Mermaid Hope

Wonders. Fantasy. A fairy tale in reality. A chance to be something extraordinary.

Back in fourth or fifth grade, my best friend, Ai-chan came up to me frantically with a grin and told me a story so fascinating and beautiful. It was of truth, with no lie hidden within it she assured me. At first, I looked at her with my small eyes, puzzled by the information she was feeding my slow-paced mind.

We both had watched an anime involving mermaids and immediately found ourselves obsessed.

I was a child of no intellect at the time. So her tale of mermaids captured my attention easily.

She told me a story which she had apparently heard from her mother. She explained that there was a way to transform into a mermaid legitimately. Without warning, my hope rose and it became as high as Mount Fuji itself.

Thoughts of becoming a mermaid circled within my undersized mind

Sadly, lunch ended and we were instructed to return to our cream-colored little offices. But during class, she handed me a small note. And in my eagerness I unfolded the torn piece of paper which had nothing but squished words, a few scribbles here and there, but it was fortunately still legible. The note stated that there were four pearls somewhere in the ocean, just off the coast of the Japan. They can be easily obtained if you are able to swim. Which in fact, I could. If you obtain at least one of those pearls and come in contact with both the pearl and water, you transform into a mermaid.

I grabbed a blank, pink, heart-shaped paper from my backpack and began to create a contract. Yes, a contract. It stated, in detail, that we were to go and search for the pearls in the near future.

What? What was wrong with making sure to go and attempt to discover something I really wanted? I mean, we all had a dream once, right?

Unfortunately, sensei Nakamura eyed the paper in my hand and asked if she could take a look at it.

That's when I noticed Ai-chan turn back to her work with a smirk.

Sensei snatched the note from me and read it aloud purposely allowing the whole class to hear. As she read, my face turned bright red and I awkwardly stood beside her with my head held low. When my sensei finished reading, she, along with the whole class broke out in laughter.

Confused and ashamed as I was, I stared at Ai-chan, questioning her with my eyes as she walked towards me.

'You naive child.' She said in a mocking voice while patting my head. Then suddenly, she tore the note and to my disbelief, told me that everything was a big, fat, lie.


A/N: This was sadly, a real event which happened to me… Keep in mind I was in grade four or five! I just changed the names. If you're wondering what anime I and 'Ai-chan' fell in love with, it's Mermaid Melody. Gaito over Kaito~!