As soon as I asked him to go to the library to study.

I looked into his eyes and I could tell by the way it drifted that his friends were the owner to his image instead of himself.

His skinny jeans and bright colorful sneakers was his PhD

And the rappers on his iPod, was the future professors of Harvard. He said he rather go and party

Instead of being inside the books and developing a future to his own brain.

Not evening trying to see a whole new side to him of being a real person in America

And forgetting to know MLK's dream while looking straight into his eyes of the faith he wish to become.

But instead he used that future to smoke a blunt.

Trying to act hard and get a lot of girls so it can be his way to make him cum.

Forgot that his mother raised him to be a real man

Instead of a little puppy who hides behind others to look good when really he is a lost one.

But I wish that I could tell him that you don't have to put on this fake ego to impress others.

You don't have to act as if you are stupid because as soon as you open up your mind

Your thoughts can change the world like Einstein.

You're intelligence show by just looking at you.

Your intelligence shows when you are being yourself and when you smile.

But instead you cover it up with wiz khalifa's and Big Sean's with expensive kicks.

I can't believe you see yourself as this

Because if it was Snoop dogg you would be wearing his dog collar.

If it was Steve 'o' the clown, you would be wearing a big clown suite to impress girls that don't even like you for you.

But you are better than that

Because anybody can achieve their goals.

I know because success isn't limited by skin color. It is not limited by race

Because the ones who work hard to achieve it.

Can dominate any racist in its way. But I wish I can hold your hand and show you.

I wish you can hold a leaders hand instead of a gangsta's hand.

I hope you set your own path and let no one stop you because if anybody tells you to sit on the back of the bus

You say no I am a leader and I will sit in front of the bus because I said so.

You will stand up for yourself and show them who's boss

Because you know you are worth it.

You are very special and can achieve anything, you just remember that.

So when a racist comes up to you and says

"What is your life in the future jail." You would say

"No my future is to be a leader and achieving what I want."