SYNOPSIS: Your 100 lb weakling whose constantly bullied or taken advantage of. Larry Stutts

smart, intelligent , nerdy geek type of guy which everyone seems to despise unless they need something. That is until , Cindy Miller comes into the picture , Larry's life is turned every which way other than loose in all area's.

Ever woke up one day an considered it might have been better if you had stayed in bed instead of going to school. Well for me, Larry Stutts, it was going to be one of those days but unfortunately I choose to

go to school instead.

"Stutts, I thought I told you to stay out of my way!" Wayne Moore , star Quarter Back of James Madison High School, hollered in my ear.

Well if your trying to find me in this crowed hall way I'm the skinny guy with my face planted and held in place ,pressed against a locker door. Not only that but my arm is twisted behind my back in an excruciating manner . I guess I better introduce myself , my name is Larry Stutts , a sophomore here at James Madison High , I'm 5'11" , weigh soaking wet barely 105 lbs and yet I fit the category of the 100 lb weakling status. I have light brown hair with blonde highlights , my mother tells me I have electrifying blue eyes which I don't quite believe. Other family members have told me I'd probably be somewhat good looking if I just gained some weight and worked out regularly. That's sort of hard to do when you have an exceptionally fast metabolism to were I can eat as much as a horse and not gain a pound. I'm also an honors student with a 4.5 GPA and by many in my class and others considered to be the geekiest nerd in this high school.

"Sorry, Wayne , didn't mean to be in your way here, seeing as my locker just happens to be next to yours and all."

Wayne Moore laughed and then shoved me harder into the locker door which put a small scratch on my forehead which immediate began bleeding. "Just a reminder ,Stutts, stay out of my way."

"Ya, what ever … , can I go to class now? I pleaded.

Wayne again roughly shoved me into the face of the locker door but thankfully released the painful hold on my twisted arm. As he was walking away he turned and looked at me with a smirk on his face.

I shook my arm that had been twisted behind my back to try to get the circulation and feeling back into to it and started picking up my books that had fallen when the run in with Wayne began. Putting some books in my locker and removing others. Being that I didn't like running into Wayne any more than necessary I carried everything I might need until my lunch break period. About that time one of my very few friends that I did have approached me by the name of Bob Snodgrass also a fellow nerd.

Bob, "Man , I feel sorry for you Larry I just wished that stuff like that didn't have to happen."

"Ya , I know what you mean ," I answered.

"I guess its the price we pay for being who and what they think we are." Bob said.

I laughed a sarcastic laugh, "Yeah, they think we are LOSERS and deserved to be bullied relentlessly for any reason they can dream up."

Bob nodded, "Maybe you should go to the school nurse that cut on your forehead is bleeding some and you don't want it getting infected do you ?"

"Yeah, I think I'll do that Bob ." I stated.

I began walking towards the school nurses office. As usual I was looking down and not paying attention were I was walking and suddenly found myself hitting something and heard a shriek as I was falling and something landing on top of me. When my eyes finally focused I realized I had a cheerleader cussing and fuming at me. Unfortunately it wasn't just any cheerleader but the head cheerleader Sarah Copeland of the varsity squad of our school and to my dismay the girlfriend of non other than Wayne Moore.

I began profusely apologizing , "I...I..'mmm so sorry ." I Stuttered out.

"I... I was...wasn't wa..watching were I wa..was go...going."

"Your damned right you weren't watching you creep ,now I got to go to the bathroom and get your stinking scent off me ." She heatedly stated and to add injury to insult was slapped in my face as a

reward . Then turning and stalking off towards what I assumed would be the girls bathroom but I wouldn't swear by it.