Lost and Undermined

Wandering the dark

Unknown and misplaced

Lonely and confused

Right or left

Walking the streets of life

Crowded by people lost or confused about their own life

Where can truth be found?

Where can hope exist?

Anger and sadness

Misunderstood and lonely

Trying and trying I can not get up

Maybe its time to just give up

Give me something to hold on to

Give me someone tangible, but like you.

How can I be steadfast in a world constantly moving and changing?

No one knows me

No one knows my heart

There are so many things wrong where do I start

Every time I think of my life and my current trials I'm brought to my knees

How am I supposed to keep going?

So much stress and to many tears

Worries and fears

I often find myself waiting for my death to near

My mind is gone awry

I know I'm a lost cause I do,

But I can't help but lie...

Tonight is my last night

Tonight I will set things right

Tonight I give up the fight.

Maybe in the life after this, it will be better

Maybe I will be loved and known

Maybe I won't have reason to be lost and undermined...

But maybe that's just wishful thinking

Maybe I'm just a wistful thinker…

No, I'm a realistic thinker