Chapter 1

I have never been normal, alien In my own world, for I am not like the other girls, my skin is pale, my hair dark, my eyes are a boring dull gray, but in the sunlight turn violet, and my hair black to red.

I don't enjoy the sunlight, I only venture out into the world after dark, I feel more at home there, my clothes reflect the atmosphere I enjoy most.

School is a death trap, I detest the instructional institutions. I have all the complaints in the world about them, however absolutely no recondition to these dilemma's. I fall Silent, just like the rest of the kids in the world.

I sit at my desk in first period, I am shy, the room buzzes with excitement, I sit quiet waiting, hoping the teacher comes in soon and quiets the class.

Just as my resolve begins to fail the instructor strides in, the class dispersed. Class dragged on, I listened incoherently writing down the important things, School passes by In-comprehensively. I stumble home walking down the same dark roads, a book bag slung over my shoulder, a cell phone in my hand, a friend I don't know well in my messages,

"Crystal!" some one screams behind me, I turn on my heel, My eyes widen at the sight that beholds itself in-front of my very face, I let out a muffled whimper, Some one slams into me, shoving me out of the way, my cell phone flies out of my hand and in to the windshield. I land on the ground with a thud, and someone lands on-top of me,

"What, oh!" I groan I shove the boy off me, he groans, and sits up, as I am leaning on a fence and making sure my arms still work.

"Are you okay? I'm sorry? Do you hurt?" the boy says rushed and anxious.

"I'm- I'm fine? wa- uh who are you?" he stares into my face, boring into my head.

"Dah- um, Jack," he stutters

"Okay- Jack I have to get home..." I say evasively.

I run home thinking about the boy, the car, and also my freshly sprained wrist. I hold it close...

Wheres my cell phone?

Crap! I turn around.

I walk back to the seen of the encounter. I look down at the ground.

"There you are!"

I look up, a voice I recognize. Its Jack, sigh.

"Hello, Do you have my Cell phone?"

"Yep!" he answered very perky, "Here ya go!"

"Thanks." I take the phone and turn back towards home.

"Awe c'mon! Can't I walk you home? At least?" he pleaded " You seem to be so good at getting into trouble."

"ugh. Fine." I don't know why I let him come? Maybe because he was cute, and didn't seem discouraged by my Darkness. He followed me home like a puppy dog, Perfectly content. I arrive at my house, A bright sunny house in a dark alley

"Wow, Nice place." He smiled, showing off gleaming teeth. "Can I come in?"

"Sure..." I lead him into the kitchen he asks for a snack, and I got him one. He made himself at home while I sat on edge.

"Well, I have to get home. See ya later." He paused at the door. "I like you Crystal." he said just before he ducked out the door.

Hey, Okay so this is my first story, that I have written with out a specific Idea I have a fan fiction account, Same account information but um so yeah Review. I will respond to reviews if you post them :) So yeah. I did use the name Crystal in this story, only because Crystal Is not my real name And I think it is such a pretty name Lol Okay well there you have it. And her last name Is Black... Not Cullen :P