I Miss You and Me

I miss you,

I miss us,

Who we used to be

Before the cares of the world

Were our own.

I miss who we aspired to become

Before the draft of wind,

That is the wind of change

Came and blew us off course.

I miss dreaming of your face,

Your laugh,

And wanting those to continue to be

A part of my reality.

I even miss being embarrassed by you,

Mainly because I miss the fights that came of it.

You were a most worthy opponent.

We came from the same background,

Same upbringing,

Cut from the same cloth.

But things change, as they must.

More importantly, I've changed,

Whether for better or worse, I don't know,

Nor could I say.

All I know is that I'm different.

But fundamentally, I like to believe that I am the same.

Because, even though I was more shy,

More reserved,

I like who I was.

And who I wanted to be.

I think I've veered from that path.

But I haven't reached the point of no return,

Though it does feel like a close thing.

At least I can remember these desires

That I've buried so deep,

Covered with the dirt of distractions,

The wandering of the mind.

But now it's like I'll have to reconcile these

Two personalities I hold within.

Somehow maintain the bubbly outgoing persona

And reawaken the ability to listen and step down from the stage.

Love you for who I remember,

And for who you have become

And the you that you want to be.

It's a tale of a journey of two,

Neither sure of their fate,

But both eagerly awaiting each moment of the future.

All I know is I care for you,

Used to love you,

And now I don't know exactly how I feel for you,

But I would like to know,

Even as I would like to know myself.