Author: FLIPPER66

story synopsis:

Some of you may relate to this , in Jr. high and high school ,(especially , if you weren't athletic or popular like I was {not}) always the last to be picked for a team sporting event or was poked fun of because you weren't as big or husky as some of the others guys were. All the guys you went to school with treated you like crap most of the time , but yet if you were in an area (someplace else other than your school) you could play harder and people would actually say you were a good player. Well that was what my school life was like . By the way my name is Hank Snowman a senior at North Ridge High School in Jamestown , Ohio . I'm Nineteen years old (I got held back a year in 3rd grade) who fails 3rd grade ,ha I did really , really embarrassing .

AN: / some of this story is loosely based on my real life story, so I'll leave it up to you to determine whats fact or fiction. Also this first chapter is more narrative than dialogue so please bear with me as I set up the story plot(s) ya I know it may be somewhat dull at first but please hang in there I promise it will get interesting latter on.


Jefferson , Hunter, Miller , Watson , Hart , Rhodes , Roberts , the team captain of the baseball team looked at me and then whispered something to Micheal Hart. As always I was the last to be chosen

for the team and made to feel as though they really had no chance of winning if they chose me at all.

"Ok, Snowman I guess your on my team , Ron Hughes said.

The game that day sort of see sawed back and forth as far as runs goes but in the 9th inning of the game

we were one run behind the opposing team . Bases were loaded with only one out already guess whose turn it was to bat. Uh, huh mine . Ron came over to me just before I went to the batters position, Snowman all we need is at least one run in and we can tie this game or two to win it so I want you to bunt the ball …" if you can..." (whoa, with a lot of sarcasm as he said it).

The first pitch was a strike that I didn't swing at , the second was a ball , the 3rd pitch was a strike that I again didn't swing at (though I wanted to but the look on Ron's face said he meant it when he said (bunt the ball) the 4th pitch was again a ball , so I was 2 for 2 . One more strike and I would be out and we'd lose the game so I was determined that no matter what I was going to bunt the ball . Maybe I should have left it alone because it would have most likely have been a ball but I stepped out and did get a little piece of the baseball but as usual with my luck and the peer pressure that I felt it didn't do what I nor the team was hoping for . But I started out running to 1st base anyway hoping that I could at least get on base . What I didn't know as I was running the catcher was able to grab the ball get it to third base and the third baseman got it to the second baseman for a double play. Everyone on my team was staring daggers at me as the opposing team was letting out hoots and hollering they won . This incident happened when I was 12 years old then , and things just hasn't changed much since.

Needless to say , I wasn't very popular with the jocks in my school , it seemed as though 80% of the male population of my school were athletically built for some kind of sport . Which didn't leave very many of us that weren't , which if you haven't guessed it already the remaining 20% were the ones that got stuck in lockers, wedgies, and the like . And in most cases at the bottom of the social latter of the school infrastructure . As far as that goes because of my lack of confidence growing up I had no dating life at all. I was totally afraid of rejection from girls that I liked. One of which ,while I was in 7th grade

after working up enough courage to ask her if she wanted to go out for a soda or something . Wound up doubled over in pain as she kneed my in my groin area and then unleashed some very explicit adjectives directed at me. Which is what lead me to not want to approach girls at all.

So I decided to girl watch from afar and daydream of and about my crushes (and a had quiet a few of those) . Well we know how that goes don't we (it don't go at all lol) . Many of those that actually took the time to at least get to know me would probably tell you I was a loner. A bit of a nerd but basically i fell into to that category known as "a nice guy" but not boyfriend material . Personally I thought that maybe I was ugly and girls just didn't want to be around an ugly looking guy. At the end of my sophomore year and at the start of the summer I was wanting to make some money so I started a lawn mowing route in the neighborhood in which I lived. Others guys in high school were charging people 20 to 30 dollars to mow lawns . I on the other hand was only charging 5 dollars . Which by the way landed me one of the largest mowing routes in that neighborhood that summer . I would start out every morning at 7 am and at times wouldn't get home until after 8 pm . Needless to say I developed a quite nice tan plus all the walking (I didn't have a car so hence I walked ) I began to fill out some (not a lot but some)