The Road

The rising sun's light began to lift the misty curtain draped over the early morning. A few birds coaxed the world awake, enthusiastically bursting into song as they hopped from tree-branch to tree-branch. A deer and two fawns appeared from behind a bush, then bounded out of sight. She listened to them, and watched, as she made her winding way through the forest. Gradually, leafy shade gave way to a wide open fields. Above her, the sky opened up, its pastel blue beginning to brighten. The scent of wildflowers drifted to her on a gentle breeze. Inhaling, she paused to study the world around her. Behind her, a tangled but beautiful forest, a world of sunshine and shadows. Ahead of her stretched a dirt road, like an unwound roll of ribbon laid across the rolling hills. A hawk circled in the sky above her. Cows in fenced pastures lowed before bowing their heads for another mouthful of grass. Before she knew it, she was walking again; leaving the forest behind her as she continued down the road.