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Alex was a man of his word and when things didn't feel right he tried his best to change them. And what didn't feel right to him that moment was his friendship with Kat. Sitting on Sarah's porch, he absentmindedly flipped a pen between his fingers as he watched the house he had spent a huge part of his childhood at.

"So what do I owe the visit to?" Sarah said smiling as she set the tray she was carrying on the table. Despite their wealth, when it came to her daughter and Alex she always insisted on taking care of them. Besides, they were always going to be kids in her eyes.

"I..I was thinking about Kat lately." he said shifting uncomfortably in his seat.

"Is something wrong with Katie?" Sarah asked concerned and sat down almost mechanically, color drained from her face.

"No, no." he waved taking a sip from his coffee. "She's perfectly fine. That's not what I meant…"

Sarah let out a breath and smiled running her fingers through her blonde hair. "You just scared the life out of me. What were you thinking about?" she asked leaning back to her chair after getting over the heart attack scare.

"I think I'm not a good friend to her." he said sternly. "I mean, she's always there for me, she knows everything there is to know about me and I –I feel like I don't know anything…" he sighed and smiled awkwardly.

Sarah shook her head smiling. Poor boy, he was completely lost. "You're a great friend and she loves you. You just don't seem to understand what you give her…"

He shook his head laughing. "Like mother like daughter. That's exactly what she said too." he said looking at Sarah. If what they said about women becoming their mothers, then Kat would grow to a dashingly beautiful and amazing woman, he thought to himself.

"Good." Sarah said nodding her head. "I just –I have one objection. Why did you stop calling her Katie?" she asked and leaned forward a bit.

"I –I stopped cause everyone stopped. We –we got old for pet-names and I thought…" he said moving his hands around. What was this about? He really didn't see the point of the question.

"Here's your problem, sweetheart." Sarah said and affectionately patted his cheek. "You think that growing up has to make you serious. For Katie, your friendship is as pure and innocent as it was when you climbed up each other's window." She smiled shaking her head.

"So…" he raised an eyebrow and leaned forward "You're saying I'm taking myself too seriously, trying to act more adult and rationalizing everything?" he asked. Was he really? Well, Adam had told him off about being a "stuck-up" as he called him, but he never took any of it to heart. Hell, maybe he should have…

Sarah nodded smiling and before he knew it he threw his head back laughing. "Sarah, you're my lifesaver." He said and kissed his cheek, still laughing, as he left.

"Kids." Sarah sighed to herself and took a sip from her coffee as she watched him practically run out of the house.

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