"I'm surely not gonna live in that house," my brother Tyler freaked. He then paused and stared into my eyes for a long time, hoping that I would say something.

"It's like one of those haunted houses they show on ghost encounters," he continued complaining about our new house my Dad just purchased.

"I don't think you should be watching such shows," I shot back.

He doesn't seem to hear me and I hate it when he keeps dodging me. He was actually too terrified to pay attention to anything but the huge two-storied mansion standing in front of us. He was now clutching my Mom's hand tightly and gave me a quick cornered look in return and set his glaze back to what was supposed to be our new home.

"It doesn't look that bad," I said making a fake smile to satisfy my mother, although I totally oppose this idea of moving. I gave a quick glance at the building. I tried picturing what it would be like living in this creepy building. Sure it wouldn't be the same for it would easily be ten times the size of our apartment where I lived in my entire life. The house was dimly lit and totally unwelcoming. Moreover, the house itself was of dark sinister color and the walls were covered with fungus making it even more dull and unappealing.

"Why couldn't we just sell it back," he questioned Mom.

"No we won't," my Mom replied. "You just need some time to settle."

Poor Tyler, I pitied him. He's losing himself. I know I'm pecking too much on him, but that helps me to keep myself together. I mean ,who on earth would be happy to see a poor rundown building which moreover looked like a horror film set ,where we would probably be moving in a few days.

"Come on guys," my Dad barged into us in a cheerful tone. "This just needs some work on the front porch, few trees chopped and some lawn care."

"And we're gonna fix it all", he said pumping his fist in excitement and sauntered towards Mr Crawford. Mr Crawford works for the local Real Estate agency whom my Dad found through Realtor Referral Service.

"Is that all?", I asked. "What about those cracks on the wall?"

"Don't worry, Josh," my mom said sounding bemused. "We can seal it up in no time."

Tyler remained silent for the moment. He probably understood that he didn't have much of a choice.

"Don't you remember about the promise," my Mom whispered now facing Tyler. "Your NINTENDO ROOM."

"Yea.. , " I dragged on with a sarcastic grin and rolled my eyes. "But this place is dreadful".

I paused for Tyler to join me and say something, But he ignored us and kept staring at the building intently. Trust me, I never saw him look so pale and listless.

Nothing would help poor Tyler, I thought wearily. This stubborn character of his is what differentiates Tyler from me and this was something I totally lacked when I was eight. Sure I would have been settled for a new comic strip or moon shaped Quesadillas my Mom used to make to calm me down in a situation like this. That was four years ago, and now being an older brother to Tyler is a lot of responsibility which time kept thrusting upon me.

"Why don't you and Joshua check out the hood". Dad suggested to Tyler interrupting me from my thoughts. "I'm sure you would like it here".

That's the problem with Dad. He keeps on complimenting things till you get tired of it. This time because of Mr Crawford agreeing to sell this house at a paltry price.

"Go ahead", my Mom urged shoving me forward by my shoulders.

"Well, Don't go too far," Mr Crawford said. "Kids get easily lost in new places."

"Fine ", I agreed and patted Tyler. "Let's go".

We hurried across the lawn towards the gravel pathway covered with dead leaves and twigs which made a soft crackling noise as we stepped on it.

"We'll go that way," Tyler said as he pointed in the direction of the road which steeped up as it progressed.

I hate it when Tyler gets to be at the helm. But that doesn't seem to bother me now.

"Whatever," I agreed. We then slowly walked past many old identical buildings lined up in a neat row. Staring at all those buildings I could tell that this town's got some interesting history which could explain about these creepy looking and bedraggled houses.

"Whoaaa!" I panted loosing balance due to the sudden inclination of the road. I leaned forward and walked to counteract the road's pull.

"Weird," Tyler muttered as we made our way steadily. "This whole place is looks dark and deserted."

"Well that explains its name," I said in reply agreeing to what he had noticed.

"Shadyside drive," I said in a croaky tone sounding scary.

A blue and orange butterfly fluttered in front of me and disappeared into the overgrown tangle of shrubs which stretched evenly over both sides of the lane.

We kept walking without talking much. I felt the mobile vibrating in my pants pocket. I took it out and checked my messages.

"Who is it," Tyler asked as he reached for my mobile."Is it Sarah?"

"Why are you concerned," I asked ghastly as I pushed him from reaching my mobile.

'My new home sucks' I messaged back to Sarah answering her quest. Tyler kept quiet after that, in fact he seemed pretty hurt by my words or at least he acted in that way.

"Maybe we should turn around and go back," I said breaking the silence. "This path doesn't seem to be taking us anywhere significant. Actually I sort of planned on checking my new school which my Mom said was just a few blocks away on our ride here.

I turned around to see if our house was visible from here. But all I could see were trees and huge bushes which possibly could be masking our new house.

"Hey wait," I shouted to my brother as he disappeared around the corner of the front wall of another huge creepy building.

"Joshhh," I could hear Tyler's calling for me frantically

I gathered all my strength and raced towards him.

"Tyler," I called his name hoping to find him. "Stop fooling around."

My heart picked up pace as I couldn't find him. I scanned around quickly for any sign of him.

This can't be happening, I prayed to God silently hoping for him to return.

I stared at the creepy old building standing still in front of me.

"Is he in there ?" I asked myself.