Why did you leave me

The family to care for all alone

I feel so abandoned

With no one to hold

With you went all things good in life

And my friends didn't even give me time

The time I needed to morn

Not just for you

And not for me

But for all the lessons

That are now lost completely

I wasn't ready to say good-bye

But I couldn't stand to watch you die

I sat and remembered all the good times we had

With you as my teacher

Always patient, not mad

And how you loved me, truer

Than any other had

I remember all those times

Running home from the park

Crying my eyes out

And fleeing the shame

You would always come running

And meet me half way

Something to comfort me

And easing the pain

I awed at your strength

At how you would protect me from others

When I was too weak to speak

Time has come and gone

And I still can't believe

That you'd leave me on my own.

So here is my atempt at peotry. It has been bubbling at theback of my head for a while i just haven't felt strong enough to write it. And i still don't.

In case any of you were wondering this is a poem about my cat who dies almost three years ago. She was my best thing on earth and if i could have kept her alive you know she would be.

So now thati'm a crying massof tears and you have your back ground info... i'm off to find some tissues.