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Damion was cautious on his decent home, keeping his ears tuned for werewolves, or any other fiends that might be hiding in the shadow of night. Carrying his son, instead of flying, definitely slowed him down. Damion would be happy to greet their gated home. He was thankful that his son was quick to sleep, with Demetri generally having problems falling asleep. Hearing the quiet snores in his ear, Damion couldn't help, but to smile, remembering carrying Demetri for hours at a time, when he was younger. It was also good for Damion to be reminded that his son was still just a boy, and in a little less than four years, he'd have to say goodbye to him for five years.

Damion loved the life he had been given, so in his heart, he couldn't chide his younger self for making such a deal. The fortune-teller, who he later found to be named January, wasn't a cruel woman and Damion had enjoyed working for her. He was always vague when asked about his life, before meeting Stephany, and had still yet to tell his son, or wife of the deal he had made, so many years ago. He feared what his dramatic wife and overly attached son's reaction would be. Secretly he was hoping that somehow January had forgotten, or changed her mind, but that was doubtful.

After an hour of travel, he sighed and removed Demetri from his back, before slipping them between the iron rods of the old, but sturdy gate. Knowing his child needed sleep, but also needed to do school work this morning, settled for letting Demetri rest on the couch, while he fed the other half-vampires, who Damion assumed must be starving by now. He was barely able to set his eldest on the couch, before being attacked by Lucinda.

The scent emanating from the bag of blood had woken Lucinda from a hungry slumber. Her icy eyes had shifted to red with hunger. Once she saw he target, she tackled her father from behind and struggled to take it from her father's hands. Seeing the desperation in his daughter's movements, Damion held the bag out of reach and scolded her.

"Control yourself. Your thirst does not drive you. Calm yourself and I'll let you drink." Damion had decided long ago to make sure his children didn't become rogues, vampires that were unable to suppress their thirst and urges.

Lucinda whined loudly at her father's scolding. She was very, very hungry and Poppa was being cruel. She couldn't control herself like this and it wasn't fair of him to ask her to do so. She needed that blood, all the blood! After struggling with her father for several minutes, Lucinda finally gave up.

She sniffled and let go of Damion. "Please, may I have some blood, Poppa. I'm sooooo thirsty."

"Yes, you may, but don't drink too much," he handed her the bag, "You're not being weaned until next year. I'm going to go check on your siblings, I'll finish feeding you when I'm done."

"Thank you, Poppa, I won't drink much," Lucinda grinned, as she punctured the top of the bag to drink from. Damion nodded, satisfied that she would obey, before climbing the spiral staircase trying in vein to keep his steps quite on the well worn steps. Although most nights he woke his wife while collecting the younger children, Damion always tried to avoid doing so. Stephany had trouble falling asleep and needed more sleep than the average person, so Damion tried his best to not to make much noise.

Entering the room cautiously, he was surprised to see his wife noticeably absent, until he saw the light cascading onto the floor from the ajar bathroom door. Sitting on the edge of the bed, he pulled the covers off the curled little bundles, hoping the sudden coolness would waken them. He sighed angrily when he saw the warm glows from their cheeks. Once again, Stephany had allowed Dominique and Cordelia to drink from her. Damion had been trying to break both mother and children of the nasty habit. Young vampires tended to bite and drink in their sleep when they got hungry. While it wasn't dangerous now, if the children were a couple years older, or if Stephany was pregnant, she could easily die from blood loss. Damion could easily turn Stephany if he got there soon enough, but becoming a vampire while ill or dying was a painful ordeal. Stephany also hadn't decided if she wanted to be turned.

Damion refused to even discuss the subject when they were dating, but after several years of marriage, he found himself unable to image himself without her. Stephany loved Damion just as much, but wasn't sure if she could live the life of a vampire. She loved the sun and soaking in its rays, she loved people and couldn't imagine harming anyone, and she loved Damion sinking his veins into her neck and sucking her blood. She was undecided and Damion respected that, but also couldn't help dropping hints that he wanted to turn her.

Damion was about to wake and scold his children, when he was swiftly cut off by a soft whimper from the bathroom. Without a single thought, he rushed in concerned only to find Stephany hunched over the sink holding her right arm to her stomach.

"What's wrong?" Damion tried to grab her arm, but Stephany quickly turned away.

"Its nothing," She insisted, but Damion wasn't buying it and forced her arm away from her body, so he could see the damage. He growled when he saw Dominique's baby fangs sticking out of his wife's arm. "Damion it's not that bad, he was just-"

"No, this is not alright. His fangs weren't that loose and they are deep in your skin," Damion forced her sit down on the edge tub and grabbed some tweezers. Stephany whimpered, "Calm down love, I will try and be quick, but this should be a good lesson for you-"

"Don't lecture me, when I'm hurt," she whined.

"I wouldn't have to if you'd just listen to me," he retorted, pulling out the first little fang.

"OWW!" Stephany shouted trying to pull her arm back, but Damion wouldn't let her. Not giving her a chance to recover, Damion pulled the other out, causing Stephany to let out another howl. Damion licked the blood off her arm and quickly covered the wound with a large bandage.

"You are so over dramatic when it comes to injuries. You do realize this is your fault-"

"Yeeees, Damion, I know I shouldn't let the kids drink from me, but you weren't here. They were so pale and they were whimpering in their sleep."

"Stop making excuses. Dominique is old enough to start controlling himself and by now you should know to stop him. I'm sick of you undermining me. Dominique is going to start sleeping in his own bed and if Cordelia doesn't break this habit, she won't sleep with us either. I will not have you getting sick. Do I make myself clear."

Stephany sighed defeated, "Yes."

"Good," Damion held her to his chest and breathed in her ear, "I'd hate to have to punish you love."

"Don't flirt with me, I'm tired and sore."

"I noticed," Damion sighed, "I'm going to deal with our naughty little children."

"Oh, don't be mean, they're just little things," Stephany huffed as she made her way back into the bedroom.

"Go back to sleep love," he said gently before focusing on the little boy and girl sitting on the edge of the bed, "Dominique, Cordelia, come along and let your mother sleep. Poppa's not happy with either of you."

Cordelia whined and tried to squirm over to her mother's embrace, but Damion quickly pulled her back and carried her out with Dominique trailing closely behind. Dominique had woken to the sound of his mother hissing in pain, but she said she was alright and told him to sleep. Stephany's shouting had woken him and he quickly noticed the two new gaps between his teeth. His stomach was in knots with guilt, he wanted to go back and apologize, but Damion told him to let Stephany sleep and follow. Dominique was well aware of how pissed his father was and didn't dare think of disobeying him.

Dominique grabbed his father's free hand and looked up pitifully, "I'm sorry Poppa. Didn' mean ta hurt Momma."

Damion sighed deeply. His son's voice was as sickeningly sweet as his mother's. He always found it harder to remain firm with his youngest, especially when he started to see his mother in them. There was nothing physical and few personality traits that would tie Dominique to Damion.

"I know you didn't mean to little one," Damion picked Dominique up, before descending down the steps, "But you knew better than to drink from your mother. I've told you over and over again. You're older and need to set a good example for your little sister."

Dominique clung onto Damion's neck, "'m sorry... Are you gonna spank me Poppa?"

"No, that obviously isn't working to cure you of the habit. I spanked you three times in the past month for drinking from your mother and you're still defying me."

Damion set both his children down and gently pushed Cordelia towards the nearest corner in the living room, "Two minutes sweetheart, you don't drink from Momma." Cordelia whined loudly, still sleepy, but immediately went to her assigned spot.

Lucinda, laying over the top of the couch to poke her sleeping twin, whined, "Poppa, will you feed me now?"

"In a few moments, I have to deal with your little brother first. Watch your sister for me and tell me if she leaves before her two minutes are up," Damion replied. "And leave your brother alone, let him get some more sleep."

"Yes, Poppa." Lucinda rolled off the edge and sat on the floor, waiting patiently.

Damion took Dominique's hand and led him to the bathroom. "Poppa?" Dominique asked confused.

Damion set Dominique on the counter, before answering and digging through a nearby drawer, "You're getting your mouth washed out."

Dominique covered his mouth and shook his head. He'd never had his mouth washed out, but he'd heard the horror story from Demetri of when he got his mouth washed out for being sassing with Momma and cursing. Demetri had told him how awful it had tasted and Dominique definitely didn't want to confirm it first hand.

Damion chose to ignore his child for a moment, while he ran the bar under the facet. He wouldn't have to keep it under for long, vampires had heightened senses, including taste. He didn't need tons of suds to get his point across like what would be needed for a purely human child.

"Open up, Dominique." The little boy just shook his pitiful head in response, keeping his hands firmly over his mouth. "Dominique, you can open your mouth like a good boy, or I can spank you and then you will get your mouth washed out."

Dominique cried in response. He didn't want his mouth washed out at all. A spanking would be better than this. Damion groaned. Yet another trait Dominique had inherited: an over dramatic attitude. Though, Damion had more patients dealing with his children's antics.

"Calm down Dominique. It'll be over in a minute. Be a big boy for Poppa and open up. I don't want to punish you anymore, but I will if I have to." Damion stroked his hair gently to help his son calm down.

Dominique calmed after a couple moments and hesitantly removed his hand. "Id'll be quick?"

"Yes, Poppa promises," Damion couldn't help but to smile in relief when his little boy opened his mouth, still sniffling. He didn't enjoy punishing his children anymore than he needed to and Dominique often needed encouragement to behave. True to his word, Damion made the mouth soaping as brief as possible. Damion was honestly just happy Dominique submitted to his punishment. Once finished, Damion filled a cup up with water and handed it over to the sniffling little boy.

Dominique took the cup gratefully and rinsed his mouth out several times by refilling the cup. Somehow the soap tasted even worse than he had imagined. He definitely wouldn't be snacking on his mother any time soon no matter how hungry he got.

Once he was sure Dominique had rinsed enough, Damion took his child into his arms and gave him a good cuddle. "Such a brave little boy I have. Thank you for being good for Poppa. Please don't make me repeat this lesson." Dominique nuzzled his head into the crook of Damion's neck and continued his sniffling.

"Good boy," Damion praised, rubbing his back gently and carrying him back into the living room. Once crossing the threshold, he found himself annoyed, though not surprised, to see his oldest rough housing with each other with the youngest standing on the couch cheering them on.

Knowing they were too invested in their game to hear any warning he could give, he set Dominique down, before pulling the twins apart by their arms and scolding them firmly, "That's enough! No, wrestling in the house. You'll break something."

"Nu-uh!" Both complained as they struggled to get free and return to their game.

"Stop!" Damion reprimanded and landed two sharp swats on each of their bottoms. Demetri growled and yanked his arm away about to storm off, while his complacent sister settled for sulking in her father's grip.

"Demetri," Damion hissed.

"What?!" He shouted back with a stomp of his foot, ready to climb the staircase to go and pout.

"That's quite enough little boy, get back over here, I won't have you waking your mother. Get back over here... now."

Demetri crossed his arms and glared darkly at Damion, refusing to move. His Poppa had dragged him out of the house as soon as he woke up, made him suck a man dry, and then when Demetri finally got to relax and have fun with his siblings, he made him stop and swatted him. It wasn't fair at all. He considered waking up Stephany just to spite Damion.

"Lucy, be a good girl and take your siblings to the ballroom, I'll be there in a few minutes to feed you," Damion said softly, before suddenly turning cold. He had seen enough defiance for a week from is children and it would stop now. Damion strode over to Demetri and pulled him by his ear up to his third floor study.

"Ow! Stop it! I hate- Owww!"

Damion gave his ear a harsh tug, "Finish that sentence and you'll be tasting the cane tonight. We don't say that to each other ever. Especially over something so trivial. Do I make myself clear?"


"Yes, what?"

"Yeees, siiir!" he cried as his father gave his ear another tug.

Damion pulled the nine-year-old into his study and closed the door, before releasing his ear. Demetri sniffled and rubbed his ear trying to force himself to stop crying. He was angry, sad, and just upset in general and Damion yanking his ear wasn't helping.

Damion grabbed a ruler from his drawer and sat it on his desk, before sitting down. "Demetri come here." Demetri already feeling much more obedient strode over to his father. "Why are you going to get a spanking?"

"Because I yelled at you..."


"I stomped my foot and was rude..."

"And?" Damion prompted.

"...," Demetri sniffled about ready to cry again, "I don't know..."

Not wanted to draw things out with Lucinda waiting to be feed, Damion filled in the list of transgressions for him, "You're in trouble for throwing a tantrum, for having an attitude, not stopping when I asked you to, and for your behavior before we went hunting. You do not make yourself sick, you do not yell at me, you do not disobey me, and you do not stomp at me ever. Is that clear?"

"Yes, Poppa..."

Damion took his eldest son over his knee and began spanking him right away. Despite his constant threats, Damion was not an overly harsh parent. He knew his children's limits and didn't push them in the least. Being a careful spanker, he paid close attention to his son's body language to make sure that he wasn't being really hurt and that he truly felt remorseful. The second his son's small body went limp, Damion pulled down Demetri's pants and gave him several even swats of the ruler with Demetri crying out at each strike.

"Poooooooppa!" He cried out after a particularly hard swat.

"Almost done," Damion gently said, pinning his son's hands for the last three swats. His task completed, Damion set the ruler aside and held his son on his lap, making sure his bottom was between his knees.

Demetri cried into his father's chest and clung to him, feeling much younger than he had a few moments ago. It had been a while since he'd gotten the ruler and he'd forgotten how much it stung and suddenly very grateful that he hadn't been introduced to the cane yet.

"I- I'm... Sorry, Poppa," Demetri sobbed, barely coherent through his sniffles.

Damion stroked his son's back gently, "I know little monster. Just calm down." Demetri only clung tighter and cried harder in response. When not being petulant, Demetri was a true daddy's boy and found comfort being in his father's arms. He also hated knowing he'd upset his father. He felt sick.

Able to read his child well, Damion held his son tighter and pet his messy hair. "Shh...Calm down, Demetri. You're alright. Your punishment is over and all is forgiven. Stop working yourself up like this. Poppa's not mad at you," Damion assured.

Demetri from a young age was insecure with himself. He was constantly questioning himself and his actions. It made his moods and feelings unpredictable even to himself, because he was still testing the waters to find out who he was. He needed assurance and permission to be comfortable and sane. And with Damion's words slowly, but surely, Demetri was able to calm down and wipe his tears away.

Satisfied his son was calm, Damion stood him upright and readjusted his clothes. "Are you all right now?" At a small nod, Damion smiled and patted his shoulder, "That's my boy. Let's go downstairs, once I feed your sister, you'll only have an hour left with me before bed."

"Yes, Poppa... Sorry for being difficult."

Damion held his son close to his side as he walked down the hall, "No more apologies little boy. You're forgiven, there's no need to worry about it any longer."

Demetri gave Damion a final tight hug, "I love you Poppa."

"Poppa loves you too, my sweet boy," Damion replied, bending down, to give him a peck on the forehead, "Now, hurry up. I still have to quiz you about the hunt from tonight."

"Yes, Poppa."