#1: Heather.

"Bitch, don't just ignore me!" She yelled down my ear.

I sighed and took my earphones out.

"What do you want? I have somewhere to be." I said, tapping my left foot impatiently.

"Well... You know your lunch money?"

I nodded, already digging in my jean pocket in readiness.

"Give it to me. Now!" She ordered.

I held my money out. She snatched it out of my hand.

I replaced my earphones and walked away.

#2: Heather.

I typed on my phone, Afro_Kid_Sam: why are people such dickheads?

I hid my phone under the desk as my teacher scanned for people who were actually working. My phone vibrated.

I opened the tweet after checking the coast was clear. It read: TyrannicalRage: I don't know, some people just are. They need smacking...on the head... with a bat.

I stifled the laugh threatening to come out. Afro_Kid_Sam always made me laugh.

I tapped my fingers on the desk, thinking idly. Too quickly my teacher swooped down on me.

"Are you bored in my class Miss Clayey?" He asked, staring at me.

I don't back down; I stared right back. I shrugged my shoulders, noncommittal.

"Right, you're out." He said maliciously.

"Fine by me." I murmured, pressing my earphones in and turning on Black Dog by Led Zeppelin.

I nodded my head along to the awesome guitar solo as he practically danced with glee. I rolled my eyes as he pushed the slip of paper in my hand. Does he really expect me to go to the Withdrawal Room? If he does, he's mental.

Swinging my black rucksack over my shoulder, I walked confidently out of the room.

#3: Will.

"Shit!" I swore, kicking the locker in anger.

I regretted kicking the locker as the pain in my left foot added to rest of the pain in my body. I had a black eye from fighting as well as several large painful bruises scattered over my body.

Todays' fight wasn't my fault. They had ambushed me as I walked into school and beaten me to a pulp.

"But they cannot take your pride." I quoted out of Pride (In The Name Of Love) by U2.

#4: Heather.

I walked out of that awful class and headed to the library. I smiled at the librarian as I walked to my normal seat, right at the back, tucked away, behind everything.

I stopped in my tracks. There was a boy in my seat, on my table. Even the year sevens knew this was my table. What was he doing there?

#5: Will.

"Er... Hi?" I said nervously to the girl glaring at me.

She had black hair, the tips of which had been dyed dark purple. She wore black skinny jeans, battered dark purple converse and a t-shirt which claimed 'If I don't like you, you are a zombie.' Earphones hung loosely over round her neck.

"Nice t-shirt." I offered, inclining my head towards her t-shirt.

#6: Heather.

"Why are you in my seat?" I asked rudely.

He had a black eye. I could see several massive bruises showing from underneath his blue checked shirt. His earphones emerged from out of his shirt, his sunglasses sat on his head. His brown hair flopped over his right eye.

"Because I feel like sitting here?" The boy said, "You can still sit here."

He dragged his backpack from out of under the table and brought out a well-read copy of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. He found his dog-eared page and started reading.

"Are you going to sit down?" He said whilst sticking an earphone in.

I realized I had been staring and sat down quickly.

#7: Will.

She sat down and took out a worn copy of The Slap by Christos Tsiolkas. After putting a song on her iPod she started reading.

I immersed myself in Harry Potter and was soon unaware of my surroundings.

She was humming, I noticed.

"Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall by Coldplay?" I guessed.

A slight nod told me I was right, but other than that she didn't move, her eyes trained on her book.

#8: Heather.

The school bell rang for the end of fifth period. That jerked me out of my book.

I glanced to my left and was surprised to find that the boy had already gone. I guess he had somewhere to go.

I walked quickly out of the library, eager to get home. I jogged to my brothers' car as I could see he was impatient, as usual.

"Hurry up." Jim said, turning the ignition and starting the car.

"No 'Hello Heather, how was your day then?'" I said as we sped out of the car park.

"Whatever. I've got a date so I'm going soon as I drop you off. You alright with that?" He said.

I rolled my eyes, "Yes Jim."

I often wonder what Jim would do if I said I wasn't ok with being left alone. I imagine he would laugh at me and then leave me home alone.

#9: Will.

I walked swiftly out of school and down the hill to where me, my Mum and my younger sister live.

Plugged into my iPod, I don't hear them coming until it's too late.

They shoved me to the ground. I cut my knees and elbows simultaneously on the pavement, making them bleed. Once I was down, they kicked me everywhere.

I waited for them to be at a safe distance before I stood up, wincing in pain. I limped slowly home.

In several long minutes I'm finally home. I leaned against the doorframe before passing out on the tiled floor.