Christopher Windthurst paced around the airport. Lilly had promised to be here over 30 minutes ago. If she didn't get here soon, they would miss their flight. Maybe giving her the tickets to hold on to wasn't the best idea.

"Chris, wait up." Someone yelled. Christopher turned to see Lily smiling at him with her signature 'sorry I'm late' smile.

"It's not my fault I'm late." Said Lily. "There was um, a traffic jam, and um, airport security was really slow."

"What ever, Lily." said Christopher. "As long you have the tickets and the artifact."

"They are currently in my suitcase along with my Egyptian pounds." Replied Lily. "Honestly, you worry too much, Chris."

"Flight number 18340, New York to Mexico, is now boarding." The loud speaker called.

"That's our flight." Said Lily.

The two of them walked to the gate. They had first class tickets, so Lily and Christopher were two of the first people to get on the plane.

After takeoff, Lily gave her notebook to Christopher and told him to read it. When Christopher opened the notebook, he saw that it contained all of the stories they had found, telling of Cat Demon and/or the lost temple of Cat Demon. One of the stories really caught his attention.

Cat Demons curse

It is said that he who disturbs the temple of the great Cat Demon shall be doomed by his own hand.

It will be known that he sealed his own fate.

He shall regret it for all of time.

And know nothing but fear for all eternity.

"Lily?" Asked Christopher. "Do you believe in curses?"

"Not at all." Replied Lily. "I think they are made up so nobody gets any ancient Egyptian treasure. That's all."

As Christopher and Lily were talking, little did they know they were being watched. The stewardess who had her phone out was taking pictures of the notebook.

As they boarded the plane that would take them to Egypt, Christopher looked at one of the planes stewardesses. Was that one of the stewardesses from the other plane? The one that seemed to always be near him and Lily?

Christopher shook his head. He knew that all the planes had different stewardesses. It couldn't be the same one, could it? Christopher doubted that.

Shortly after the plane took off, Christopher and Lily fell asleep.