sleep more…"

"I didn't wanna wake up either but Jace called me and told me to go to the park next to the house. He sounded really frantic. I dunno what the hell's going on but I think it'll be easy if we just do as he says." He said with a yawn. "Get dressed Angel, come on."

"I don't wanna…tell him we can do this later! You know how I am about sleep!" I told him and wrapped myself in the covers.

"Come on Angel, do I have to help you get dressed too?" He demanded.

"Yes!" I whined and without farther discussion he pulled me out of the soft and comfy bed and into his arms. From the side he grabbed one of my blouses and a pair of jeans. "NO! Sleep!"

"Oh god…" He sighed. "Angel, please just get it; I don't wanna have to make this hard for you."

"How are you making it hard for me? JUST LET ME SLEEP!" I insisted and started squirming frantically in his arms. "I love you…" I pleaded with puppy dog eyes, but I could tell he was being a smartass cause he wasn't looking at me.

"If I have to suffer you're going to suffer with me." He told me with a slight edge in his voice; Ace didn't like be woken either unless it was by me.

"Lemme go! Lemme go!" I squealed, but Ace just ignored my pleads and dragged me to the kitchen where he grabbed a piece of toast and shoved it into my mouth, he grabbed one for himself and tossed my clothes at me. "Ace…"

"You're already up anyway Angel; there's no point in this, stop acting like a baby…" He said with a big yawn and proceeded to put Nutella on his toast while I obediently got dressed like a good girl. "What could be so important that Jace had to wake us both so early on a Saturday? He knows how cranky you get when you have to wake up too early and he should know what's going to happen to him if he pisses me off too early in the morning…" Ace let out a small growl to show how angry he was. I gave him a small pat on the shoulder and kiss to the cheek; feeling a little better after having eaten and gotten dressed.

"Let's just hurry before he calls us again." I said and we both dragged ourselves out of the house. Jace should've known, both of us had an AB blood type!

Oh my darling


Oh my darling


Ace practically ripped his phone out of his pocket when Jace called again and answered in an angered voice.



"What? I can't understand you, calm down!"


I looked as Ace's expression changed from mad to confused to a little bit disturbed. What the hell was Jace telling him over that phone? Naturally I became slightly worried, but I waited patiently until he was done with his call to talk.


"What was that all about?" I asked and he began to walk with me to the car.

"I don't' know there was a lot of static and he said something about us getting to the park. I dunno why but I feel like at this point there's no way we can argue with him so let's just hurry before he throws a fit." He muttered with a yawn and opened the door on the passenger side for me. Even when sleepy he was still a gentleman.

"Ugh. That boy has issues. Why do we let Carrera date him?" I asked.

"Cause she likes him."

"Stupid teen love."

"We were stupid teens once."

"You were 21, not a teen."

"Let's just hurry." He said with a sigh and started up the car. Can't complain with that logic.

-XxXxXxX- Carrera's POV

Ring Ding Dong

Ring Ding Dong

Ring Didididing

I was awoken by the sound of SHINee's 'Ring Ding Dong' and I was delighted. Someone calling me early in the morning was terrible, but Jace calling me early in the morning was an amazing thing; and it was a video call no less. I peered out of my sheets and grabbed my phone. 5 in the morning, but I was still happy.

"Mornin…" I mumbled softly and turned on the forward facing camera of my phone.

"Hey C.C!" Jace shouted happily and I could see that he set his phone on a stand so that he could talk while he changed; seeing my boyfriend shirtless first thing in the morning. Score.

"Why are you so cheery so early in the morning? Not that it's a bad thing to see you that is." I told him with a smile and blew him a small kiss. "I thought it would be at least 9 before I heard another one of your strange plans."

"Ha ha. I'm rolling around in laughter C.C." He scoffed and plucked his phone from the stand. "Anyway hurry up and get changed we have places to go!"

"…what?" I asked. "Where are we going at 5 in the freaking morning? I wanna sleep Jace, it's the first Saturday I've had to myself in a long time. If you want come over, but keep quiet…"

"NO! Come on C.C I'm trying to help you here! I promise that it won't take long, and I after I have something really special planned." He insisted and then held up a strip of what looked like tickets.

"What are those?"


"…Jace are you on drugs?"

"I'm addicted to you C.C~" He said with a goofy smile and a laugh.

"Okay seriously; what's up? Why am I getting dressed so early in the morning for you again?" I demanded and put on my clothes obediently like a good girl; also because he was being really sweet before. No one could resist Jace when he gave that kind of look; especially if it was to a girl, which is why I get jealous really easily when he speaks to other girls at school. "If I'm gonna do stupid things first thing in the morning than I wanna know what stupid things I'm going to be doing." I explained to him and he nodded with a smile.

"We're going to apologize to your mom!"

"I'm going back to bed, thanks for brightening my morning." I told him and started changing back into my pajamas.


"That's what you said about the others; I've embarrassed myself in front of everyone in the whole town so I think I'm just going to retreat with whatever shred of dignity that I have left." I explained and Jace pouted. "I don't really care about apologize right now; right now I care that everyone at school has been looking at me weird for the past 3 days."

"C.C…I love you…"

"Nice try, my dad does that to my mom; I'm immune."

"I'll be your best friend!"

"What so you weren't my best friend before?" I sighed.

"C.C. Once more; if this doesn't work I swear I will never force a plan onto you ever again." He insisted. "Even if it doesn't work we're going to a carnival after; didn't you say that you always really wanted to go on the Ferris Wheel at night and kiss when we stop at the top?"

"…" I hesitated. He'd thought all that out for me?

I have the best boyfriend ever!

"C.C?" He said and looked at me with his natural puppy dog eyes.

"…ONE. ONE MORE TIME." I told him with a stern face, but it was hard to keep it when I saw how happy he was. Jace was really just trying to help me, but at the same time…I didn't particularly like getting help from others even if it was Jace so it was a little hard for me to keep a straight face.

"I'll be there to pick you up in 5!" He told me and hung up before I could blow him a good-bye kiss

"He must be really excited…" I mumbled and grabbed a pair of tights and a black miniskirt. If I was going on a date after than I was at least going to go on it with a little bit of style. I smiled as I grabbed a white t-shirt with a picture of a little cartoon girl in the corner leaning forward as if she was going to kiss someone, we had them custom made when we went to a mall a little while back and his had a guy cartoon so when we stood next to each other they looked like they were kissing. It was cheesy but so cute! "Maybe this won't be so bad after all…"

-XxXxXxX- Ace's POV

"So you're telling me you dragged us both out of bed at 5 in the morning knowing that we're both AB blood types just so you could have us sit on a park bench?" I demanded as Mari leaned next to me; ready to fall asleep.

"YEP! That pretty much sums it up!" Jace laughed.

"Can I take out the taser now?" I asked Mari who gave me small mumbling sounds in response. "Jace I'm breaking out the taser; I'll take you to Paige, tell her if you have any serious side effects like death."

"W-Whoa! Mr. D! I was joking." He told me and stood back as I began walking to the car.

"Hurry up and spill it! I just wanna go back to sleep…" Mari grumbled and rubbed her eyes again, you could see the dark circles under her eyes. She went to sleep at like 1am and…yeah the reason was kinda me…Stop thinking dirty you sick people. We didn't do that, on one wants another Carrera accident.

"I don't think you'll be able to sleep after this…" Jace admitted sheepishly and we both glared at him. SLEEP WAS A PRECIOUS THING. Especially when you're a mercenary, and to be able to sleep in a bed…oh lord. To be able to sleep in a bed with your girlfriend. Heaven. Status: Found.

"Let's just get this over with." Mari grumbled and Jace pointed to the sky directly above us.

"The sun is rising so we have to hurry!" He told us.

"The sun?" Mari asked; questioning Jace's motives.

He flipped out his cellphone and dialed a number quicker than even my eyes could see. He babbled on about firing or setting up or something that I couldn't make out and that just made both of us worry even more. I glanced at Mari would shook her head and gave me a frightened expression so I sat down next to her and placed my hand in mine so that she wouldn't be scared, but I could tell that her fear wasn't for safety but if Jace had lost his mind and if Carrera was involved in this.

"I'm sure it's just a phase." I said. "At least I hope it's a phase…"

"Lord save us." She mumbled.

"Okay! Just wait for a minute alright! They should be lighting the fuse by now!" Jace told us.

"Fuse?" Explosives? Oh lord this was not going to end well.

"Explosives?" Mari whimpered. Now she feared for her own safety too.

"Jace are you sure you know what the hell you're doing?" I demanded and placed a hand on his shoulder, but he simply gave me a goofy grin and sat me down next to Mari.

"It's for Carrera's sake." He whispered too low for Mari to hear.

"You dragged her into this too?" I demanded in a whisper.

"I'm HELPING her." He assured me.

"Are you sure you're not making things worse?" I asked.

"Well at this point things can't get any worse can they?" He protested and I thought about it for a minute.

"…yeah I guess you're right." I muttered to myself and gave Mari a small hug. "Don't worry Angel; I'm sure Jace wouldn't do anything too stupid, he has Carrera to prevent him from doing those things anyway." She seemed to be a little bit less stressed but she was still tense and I didn't blame her. Teenagers and explosives was about as bad as Elliot when he was drunk.

A loud bang snapped me out of my small trance and I looked into the sky to see a beautiful splash of pink.

"Fireworks!" Mari gasped happily. "So pretty!"

As the many small explosions in the sky multiplied she looked onto them with more and more expression and awe. I smiled; the tension was gone and so was the stress, but now we'd both forgotten about how tired and angry we were and simply enjoyed the beautiful sight. It lasted for about 5 minutes and we'd both enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. It was a really nice thing for Carrera to do for her mother; after all Mari had been all stressed over the past few days and so this was a good pick me up and making up with Carrera would make it all the better for her and me not to mention Carrera would finally have her mother back. Maybe I could take us all out for a nice family dinner sometime. There was a great sushi shop just outside of town and frankly I'd gotten tired of going there with Paige.

"That was amazing! Jace did you plan all this?" Mari gasped.

"Wait! There's more!" He insisted and Mari sat down next to me again; anxiously awaiting what other beautiful surprises came next.

"Calm down Angel." I said with a small laugh; I guess I was wrong to worry too much.

"Send the rest!" He called into his phone. "Eh? What do you mean?"

"Is something wrong Jace?" Mari asked.

"…About the last thing…" He mumbled. "We MIGHT have put the fireworks a LITTLE too close…so now some of it MIGHT hit us…"

"What are you insane?" I gasped. "Don't light them!"

"We KINDA gave them long fuses so that we didn't have to go light things twice. So now we should KINDA get out of here." He laughed.

"How can you be laughing?" Mari demanded.


"Run! Run!" I screamed and pulled both Jace and Mari out of the park and into the car.

As expected the fireworks hit the bench where both Mari and I were sitting, it burned through the wood but didn't set the grass or anything on fire. Luckily, but of course one of the trees caught fire, but it didn't reach the ground. It took a little while for the small fires to be put out (Luckily it rained last night so everything was wet) so we waited patiently. Once it was all over we exited the car just in time for Carrera to run onto the scene; panting.

"Oh my god! What the hell?" She gasped when she looked at the carnage.

"I'm so s-" Jace began but I stopped him.

"Just be glad I'm a mercenary." I sighed; I could probably pass this as a misfire of weapons so we could evade the charges.

"C.C! Are you alright?" Jace asked.

"Yeah! But you had balls of fire being shot at you! What the hell happened?" She demanded and poked at the chard bench.

"We got out of the way, but you know…inanimate objects…they can't really move out of the way." I told her.

"What the hell is going on here?" A loud voice called and we watched as a park ranger ran up to the scene.

"Oh god…" Mari mumbled.

"Mrs. Mizumi? What happened?" He asked her. Oh? One of Mari's friends.

"H-Hi…David…." She chuckled awkwardly. "Sorry about…the burnt stuff…"

"Yeah what happened here? Are you guys alright? Was there a fire or something?" He asked her and grabbed her hand. I could feel slight anger welling up in me. Grab my girlfriend's hand? Be lucky I don't cut your hand off David or whoever you are. Mari turned back to look at us and gave an embarrassed blush as if to say 'HELP ME'.

I looked back at Jace who seemed to be frozen in shock and Carrera was hiding behind him. Oh lord…it can't get any worse? Why do I never learn?

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